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Part 142: Chapter 6 Deadly Life, Part 6

: We were going to break into the headmaster's office last chapter, but since the door is open now, I guess we can just walk right in.

This is the headmaster's room... I've heard an awful lot about it, but this'll be my first time seeing it for myself...

: Ah, Makoto. It's you...
: Oh, Byakuya.
: Well, you came to the right place this time. Would you like to see [something interesting]?

> something interesting

: What do you mean, something interesting?

: Take a look at this... It was on top of that pathetically ostentatious desk.
: Class #78...Student Registry...?
: It contains profiles for all of us...and Mukuro.
: Apparently class #78...refers to us.
: Wait, when we found Mukuro's profile in Kyoko's room...

: That's right. It also mentioned class #78. This must be where Kyoko got that page.

: And since the rest of our profiles are listed in there along with hers...
: ...there can be no doubt. Mukuro was a student here at Hope's Peak Academy, just like the rest of us.

Mukuro Ikusaba...the sixteenth student... That must how Kyoko learned about it...

: But it seems that Kyoko was in a hurry...
: Huh? What do you mean?
: I'm talking about when she stole it. The uneven tearing, the way the paper had been crumpled, she must have been in a hurry.
: Well, since she snuck in to get it, I'm sure she wanted to get out as fast as possible. But what's your point?

: She was in so much of a hurry...that she only got the first page.
: The...first page?
: Correct. Mukuro's profile actually contains *two* pages.
: What...?
: In other words, when it comes to this profile...there was more [information about Mukuro] that we still didn't have.

> information about Mukuro

: What kind of information is it...?

: Why do you ask me to explain every little thing? You can read, can't you? It seems to be some sort of detailed report put together by the headmaster himself.
: I don't know what kind of man he was, but I'm glad he left us such an interesting clue...

I was half-listening to Byakuya as I skimmed through the report.

"Mukuro reappeared suddenly, and in the background an entity floats, close but just out of reach. The entity known as...the Ultimate Despair. Right now, I can't be sure if this is a single person, or some kind of group. Whatever it is, Mukuro definitely has some sort of connection to it.

"I have a bad feeling about all this. I need to push forward with my research into the Ultimate Despair. And I need to pay attention to Mukuro's behavior, too. This is just my gut feeling, but I think she's dangerous. Despite the countless battles she must have gone through as a member of Fenrir, when she entered Hope's Peak, she didn't display any signs of battle wounds or scars. That fact alone proves her tremendous skill in battle.

"Naturally, I want to believe in her. She's one of my students, after all. But if I decide she's a danger to the other students I will be forced to take all reasonable measures."

Mukuro...was a part of the Ultimate Despair. I don't think there can be any doubt about it now. But...wouldn't that mean Mukuro and the mastermind were allies? So why...? Why would they kill Mukuro? Plus, even the headmaster seemed to be afraid of what Mukuro was capable of. They would've had to take her completely by surprise to kill her like that... Or...maybe it means the mastermind is even stronger than Mukuro was...

: What's wrong, Makoto?
: Huh...?
: You seem to be lost in thought. But I should probably point out one other thing. There's another important bit of information within the file that you should note.
: Wh-What is it?
: Did you notice the picture in there? A picture of a girl perhaps you've never seen before?

: A girl who seems to be included as part of our class #78. That should be enough for you to figure out who the girl is.
: And further information about that girl is included in the file. 5 foot 7 inches, 97 pounds. And it even lists her vitals...31-22-32.
: Well? What do you think?
: What do I think? Are you asking me, like...if she has a nice body?
: You hopeless idiot. What I'm trying to tell you, is maybe you'll want to keep that in mind for later. Maybe you'll make your way back to the corpse, and maybe you'll think, "Oh, could that mean...?" he trying to say...?

There's a chance the body isn't actually Mukuro? Is that what he's saying?

: Personally, what I'm thinking seems all but impossible. But it wouldn't hurt to confirm, right?
: That's all I was trying to say. What you do with that information is your business.

So I'm back to bring Byakuya's errand boy...

: Oh, and one last thing... It's a bit of [advice] from me to you, so I suggest you pay attention.

> advice

: Advice...for me?
: You seem to be getting along with Kyoko quite well.
: It's not that we're getting along. She's just done a lot to help me...

: Well, don't put too much faith in her.
: Huh...?
: The cost of that faith might be more than you can afford.
: Wh-What are you saying...?
: Just what I think. Call it a hunch.
: A hunch...
: But my hunches tend to be proven right. The advice is free this time. Take it or don't, as you will.
: I-I'll keep it in mind. Thanks...
: ...

: The rest of the room surprisingly has nothing else to offer us. You can examine the desk to get another look at Mukuro's profile but otherwise, there's nothing to look at. Onwards!

: Up on the 5th floor, the bio lab should now be open.

