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Part 145: Chapter 6 Deadly Life, Part 9

: I'm providing a video for the first part of this update if you'd like to watch this section instead of reading it. It only goes halfway through, so don't forget to come back when it's finished.

Click here for a video.

This should be able to play DVDs just fine...

: Well then, I'd better take a look...

I took the DVD Kyoko gave me and put it in the player.

Music fades out.

It said that it was playing, but nothing appeared on screen. I stared into the black of the monitor. It must have only been a few seconds...but to me it felt like an eternity. And then, all of a image appeared.

: S-Sayaka!?

It took me by total surprise. I hadn't seen Sayaka in who knows how long, and there she was...

: Okay then, are you ready to begin?

The voice I heard was of the man positioned on one side of the screen. It was the voice of a middle-aged man.

: I do apologize, but I hope you don't mind if I record our conversation. I'm a little slow, you know. I never really got the hang of taking notes while having a conversation.

It sounded like he was trying to make a joke, but Sayaka's tense face didn't move a single millimeter.

: So, this video is meant to serve as a kind of contract substitute. It's not that I don't trust you guys. It's more So please don't worry too much.
: ...
: Now then, let me get straight to the point. There is a chance that you may have to spend the rest of your life here in the school. Can you accept that?
: Y-You want me to accept that...?

Sayaka was obviously at a total loss. It made total sense. Who would agree to spending the rest of your life in this school?

: I...accept.


: Thank you. And I'm sorry about all this... Well, I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. As the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, I give you my word.

As if on cue, that's where the video cut out.

: ...

There was a lot I hadn't understood up till now. But this...only this... I simply couldn't comprehend what I'd heard. Because I know how much Sayaka wanted to get out of here. I know how much she wanted to escape and pursue her dreams with her friends again.

: She wanted that so bad...she tried to frame me for murder. So...why? Why would she say yes to living here for the rest of her life?

As I sat there thinking about it, I noticed a sudden light. On the monitor, the video that I thought was finished flashed back onscreen. My eyes darted back to the screen.

And if I was confused before...what I saw next pushed me right over the edge.

: ...Huh?

What I was Impossibly, undeniably, me...

: So, Makoto. Before we begin, I should let you know that I'll be recording our conversation.
: Yes...

Me and the headmaster were looking at each other. He and I were having what seemed like a fairly normal conversation. But I, the I in the here and now...had absolutely no memory of it. I had no memory of even meeting the headmaster, much less sitting down to talk to him like this.

: Now, shall we get straight to the point? Makoto... There's a chance you may have to spend the rest of your life in the school. Can you accept that?
: ...Yes.

This can't be real... I...said yes?

: I'm sorry I'm putting you through all this.
: Well, I mean...we don't have much of a choice, do we?
: But I promise that as long as you're in this school, I will do everything I can to protect you. As the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, that's the very least I can do for you.

Once again, the video cut out. From there, the video repeated the same scene again and again with the others.



Hina... Everyone... They all said that they agreed to live in this school...forever. And then...

Kyoko... Her interview with him had been recorded just as clearly. Without a doubt, she *had* met him. She'd sat down with the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy--her father... And when he asked her his question, she answered the same as everyone else. She accepted a life within the school.

Just as Kyoko's interview was wrapping up...


Music cuts out.

...the monitor suddenly went black.

: Huh...?

It wasn't just the monitor. The DVD player itself had apparently turned off. Which of course meant that the DVD player wasn't playing anymore.

: Wh-What the heck just happened...?

: Oopsie! Looks like it broke! Out of service!
: What? It just so happened to break just now...?
: Now, then, when, doesn't matter! Failure can strike anywhere, anytime!
: That's what failure IS, right!? *leaves*

: Failure my ass! You cut the power on purpose!

Well, whatever...

: Even if I watched the whole thing, it'd just be more of the same... He'd ask them the question, and they'd all say yes...

I couldn't help myself. I let out a huge, exasperated sigh. But as I did...I remembered something.

: I fainted, too. And when *I* woke up...I noticed a strange feeling of...separation within myself. A disconnect.
: Thinking back on it now, at that point my memory was gone. At that time...I'd forgotten. I couldn't remember why I'd come to this school, and I couldn't remember what my "ultimate" ability was.
: But...what would make you forget all that?
: Strange, isn't it? It's hard to imagine it happened by chance. It seems much too convenient.

A convenient outcome... Something that seemed to obviously work in favor of the mastermind... So does that mean...

: ...I've lost my memory, too?

What about the others? Have we *all* forgotten? Or... ...

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: For anything that has a start, there has to be an end. And if the end comes, then that means it's time for a fresh start. There is no night that doesn't have a dawn... Although that dawn is totally pitch-black! There is no storm that won't eventually end... Of course, then that leads to drought! But as I said, every end is the promise of a new beginning. Which is why I'm sure we'll get to meet again. Because the end is only the beginning!

: Anyway, let's get started! The beginning of the end of the class trial! Everyone gather once again at you know where! Puhuhuhuhu! Puhuhu!

