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Part 136: Free Time Roundup #9

School Mode Free Time Roundup #9: Celestia Ludenburg

: Before we start the game's final chapter, let's go ahead and finish off the last available Free Time Roundup. Today, we'll be going through Celeste's events. She has 6 events but for whatever reason they are all very short.

> Spend time together

: I truly frighten myself. To captivate even insignificant little creatures like yourself...

I spent some time with Celeste... Celeste and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Antique Doll: A porcelain dool. Due to the exquisite craftsmanship of the doll and its clothing, many people still collect and prize them to this very day.

: Interesting! The gods heard my prayer, and my wish has been granted! Hmhmhm. This is all because of my daily sympathy and compassion, is it not?

Seeing Celeste so please with something I gave her makes me happy!

: Makoto, I would like to share something with you.
: Huh? What is it...?
: My perfect gambling strategy.
: Is there really such a thing!?

: Of course there is. Are you ready? Please pay attention. Whatever the game, you must have a mind for strategy. This will allow you to increase your odds of winning. However, the exciting part about gambling is that there is a power which can overwhelm any strategy.
: There is...
: That power is...luck.
: Luck...

: There are only two types of luck--good and bad. There is no in-between. And that luck is built into every human at the moment of conception. Like a computer program.
: Some call it fate. The bottom line is, luck is life.
: Do you see what I am saying?
: You mean...that's your "perfect strategy"?

: Correct. You see, I was programmed to have good luck when it comes to gambling. This is why I have never lost.
: So that's all there is to it...?
: You are the Ultimate Lucky Student, yes? Does this perhaps exceed my own luck...? One day, I hope to put that to the test.
: Hmhm. Well then, have a nice day. *leaves*

Without another word, Celeste quietly disappeared.

: ...

I'd say my life's been more back luck than good luck lately. Gambling's probably not a great idea for me...

: This event gives us SP+1.
: The second event takes place in the dojo.

: Oh, you wish to stay close to me?
: Heh-heh. I am not surprised.

I spent some time with Celeste. Celeste and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Scarab Brooch: The scarab was considered to be sacred by many ancient societies. It's better known today as...the dung beetle.

: Ah, are you paying tribute to me? How delightful...

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: Say, you like mahjong?
: Ummm...I've never actually played.
: Is that so? A pity. I was hoping we might play together.
: Are you good at it?
: Good? No, I am not merely good. I once payed a game of Russian roulette mahjong and won.
: Russian roulette...?

: It was a truly fierce contest, put on by a half-insane billionaire in the basement of his mansion. My opponents were a fierce old man and a silver-haired boy who was said to have the devil's own luck. We played with a modified rule set. I remember well the glass tiles we used...
: And you won...?
: I defeated them both at once. I will never forget the angry, twisted looks on their faces. The crowd that had been invited to watch became positively riotous. Nobody could believe I had won. Hmhmhm. That is one of my fonder memories...
: ...

I'm really glad I didn't agree to play mahjong with her... Unable to comprehend Celeste's fearsome past, I went back to my room.

: This event gives us SP+1.
: The third event takes place in the art room.

> Yes, definitely

Everlasting Bracelet: A handcrafted item made with needle and thread. They say that once you put it on, it will never come off again.

: ...
: ...Do you understand the sense of gratitude I am trying to convey to you?
: ...

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: Celestia Ludenburg. Celestia...Ludenburg...
: What are you doing...?
: No matter how many times I hear it, I never tire of hearing my own name. Isn't it so splendidly charming?
: Oh yeah, I've been wondering about that. Why *that* name?

: ...Why?
: I mean, is it from something? Why'd you pick it?
: I did not *pick* it. My name was given to me by my mother and father...
: Come on, that can't be your real name, can it?

: It is, indeed, my real name. Make no mistake about that.
: Okay, so your parents gave you that name?
: That's right. My father is French nobility, and my mother is pary of a German family of musicians.

There's no way that's true...

: But okay, so were you born in France or Germany?

: Tochigi.

Now we're getting somewhere...

: I was born in the capital of Tochigi, which is known for its delicious gyoza. Do you know of which city I speak?

So it's the capital of Tochigi, and it's famous for its gyoza...

: Hell if I knew, I had to look this one up.

> Utsunomiya

: It's Utsunomiya, right?

: That is correct. You have proven you are roughly as intelligent as an elementary school student.
: Or a high schooler, maybe...?
: You may be surprised to learn that I absolutely adore gyoza. I love its stench, its base vulgarity.
: So as you can imagine, I'm quite disappointed that I will never taste my hometown's gyoza again.
: Never say never, you know...? Once we get out of here--

Music cuts out.

: We will never get out of here. How long will you continue with this ridiculousness? You should give up.
: If you don't, it can only lead to murder... *leaves*

Celeste's eerie words stuck with me long after she'd left. The more I talk to her, the more I just don't understand her...

: This event unlocks the skill Raise. This isn't a trial skill. Instead, it gives you additional Monocoins when you find them out in the school and acts passively, meaning it doesn't take SP.
: The fourth event takes place at the pool.

> Yes, definitely

Pagan Dancer: A mature game designed for the Funplane, which allows you to become a massive god handing out divine punishment to puny mortals. Good luck finding a copy...

: This gives us a "good" response.

: Hello, Makoto. I must say, I am quite troubled...
: Huh? How come?
: I'd like you to teach me something.
: What...?

