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Part 147: Trial 6, Part 2

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: You're saying we all got spontaneous amnesia?
: Since when did this turn into some kind of sci-fi fantasy!?
: I promise you I haven't lost my memory! Ever since I got to this school...
: ...I remember everything that's happened!
: So the i-idea that we all lost our m-memories...
: totally stupid! Obviously!

Even if we don't want to believe it, it it's the truth, we don't have a choice...! Otherwise, we'll all die in here!

: Seven Truth Bullets to choose from now. Thankfully, you should be able to narrow it down even with this many available. We might remember everything since we woke up, but what about that other thing we have no memory of?

Shoot "I remember everything" with "Interview DVD"

: Those photos aren't the only things that point to the possibility of memory loss. This DVD does the same thing.
: You're not g-gonna show us something indecent, are you!?
: ...N-No, it's nothing like that!

: It's a video of all of usk being interviewed by the Hope's Peak Academy headmaster.

: When you say "all of us" you mean...
: I mean all of us. Including you.
: You lie! I never did any kind of interview!
: No, it's not a lie. Just watch the DVD and you'll see for yourself.

: The headmaster did, in fact, interview you.

: ...
: What are you saying!?
: I didn't imagine you would remember.
: It's not about whether or not I remember...!

: You expect me to believe all this? That I...I lost my memory somehow...!?
: Well, we don't have any way to refute it, so we have no choice but to accept it as reality.
: How can you say that!? We're talking about living, breathing amnesia here!
: To be honest, I have something else on my mind right now.
: Something else...?

: You said the DVD contains recordings of us being interviewed by the headmaster, right?
: What were the interviews about?
: The headmaster sat each of us down, one at a time, and asked us that same question... He asked us if we could accept the idea of spending the rest of our lives in this school.

: What kind of qu-question is that...?
: And? How did we answer?
: We'd say no, obviously!
: Actually... We all...said we could.

: Even me... I heard myself say yes, I could spend the rest of my life at this school.

: Wh-Why!? Why would you say yes to s-something like that!?
: I don't know! I don't remember a thing!
: The same goes for everyone else? Nobody remembers...? You don't remember choosing to live here forever. Or even talking to the headmaster about it at all...
: It doesn't matter if I remember or not. Even if I bought the whole amnesia thing, the idea that I would want to live here forever...
: That's just insane! How can I believe that!?

: Insane or not, we can't move forward until you accept it. Am I right?
: You sure are! Cuz it's all true!
: Whaaaaaat!?
: I know it sounds absurd, but...if it's the truth, there's nothing we can do about it.
: Indeed. We only have one path in front of us.
: Th-Then...we really...?

: Yup! You all totally lost your memory at the same time!
: This is all...making my head hurt...
: And this isn't like some normal kind of memory loss.

: You stole some specific memories from us, didn't you?
: Oopsie! You figured that part out too, huh?
: Of course. There's no way we would all just happen to get amnesia at the same time.
: could someone just s-steal our memories?

: How...?
: Come come come, that hardly matters right now!
: If I said it was hypnotism, would you believe me? Or we opened up your skulls and messed with your brains?

: Would you really believe anything I said? How it happened doesn't matter right now!
: What matters is figuring out what memories you took from us. That's what you're trying to say, right?
: Puhuhu! I knew I could count on you!

: The interview with the headmaster, taking that group photo... Those can't be the only memories we lost. There must have been a purpose to it all. A reason for taking away our memories...
: Of course there was a purpose! It all has to do with the original motive!

The original motive...

: You mean the "motive" you came up with to try and get us to all kill each other?
: That has something to do with the memories you stole from us?
: Puhuhu! It sure does! But that part's still a secret...!

: Anyway, I'm sure it's not easy, but let's all focus on the class trial for the murder of Mukuro Ikusaba!
: Okay, so you want us to figure out who killed her before we do anything else...

So until we do that... Well either way, we have to explain every last remaining mystery. So...

The one who killed Mukuro--the true mastermind... That's what we need to expose!

: So who did it...? Who killed her?
: Whoever did it is the same one who's behind everything.
: That much I'm sure of.
: But when you think about it... Is the mastermind really here in the school?
: Of course!
: They hafta be here somewhere!
: What makes you so sure?
: Umm... what *does* make me so sure...?
: Exactly. You're j-just making stuff up. There's no way the m-mastermind is here. The mastermind is p-probably a million miles away...
: C-Cuz masterminds always lurk off in the b-background, right?

The mastermind--the one controlling Monokuma... Where is the mastermind...?

: We know that Monokuma is controlled from the room behind the Data Center. That means the mastermind has to be in the school.

> Shoot "a million miles away" with "Monokuma Control Room"

: There's no question that the mastermind is somewhere within the school.
: How do you kn-know? Did you find s-some evidence or something?

: In the back of the data center, I found a panel that controls Monokuma.

: The mastermind must have been using that to control him all this time.
: So there can't be any doubt, the mastermind has been inside the school all along!
: There can't be any doubt...

: In which case, there also can be no doubt that the mastermind is one of us.
: What? Why?
: Recall what Makoto told us Monokuma said to him earlier...

: I'm sure I told you this already, but...this killing game began with sixteen participants, all of them high school students. And the only people to take a single step in Hope's Peak since the killing game began...are those sixteen students.

: So if the mastermind *is* in the school, we have to assume it can only be that 16th student.
:'d they m-manage to survive all of this?
: So we're the only ones here...?

: I-It's not me! I'm not the mastermind!
: Well it's not me!
: I blame M-Makoto!
: What!? Why me!?
: C-Cuz! It's super weird how you're the o-only one who survived being executed!
: Oh, I get it! The only way he coulda survived is if he was actually the mastermind himself, right!?
: Aww nuts! Ya got me!
: W-Wait, what are you trying to say!?

: Everyone, calm down. There's no reason to panic.
: The mastermind's true identity will become clear soon enough. Just as soon as we find out who killed Mukuro.
: That's a good point. Rather than wasting time bickering, we should put our minds to work solving this mystery.
: Yeah, well, how much time have we already spent talking about the murder?
: He's r-right. What more is there to t-talk about?
: If you want something to talk about, I think there might be one thing...

: We haven't fully established what Mukuro's fatal injury was.
: Huh? But...I thought we figured that out. She died when she got hit in the back of the head.
: No, that isn't actually what killed her. It was something entirely different. Wouldn't you agree, Makoto?

Mukuro's actual cause of death must have been...

> The other wounds

: All of the wounds covering her body... That's what really killed her.
: Hey, now hold on a second! You did read the Monokuma File, right?

"The body was covered with other wounds, but these were at least several days old."

: It made it pretty clear. Those wounds were made *at least* a few days ago.
: So they can't possibly be what killed her!
: Consider this--what if the murder itself took place at least a few days ago?
: Wh-What...?

: What if, when we discovered her body, she'd already been dead for several days?
: If that's true, then naturally the wounds that killed her would appear to be however many days old.
: Th-That doesn't make any sense! Because...because she had all th-those wounds before she ever c-came here!
: Huh? How do you know that?

: Isn't it o-obvious? She was the Ultimate Soldier, right? So that means...y-you know...
: You're wrong.
: Ahaha... She d-denied me... Hahahaha... Before I could even s-say anything...
: Hahah...ha...ahe...hehehe...! Come on--I mean--you think I'm--?
: I'm not weird, okay!? At least l-listen to what I have to say b-before you deny me!

If you're so sure we're gonna deny you, why bother saying it in the first place?