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Part 151: Trial 6, Part 6

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: I tried to protect her identity?

: If you didn't notice earlier, there's something very wrong with the photos!

> Fire "Group Photo"

: The video wasn't the only thing you tried to cover up. You did the same thing with this group photo!
: Uh--! Uh-ooooohh...!
: I noticed it just a little while ago, when we were all comparing the photos we'd gotten. In all the photos, there's a certain similarity, an unusual circumstance.
: Wh-What's so unusual about them!?

The unusual circumstance common to all these pictures...

The unusual circumstance is...

> Junko's face

: Junko's face. The one thing common to every single photo is that you can't see her face.

: It's hard to believe her face would just happen to be hidden in every single picture, don't you think?

: And on top of that, in this photo you can see that Mukuro is clearly visible. So in other words, at that point, the two of them hadn't switched yet. With all that in mind, there's no doubt that the girl whose face is hidden here is the real Junko. Which is why you had to have pictures that didn't show her face. Because if we could have seen her face, then it would have clearly revealed...
: ...that the Junko in the pictures wasn't the Junko that we knew!

: Xanadu!
: I believe everything Makoto said is true.
: Junko and Mukuro switched places before we met either of them.
: So she killed Mukuro, who had taken her place, making it look like she'd died. And the real still alive.
: And she's the one behind this whole murderous situation, this "killing game"...

: She's the true mastermind and the Ultimate Despair!
: Xanadu times two!
: With this, the identity, and the crimes, of the mastermind have been exposed.
: N-No, wait...! Hold on!
: Don't bother trying to deny it. There's no more room for debate. You don't have anywhere left to run.

: I'll prove everything...right now!

: Here's exactly what happened!
: (Don't forget to read right to left!)

: We met the Ultimate Fashionista, Junko Enoshima right after we all arrived here... But that wasn't the real Junko.

: The girl we saw before us was actually the sixteenth student, who had taken Junko's place. And that girl's name was Mukuro Ikusaba.

: But it wasn't long before she died at the hands of Monokuma. In other words, the mastermind...Junko Enoshima.

: Her body was kept in the bio lab, which had been converted into a morgue. Until Junko decided to put her body to use.

: Junko dragged the body out of the bio lab, using the tarp to carry her to the garden. She fabricated the murder to try and frame Kyoko, who'd proven to be one big thorn in her side.

: Meanwhile, she wanted us all to think Mukuro was still alive, and hiding somewhere inside the school.

: So she put on a mask and then attacked me.

: After making sure I'd gotten a good look at the mask, she left the room...

: Then she put the same mask on Mukuro's body. This was all to make us think the person who attacked me and the corpse were one and the same... She wanted us to believe the murder had only recently taken place.

: Finally, by strapping a bomb to the body, she was able to destroy any remaining evidence. She needed to hide the body's true identity. She had to make sure we didn't find out it was actually the same person we'd met in the beginning. This is the truth behind Mukuro's murder. And the one who carried it all out is the true mastermind, the one controlling Monokuma...

: The real Junko Enoshima!

: That's the whole story behind this incident! Well? What do you have to say to that!?
: ...
: ... ... ...
: ... ... ... ... ...

: What, are you broken again?
: ...

: You can't get out of this, so don't even try!
: ...

: Come on! It's time you finally revealed yourself!
: ...

: It's not like y-you're an endangered species or something! How l-long do you plan to keep hiding?
: ...

: Give it up, Junko. The game's over.
: ...

: ...Over?
: Puhu... Puhuhu... Did you really think the story would end once we reached the climax of the case?

: Wrong! There's still plenty more to go!