: I want you to teach me how to play shogi.
: Oh, uh... Sorry, I don't know how to play, either.
: I see... You really are useless, aren't you?
: Uh, okay... But I'm surprised you don't know how to play. Is it because there's no, like, shogi gambling circuit?
: Oh, there most certainly is.
: What, really?

: But it is all underground. It is rather shady, all things considered. I have tried my own hand at it, naturally.
: Wait, even though you don't know how to play?
: That is why I wish to learn now. I placed my pieces without even thinking. What on Earth was I doing...?
: And you still tried to win an underground shogi tournament?
: Tried? Oh, no. I did win.
: You won!?

: I didn't really understand, but apparently my final opponent was infamously powerful. She was...rather odd. She was a voluptuous woman who dressed as an exotic French maid.
: did you win?
: Beginner's luck, perhaps?
: I don't think beginner's luck works in shogi...
: Hmhmhm. Is that so?

Yup. The more I learn about Celeste, the less I understand her... Reeling from Celeste's fearsome past, I went back to my room.

: This event gives us SP+1.
: The fifth event takes place in the physics lab.

: Well then, shall we have a bit of conversation?
: Ah, but don't misunderstand. I have no affection for you on a personal level.

I spent some time with Celeste... Celeste and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Blueberry Perfume: Very popular with men these days. But to be honest, although it does attract the ladies, most guys hate the smell...

: This gets us a "good" response.

: Hmhmhm. Look how closely we have become close friends, Makoto.

Have we...?

: So let me share with you something... I will tell you about the biggest crisis I ever faced in my gambling life.

Biggest...? You had a gambling crisis? What happened...?

: A shadowy organization was hosting a mysterious tournament... The game in which I participated was called King of Liars.
: King of Liars...?
: It was quite a severe game. When you enter, they strip you of all your assets. Money, property, everything. You must use your wisdom, cunning, and luck to battle through challenge after challenge. For the final match, I had to face off with an odd duo... They called themselves the Honest Woman and the Liar Genius.
: Wow, they sound pretty scary...

: Oh, that part is not important. But during a break, I was careless and spilled some tea on my clothes. I was terrified that the stain would never come out. That was a very difficult time in my life.
: ...Huh?
: I was forced to win more quickly than I wanted, so that I could rush to the cleaners. I was able to get the stain out, but it was perilously close...
: If I had waited even another hour, I would have been forced to throw out my favorite dress.
: ...

That was her "crisis"? The biggest crisis she ever faced...? I just...don't know what to say. Positively dizzy from Celeste's fearsome past, I went back to my room.

: This event gives us the skill Menacing Focus. It increases your Focus Gauge by 5 Stars. Useful if you use Focus a lot, but only if you're willing to spend 5 Free Times with Celeste before the end of Chapter 3.
: The sixth and final event starts off in the Laundry Room.

> Yes, definitely

Love Status Ring: Wear it on your right hand, you're looking for love. On your left, you've found it. On both...well, that's just asking for catastrophe.

: This gives us a "great" response.

: Umm...Mr. Makoto Naegi...?
: Wh-What's with the formality?
: see...I was hoping we could talk. Just the two of us. Could you come to my room, please?
: Y-Your room!?
: ...I will be waiting. *leaves*

: ...

Wh-What am I supposed to make of this? Inviting me to her room all of a sudden... And she seemed almost...shy.

: No, I must have just imagined it...

I did what Celeste asked and headed to her room right away.

: I'm glad you came, Makoto...

So this is Celeste's room...

: Anyway, what's going on? Why'd you ask me to come here?
: I received the results...
: Results...?

: The child growing in my belly... It's yours.
: Wait, sorry. Wrong results.

You can't just say stuff like that!

: Congratulations! You have moved up a rank! You are now C-rank!
: Huh? C-rank...?
: Oh, I have a habit of ranking those around me.
: What kind of habit is that...?

: The most common is D-rank. I have no interest in D-rank. Most everyone at this school fits into that category. The worst is F-rank. If you're F-rank...I pay a special organization to have you killed. Your very existence is unforgivable.

I hope she's joking... She doesn't *sound* like she's joking, but I hope she's joking...

: Conversely, the very best is A-rank. But among everyone I have met, across all countries, I have never even found a B-rank, let alone A-rank.
: So you being promoted to C-rank is a very great honor.
: I-I see...

: Also, when you become C-rank, you gain the right to become my official servant--a knight.
: Wow, I had no idea...
: I have knights all across the world. They are all quite obedient. I recommend you take me up on this offer. If you do your very best as a knight, becoming the first B-rank may well be within your grasp.

: Perhaps even...A-rank... I can't be sure, but I feel like you may have the potential...

I can never tell how much of what she says is a lie, and how much is the truth... But after talking with her so much, I feel like maybe we understand each other a little better...

: Hmhm. So, as a knight, please be prepared to give your life for me.
: Er, I haven't actually decided yet...
: ...
: Tch!

Definitely can't let my guard down around her... I guess I can call her my friend, but this is one friend I need to be careful with... And I don't see that changing anytime soon. I left Celeste's room exhausted and dragged myself back to my own room.

: This final event gives us SP+1.
: It also gives us Star on our Report Card and a bronze Playstation trophy titled The French Disconnection.

Celestia Ludenburg's Character Art.