Well, here I am in the bio lab.

: It's so cold...!

It's like...abnormally cold. I feel like I'm in a giant refrigerator. Seriously, why is it so cold!?

There's some kind of weird machine or something built into the wall. And on the left side, there's a bunch of glowing blue lights... But on the other side...

There's some kind of weird machine or something built into the wall. I've seen something like this before... Ah, that's it! I've seen this kind of thing in horror movies and stuff...

: It's...a fridge for storing dead bodies.

Does that mean this bio lab is actually...a morgue?

: ...

I should probably take a closer look around...

Oh, there's some kind of booklet here...

: It looks instruction manual.

"We offer an eco-friendly alternative to standard dry ice for all your cadaver needs. In addition to the germicidal lamps, we also provide an ozone generator for the removal of ethylene gas. Simply insert the cadaver, and the blue light will let you know the automated systems have activated. Temperature and humidity levels will be adjusted automatically for optimum settings. With our system, anyone can keep a body fresh as a daisy for as long as you need! In the unlikely event of a problem, the red light will activate and an alarm will sound immediately. The exterior is stainless steel, and we do offer an optional leather upholstery upgrade package."

This is...the instruction manual for the fridge?

There's a stack of tarps here.

: I've been seeing a lot of those things lately...

: You actually have to examine the fridges again to progress.

There's some kind of weird machine or something built into the wall. And on the left side, there's a bunch of glowing blue lights... But only some of the lights are on... The ones on the left.

The right-hand lights are off...

: Well, looking around, I think I get it... It seems clear to me now... It was a makeshift morgue.

And about those lights by each slot... It looks like it's set up so that when a slot is occupied, the blue light comes on. Which would mean, inside each slot lit up in blue...another one of the victims is...

: ...

I can't let my emotions take control right now... There's only one thing I can do for everyone who's died... And that's...defeat the mastermind!

: And to do that, I have to continue my investigation. I don't have any other option.

: We needed to revisit the dojo since it was related to the last trial.

: ...
: Oh, Toko. So this is where you were.
: What do you w-want? Am I so d-disgusting you want me out of y-your sight?
: N-No, that's not it at all. I just thought maybe you'd found a clue...
: Well I h-haven't... I didn't find anything... Not one s-single clue!

: I figured since this place was r-related to the case, it would have to h-have something, right? But there wasn't a-anything out of the ordinary here!
: Give it b-back... Give me back my precious t-time!
: C-Calm down, Toko...
: Don't tell m-me to calm down! Do you have any idea what I-I'm going through right now? When everyone finds o-out, they're gonna call me useless! G-Good for nothing!
: Nobody's gonna say that.

: Master will!

I'm...not sure I can disagree with that.

: I don't want that! I'm sick of a-always being looked down on! Why w-won't anyone accept me...?

Um, well...I don't think there are any clues here, so...maybe I'm gonna get going.

: Gh...ngaaaAAaAAAahhH!

: Good to see some things never change. Time to check the garden for more clues.

Music fades out.


: Huh?

It's gone... Mukuro's body...

: It's...not here?

: Makoto's right, the body is gone. We can't even examine the blast marks where the body had been.

: The only thing worth investigating is the toolshed again.

Maybe the body is inside the toolshed.

: I'd better check, just to be sure.

I didn't find anything even close to a dead body...

: But if it's not in here either, then it must be... Could it the bio lab?

But corpses aren't the only thing I need to check in here. There's one other thing... That tarp. A tarp played a key role in another case, so... I'd better look into it...

The killer used the tarp to keep the sprinklers from getting the body wet. Which means the killer might have left some clue behind here...

: Huh...?

I didn't notive this before, but there's a small stamp on one corner of the tarp.

: It lab?

Then...this originally came from the bio lab?

That's all I really needed to check here.

No Music.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Umm, this is a school announcement... Is everyone working hard? Is your investigation coming along nicely? Well then. Since you're all giving it your best, your generous headmaster will give you a little hint! Puhuhu... For those of you who are interested, please make your way to the gym ASAPossible!

What...? *Now* he wants to give us a hint?

: It's suspicious, there's no doubt about that... This could be a trap...

He said to go to the gym, right...?

: ...
: Oh, hey Hiro!
: Uwah! Makoto!?
: Why'd you act so surprised...?

: O-Oh, no reason!
: You heard Monokuma's announcement, right? Are you here to find out what he has to say?
: I...I... I just did, actually. I'm on my way out...
: You already talked to him? What'd he say!?
: ...Listen, sorry, b-but I...!

: I gotta go! *leaves*

: Hiro, wait!

There was no point in trying to stop him. He ran off like a frightened animal.

: H-Hiro...?

It was like he was trying to avoid me... I was hoping to talk to him about the notebook I found in the locker...

: Has he been hiding something this whole time?