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Part 146: Trial 6, Part 1

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: Since this will be the final class trial, I've come up with a special rule! So listen up!
: If you can figure out Mukuro's killer, and go on to solve the mystery of this school...
: guys win!

: But if you can't...
: ...then I win!
: And of course, waiting for the loser is the super exciting, super heartpounding punishment!

: Are you saying that if you lose, you'll execute yourself?
: Yup, sure will!
: ...And that's final? No loopholes? No wiggling out of it later?
: Of course not! Bears never go back on their word!
: Never mind all that. I just have one question for you...
: Ohh, you're taking this seriously, huh? Are you feeling okay?

: Is the mastermind...only one person?
: ...Hmm?
: Don't bother. I already know the answer.

: You're all the mastermind, aren't you!? You're all out to get me! I'm right, aren't I!? I knew it!

: You guys have all been working together, haven't you!? I have evidence, so I know I'm right!
: Hey! You stole my line!
: You're all out to get me, I'm sure of it! I have evidence of my own!
: What a coincidence. I too have evidence to present. Evidence that proves everyone other than me has been working together...
: Wh-What...? Wait, hold on...
: This doesn't make any sense... How can the three of us each have that kind of evidence!?

All three of them think that everyone around them is their enemy... There's no doubt this is a trap Monokuma's set! He set it up so we would suspect each other...

: We received the same kind of evidence the others did.

Shoot "the three of us" with "Group Photo"

: It's not just you three. I have evidence, too.
: What!? You too!?
: The evidence you're all referring to is this group photo, right?

: W-Well, yeah...
: ...Huh? Wait, but mine's different! With the picture you have...I'm in it!
: But that can't be right! Cuz in my picture...

: See? I'm the only one not in it!

I figured as much. In which case...

: Hiro, you have a picture too, right? Let's see it!
: O-Okay, but be careful with it. It's pretty important evidence...

This one, too...! It's just like I thought!

: So the secret in these pictures has been revealed...
: Secret or whatever, I don't care! You guys are all in on this together! That's why I'm the only one missing!
: But you're in my picture!
: You're the ones trying to trick me!
: So the whole purpose behind these photos was to get us questioning and fighting with each other...

: The mastermind laid a trap to make us each think everyone else was working against us!
: Huh? I laid a trap?
: A trap!? How rude! What grounds do you have for such audacious accusations!?

The proof I need to reveal Monokuma's trap... Each photo has a certain something in common. There's a connection regarding what person isn't shown in the group photos. And that person is...

> The ones who got the photos

: In each case, the only one not in the picture is the person who received it.

: So, in the picture I got, I'm the only one missing.

: In the picture Hina got, she's the only one missing.

: And in the picture Hiro got, he's the only one missing.

: As long as we're talking about it, I suppose I should show you my photo, as well.

: In other words, Monokuma gave each of us a group photo in which that person wasn't included.
: And when we each saw our picture, we just assumed everyone else was the enemy...?
: Puhuhu... Figured it out, huh?
: Yeah, I thought that must be it. But how was that a hint?

But you know...there might be more to this than just Monokuma trying to confuse us... There's something else that bothers me about everyone's pictures... What is it? What's digging at me...?

: Listen, can I see everyone's group photo one more time? It's not directly connected to what we're talking about, but I'd like to double-check something...
: Sure, no problem.
: Yeah, I don't mind.

I'm sure there's something unusual about these group photos... What is it? I need to compare each of them one more time.

Byakuya's picture...

Hina's picture...

Hiro's picture...

And mine...

: ...

There's something strange about all of them. Something I can't quite pin down... Something...

: ...strange about the photo...

: Can you just forget about the photo already?
: Grr... Trying to trick me with such an obviously fake photo... I'm still pissed about that!
: And on top of that, they went to all that trouble to make it look like we were wearing matching uniforms!
: Hmm? So you think they're fake?

: No no no, I assure you, they're quite real.
: Wh-What are you talking about!? There's no way!
: Yeah! I don't remember ever taking a picture like that!
: So it's gotta be a fake! I'm sure of it!

: But you know... Can we really be so sure?
: ...Huh?
: Don't get me wrong. I don't remember taking this picture, either. But... Is that really enough to be absolutely positive they're fake?
: Wh-What do you mean...?

The reason I don't remember this picture isn't necessarily because it's fake... There might be...some other reason... Some...terrible reason...

An unbelievable but entirely horrifying reason...


: Let's say that somehow...we'd all lost our memories. That could explain it, couldn't it?
: Oh, I get it! So we all just lost our memories at the same time and forgot about the photo. Makes sense!
: ...As if! You expect me to believe such an unbelievable occult-type story!?
: Y-Yeah! We all lost our memories? That's just...crazy!

It's only natural that they wouldn't believe it... But no matter how much they refuse, if that's the absolute truth, they have no choice...! We can't move forward until they accept it!