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Part 149: Trial 6, Part 4

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: La-la-la! I can't hear you! La-la-la-la-la!

: The number of lights on in the bio lab doesn't match the number of people who have died!

> Fire "Bio Lab Lights"

: The inconsistency Kyoko's talking about is...the lights!
: Ga-haaah!
: Wh-What are you talking about? What about the lights...?
: Like I said before, the bio lab also acts as a morgue.

: And as part of that, a giant refrigerator was installed in there. That's where everyone who's died is stored.

: And it was set up so that when a slot had a body in it, a blue light would turn on.
: In other words, if the blue light is on, that means there's a body in that slot.

: But I counted up the number of blue lights that were on, including the one Mukuro was in...and there were only nine!

: Why does that matter? You gotta give me the bite-size version here, man!

Nine lights doesn't make sense. The number of lights that should be on is...

> Ten lights

: Ten of the lights should have been on. Any other number is incredibly suspicious!

: S-Suspicious...? Why?
: That's simple. Just recall who's died here so far, and it should become clear.

That's right... That's the key to solving this mystery...

Sayaka died first...

Junko was second...

Leon was third...

Chihiro was fourth...

Mondo was fifth...

Taka was sixth, then Hifumi was seventh...

Celeste was eighth...

Sakura was ninth...

And victim number ten was Mukuro.

: Hm... So ten people in all?
: That's right. Any other number should make you immediately suspicious. But according to the lights in the bio lab, only nine people were being stored there...
: Y-You're saying a dead body just...up and disappeared!?
: I got it! The mastermind destroyed one of the bodies to get rid of evidence!
: But if they wanted to do that, they would've destroyed Mukuro's body, since they actually killed her. And yet...her body was left alone.
: Then...whose body disappeared?

: It may very well be...that none of them disappeared.
: B-But if that's true, then why doesn't the b-body count match...?
: Including Monokuma's executions, there have apparently been ten deaths. But there were only nine bodies.
: That's the point I'm trying to make.
: I'm completely lost! How can the number of victims be less than the number of murders!?

The reason there are less bodies than murders... The explanation for more murders than victims... Why is that...? What would it take for that to make sense...?

> The same person was killed twice

: What about if...the same person was killed twice?
: Huh? Killed twice...?
: Officially, ten murders have been committed so far.
: But one of the victims may have been murdered...and then murdered again.

: Murdered and...m-murdered again...?
: If that's the case, there could have been ten killings but still only nine victims, right?
: T-Technically you're right I guess, but still...something like that--
: Could easily have happened. No, it *is* what happened.
: Sounds like you're already convinced. Then can you tell us who was killed twice?

: Before she was killed as Mukuro Ikusaba, she was killed as someone else.
: And that's why the body had to be stored in the bio lab until the moment we found it in the garden...
: No no no, that's crazy talk! She was killed as someone else? Come on!

: Besides, who could that "someone else" even have been!?
: All you have to do is look at those bodily injuries of hers and that will become obvious.
: Nothing's gonna become obvious...!
: Because Kyoko's totally delusional!

: Who is this "someone else" that Mukuro was killed as? Was it... Sayaka Maizono? Junko Enoshima? Leon Kuwata? Chihiro Fujisaki? Mondo Owada? Kiyotaka Ishimaru? Hifumi Yamada? Celestia Lu--whatever? Or maybe Sakura Ogami? No no no...
: There's no way anyone was murdered twice!

Mukuro died from the wounds she had all over her body. There's gotta be some sort of explanation that can solve this mystery...

: The goal is to Absorb the name of the person who was killed twice and shoot Monokuma's last weak point. As for who was killed twice, we only know of one girl who died from wounds all over her body.

> Absorb "Junko Enoshima"

> Shoot "murdered twice"

: Junko... Wasn't her fatal injury pretty similar to Mukuro's?
: What do you mean...?

: Well, remember what happened to her? She was impaled by a bunch of spears, all over her body.

: And Mukuro died from a number of wounds across her body... When you compare that to the stab wounds Junko suffered...
: Then the s-similarities...match...?
: Yes, and those are the *only* fatal injuries that match up.
: That explains why those "two" bodies are actually one and the same.
: So let me see if I have this straight...

: Junko, or someone going by that name, was stabbed to death with multiple spears.

: Then her body was kept in the bio lab for however long, before being dragged out again.

: Only this time, it was presented as the corpse of one Mukuro Ikusaba.

: It all matches up, right? Those wounds Junko suffered could easily be these same injuries.
:'s really true? Mukuro and Junko are the same person...?
: Wait, so then...
: Nng! What does it all mean!?

: It means that there haven't been ten victims, but nine. Which also means that among the people we thought were is still alive.
: ...And that's the true identity of the mastermind!?
: Who is it!? Who's behind all this!?
: We already kn-know the answer to that... It's Mukuro! Sh-She's still alive!

: She took J-Junko's body...

: ...and made it look like she was th-the one who died!

: S-So Mukuro is still alive. She's g-gotta be!
: ...
: Total silence...? Then I m-must be right...! I'm right, aren't I?

Mukuro...alive? The one that's still alive is Mukuro...? But... Can we really believe that?

: The body we f-found in the garden...
: It wasn't Mukuro!
: Then she's still alive!?
: Th-That's right. She made it look like Junko's b-body was her!
: S-So the mastermind's true identity is...Mukuro!
: Whaddya say, Monokuma!? Do you give up!?
: Hmmmmmmm...

Mukuro is still alive? Can I really believe that?

: Much as I've like to agree with Toko, we have Mukuro's profile. Kyoko confirmed that the dead body matched Mukuro's measurements perfectly...

> Shoot "wasn't Mukuro" with "Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile"

: No, the body we found in the garden was Mukuro that's one thing we can be sure of. The body's appearance and measurements are consistent with her records.
: Right, Kyoko?

: She was 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed 97 pounds. Her vitals were 31-22-32.
: Everything in her profile is consistent with that corpse.
: And then there's the matter of the Fenrir tattoo. So there's no question it's her.

: B-But...if Mukuro's not the mastermind, then...who's actually still alive...?

Someone's made it look like they died, but they're actually still alive... There's only one person it could be...!