It's about to begin again... The class going to start. The final class trial... The last time all our lives will be on the line... The last time hope and despair are on the line...

: I don't have a choice. I have to do this...

Okay, then! This is the end...!

I guess I'm the first one this time...

: You're early, Makoto.

: Does that mean you feel prepared?
: Yeah...for now, at least. But where's everyone else? Why aren't they here yet?
: Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be here soon.

And just like she said...

: ...
: Byakuya!
: ...
: B-Byakuya...?

Music fades out.

They arrived, one after another. But they were all in the same state of shock.

: ...
: Hina...?
: ...

: ...
: Hiro?
: ...

Silence. And it wasn't any normal silence. It was the deafening silence of fear and suspicion. It was like...the first class trial.

: AaaahhhI'mlaaaattteeee!!!
: ...
: Ahh, strong silent Master is so wonderful! So cool, so hot, my loins are ablaze!
: Now listen, everything'll be just fine if you leave it to me!

: With my scissor-sharp scissors in hand, I'll stab and gouge and shiv the master of evil...!
: But, I thought you couldn't kill anyone but adorable little boys...
: If it's what Master wants, it can be a boy, girl, or anything in between! I can handle it...

: ...Achoo!

: N...nng...where a-am I?
: ...
: No human language can describe the disappointment I'm feeling right now.

: Puhuhu. Is everyone here? Ooh, and wearing our Gloomy Gus faces, I see!
: Okay, well then...let's begin!
: This final class trial is gonna be slathered in pitch-black despair! Climaximum sorrow!
: You're right. This *is* the final class trial. And this time, it'll be fair.

: Whaddya mean, THIS time!? Stop with all the slander! I'm a bear in good standing, ya know!
: If there was a Mr. Fair Guy Universe contest, I'd take home the tiara every year! I'm gonna win this game super fair and square!
: And I'll make sure everyone watching at home knows...that despair is mightier than hope.

: Enough of your tedious drivel. Begin the trial already.
: Sure, sure. Let's begin the trial already! I'll be waiting for you down below.
: So don't try and run away...
: Ahh-hahahaha! *leaves*

Laughing as loud as ever, Monokuma disappeared.

: Hmph. Whatever.
: This will be over in no time. *leaves*

With an inexplicable confidence, Byakuya was the first into the elevator. One by one the others followed.

: ... *leaves*
: ... *leaves*
: Gh-ngh... *leaves*

Nobody made eye contact, nobody said a word. They just disappeared into the elevator.

: They're all acting...odd. Like they're paranoid, suspicious of each other... But you know why that is, don't you?
: Y-Yeah, I think so...
: Well, you can tell us all about it soon. At the class trial...
: You're right. I'm ready...

: Ready to win, right?
: Of course...
: I'm glad to hear you say that. *leaves*

And then Kyoko was aboard the elevator.

Music fades out.

I started making my way toward the opening. Step after step toward that gaping maw... I'd resolved that this would be the last time. I repeated to myself that there was no fear, no mystery left. I pushed my anxiety down, calmed my trembling body. And finally, on steady legs...

...I passed the threshold and stood in the elevator.

Without warning it began to descend... Deeper and deeper...

Deeper...deeper...deeper still.

Deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper...

Deeper and deeper it fell...

I closed my eyes, and sight fell away. All sound, too, disappeared. Alone in the universe, I waited for the elevator doors to open for the last time. What could have been seconds or centuries later...I felt the gentle vibration of the elevator come to an end. I slowly opened my eyes.

: the final trial site?

: Whaddya think? Isn't it just the perfect background for deciding a person's fate!?
: It's the long-awaited last stage! The always-exciting final boss battle!
: Puhuhu... And I'm gonna sit in on this one! I'll just sit right here in the vacant sixteenth seat!

: Well then! Let's...BEGIIIIIIIIIIIINNN!!!

: the Final Class Trial. It's all come down to this.
: The ticker along the bottom reads the following:

"The mastermind stands exposed, and must pay for their crimes. Now all that's left is the looming mystery of Hope's Peak Academy itself..."

: Unfortunately, since Chapter 6 has no Free Times, I didn't get enough SP over the course of the game to add Breathing Technique to my list of equipped skills. Therefore, the list of skills I'll take in to this trial will remain the following: Algorithm, Upshift, Cool and Composed, Robot Jock, Melodious Voice and Handiwork.
: Lastly, let's go over our Truth Bullets.

: They had also been struck in the head with an object about as thick as a metal pipe. The body was covered with other wounds, but these were at least several days old.

: In addition, the areas directly connected to Mukuro Ikusaba's death are the garden and dojo.

: ...there's no doubt that this tarp came from there.

Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 97 pounds
Vitals: 31-22-32

: Kyoko has confirmed that the corpse matches these characteristics.

: They are motivated only by despair, making them some of the most despicable people to ever live.

: ...the pocketbook:
: "Despair walks among us. And so, we survive... There's a second 'despair'..."

: ...Mukuro's body inside, comes to a total of nine.

: ...somehow...?

: ...interference, Makoto wasn't able to watch the DVD all the way through.
: And with that, join me next time for The Final Class Trial.