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Part 15: Chapter 1 Daily Life, Part 9

*Ding dong*


When I opened my eyes, they darted immediately to the clock.

: It's almost 10 o'clock. I fell asleep without even realizing it...

Nighttime's about to start...

: how come someone's here?

: I'm really sorry to come by so late...


: Sayaka? What are you doing out so late?

That's when I noticed... Her body was trembling.

: I-Is everything okay...?

: Sorry to bother you, but...[something really weird] just happened.

> something really weird

: Something...weird?
: Just a little while ago, I was laying down in my room... And all of a sudden, my door started rattling and shaking.

Her voice sounded like all the air had been squeezed out of her lungs. Just hearing her talk made me tense up.

: It was like someone was trying to force the door open. My door was locked, so they couldn't get in, of course. But they started shaking the door harder and harder. I was so scared I couldn't even move.
: S-So what happened!?
: After a while, it just...stopped. I let some time go by, then I got up and opened the door to check outside...

: But there was nobody there.
: Someone tried to force their way into your room...? But...who would do something like that?
: It's not that I'm suspicious of anyone here, but makes me nervous. What if something like that happened in the middle of the night? What would I do then...?
: Y-You don't have to worry about that, right? I mean, we can't go outside during nighttime.
: But that's just a promise we made, right? If someone decided to break that promise...
: Th-Then... Why don't you stay in my room tonight? Would that make you feel a little better?
: What!?
: All it said in the school regulations was that we had to sleep in "the dorm rooms", right? It didn't state specifically *which* room each person had to sleep in. So...

: B-But...two people sharing one room know...
: ...Ah! Oh jeez, I'm sorry! I didn't even think about that! Honestly, that didn't even cross my mind!

: No, I know, me either. It's not even that I mind the idea, but...

: ...Um, if you don't mind, could we maybe switch rooms? Just for tonight?
: Switch rooms...? I-If it'll help put your mind at ease, then it's totally fine with me. But... I don't mind you staying in my room, but...are you sure you're okay with me staying in yours? That doesn't, like...concern you?

: It's fine. I trust you...
: In that case, then...

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the doors to the dining hall will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

: Oh man, it's already nighttime...
: Okay, so it's settled. I'll head to your room right now.

Oh, if we're gonna trade rooms, we'd better trade keys, too.

: Ah, that's right. We'll have to trade keys.
: Again!?

: Like I said, I'm psychic. ...
: ...Huh? Hey, aren't you gonna say you were just kidding?
: What if I *wasn't* just kidding...?

Something resembling a smile had made its way to her face. Thank goodness. It looks like she's already started to get back to normal.

: Okay, we'd better trade keys, then.
: Yup, let's do it.

We exchanged keys, and when I looked back up at her again...

...there was another worried expression there.

: Makoto...please be careful. If someone comes to the door, don't open it no matter what.
: I won't. The same goes for you, Sayaka. No matter who it is, don't open your door for anyone.

: Even if I'm sure it's you, I absolutely won't open it. Otherwise, what's the point of even switching?
: Oh, by the way... Just so you know, my bathroom door tends to get stuck. There's a little trick to opening it... You have to turn the knob, then lift up on the door while you pull it out. Just do that and the door should open no problem.
: Okay, but the showers don't work during nighttime anyway, right?
: Oh, that's right. I totally forgot...
: But I guess I might use it when I get up in the morning. So thank you.
: Okay, well, I'd better get going. See you tomorrow, Sayaka.

: Oh, and about what I said before...
: Hm?
: When I said I was psychic, it really was a joke. Honestly, I'm just very perceptive.
: Yeah, I know.

: ...Good night, then. See you in the morning.

Sayaka gave me one last parting smile, and I headed off to "my" room.

I looked around as soon as I got out into the hall. Everyone else's doors were closed. There was no sign of life.

: Good. There's nobody here...

Making sure nobody was around to spot me, I rushed into Sayaka's room.

So this is Sayaka's room... It really doesn't look any different from mine.

: It smells nice, though...

: We can examine a few things before we go to bed.

It's kind of weird to dig through other people's trash, but I couldn't help taking a quick peek...

That's...! There wasn't any doubt about it--it was the DVD with her name on it that we'd found in the A/V room.

: That reminds me... I never did get a chance to find out what was in her video.

But it's probably best if I wait until she brings it up again.

If I remember right, all the girls' private bathrooms have locks on them. I'm a little reluctant to go in...

My room came with a toolkit, but Sayaka has a sewing kit. Just like the note said... And next to it is...the map of the body's vital organs.

: I don't think Sayaka would like me snooping around too much... I should probably go to bed soon.

As I lowered myself onto Sayaka's bed, a pleasant fragrance enveloped me.

Sayaka's...scent... Maybe it'll bring me some sweet dreams.

Feeling a little better than before, I fell asleep...

: Imagine you're all in a big spaceship, in the middle of an intergalactic adventure. You've heard of Noah's Ark, right? We're sort of like that. We've set sail and left Earth behind! Here you don't have to worry about crazy neighbors, corrupt cops, drunk drivers, or pyromaniacs! You don't have to worry about the ozone layer, or asthma-inducing air pollution! And of course, you don't have to stress about studying for finals or practicing for the big game! But... But even our divine world of freedom has a few rules. After all, freedom can only exist *because* of rules. If you're really dead set on returning to that tiny piece of dog poop you call Earth...please do your best to follow the rules. I hope I've made myself perfectly clear. So then, let's everyone do our best to follow these new guidelines and live happily ever after together!

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!

I sat up, still half asleep, and rubbed my eyes. Slowly I pulled myself out of bed. ...I remembered I was in Sayaka's room.

: I just remembered, I promised to eat breakfast with everyone else. I'd better get going.

I left Sayaka's room and made my way toward the dining hall.

A few people had already gathered at the dining hall by the time I got there.

: Hello, Makoto, and good morning! Can you believe it? I was the very first one here this morning!

: Ehehe...good morning.

: Mornin'!

: I suppose I'm early...

I figured everyone who had arrived on time could be considered model high schoolers. And the ones who showed up a little late...

: Yo.

: Sorry I'm late! My make-up just would NOT cooperate this morning!

: My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. My morning, ah, duty took a little longer than usual...

...were the types with a more relaxed sense of time. Most high schoolers fall into this category. And finally, the ones who kept everyone waiting forever...

: ...I suppose I'm late.

: Good morning, everyone.

: My bad, guys! Slept right through my alarm!

: Wh-What? Is it s-so awful to be l-late?

: I didn't oversleep, just so you know. Nope, got lost! I blame the Bermuda Triangle...

...don't care about time or other people in general. They're the kind to move at their own pace. But regardless, everyone had arrived.

At least, that's how it was supposed to go...

: Wait, aren't we still missing some people?
: Yeah, Sayaka and Byakuya aren't here yet.

I don't know about Byakuya, but...I would definitely put Sayaka in the "model high schooler" category. So for her to be so late...

: ...What's going on? Did something happen?
: Hey man! Have you seen Sayaka?
: Why would I have? I just came straight from my room to here.
: Did she forget about our breakfast promise...?

: I got the sense she always has her stuff together...

Listening to everyone talk like that, a small, dark speck of unease rose up inside of me.

And that speck started to grow quickly...

: I-I need to go... I have to check on her!

The words had barely left my lips before I flew out into the hall.

Where I headed first room, where I'd let Sayaka stay for a single night. Where she was supposed to be safe...But over the course of that one night...

...the room had been completely transformed.

: Wh-What the hell!?

This is...the replica sword I brought back for self-defense. It's the sheath for the replica sword. The sword itself has been removed...

The bed's been damaged, too...

There are slashed and gouges on the walls and the floor. More importantly, where's Sayaka!?

I'd better check the bathroom.

No Music.



... ... ...


It took me a second to realize that I was screaming. What I saw dug its way through my eyes and buried itself in my brain. And then...

And then...


... ... ...

...everything went black.