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Part 153: Trial 6, Part 8

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: Alright! Then let's get straight to the point! What memories did you steal from us!?
: ...
: When the g-group pictures were taken... A-And those interviews... It must mean...

: I g-got it! It must have s-something to do with our entrance e-exams!
: Hmmmmmmm...
: No fair! At least give us a hint!

: Your brains are like sponges, all drippy and leaky. I already gave you a hint before! All the memories you lost share something in common with a few other things... Do you recall?

Thinking back to what Monokuma's told us... The memories that were stolen from us, and what they must be related to...

> The motives Monokuma came up with

: You're talking about the motives you provided to try and get us to kill each other, right?
: So you do remember, after all. Well, I would hope you wouldn't forget something so important. It was stupid of me to even ask. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for my bad manners.

: So then, let me ask you another question. Did you notice that each motive I presented you had a specific theme to it?
: A th-theme...?
: Yup, you got it. So that's my question to you all... When Sayaka was murdered, what was the theme of the motive I presented?

The theme for the motive Monokuma gave us for the first murder...

> Human connections

: The driving force behind the motive you presented us with at that point was human connections.
: Ding ding ding! You got it. Remember those DVDs I gave you guys? Each video showed the total destruction of your most important relationships.

: For example, your family...

: For example, your friends...

: I ruined all those relationships, and showed you the results. It was to motivate your desire to escape, and kickstart your urge to kill. But still...what a cruel thing to do.
: You're the one that did it!
: Yes, well, I'm perfectly happy to accept your disapproval.

: Okaaay! Time for the next question! Umm, so...what was the theme for the second motive!?

For the second murder...the motive's theme was...

> The past

: It was...our past, right?
: Yaaay! Makoto got it right again! That time, the theme was...

: ...embarrassing memories and secrets! Kyah! And the whole reason Mondo did what he did was to protect his secret!

: So...? How long do you plan on dragging this out?
: Relax, relax! Okay, on to the next question! Sooo, what was the motive for the third murder!?

The theme for the third murder was...

> Greed

: It was money, wasn't it? Greed.
: Seek and destroy! Hell yeah, you got it again!

: Goddamn straight it was money! Celeste killed Hifumi and Taka for a little personal gain! Her greed led to all kinds of death and destruction!

: What's the point of all this? Why are you making us go through this case by case!?
: Haahahaha! Don't worry, sweet cheeks! Just one more to go! Now, can you tell me the motive behind crazy-ass Sakura's crazy-ass death?

The motive in the case of Sakura's death was...

> Betrayal

: In her case, it was betrayal...
: Precisely. You see...

: Once I revealed Sakura's betrayal, that led to everything that came afterwards...

: Anyway, it looks like you answered all of my questions correctly. How painfully delightful...
: But what's the point? What meaning is there in asking those questions now?
: Relationships, secrets, money, betrayal... These are all pretty standard motives, right? The most normal of normal, totally middle of the road!

: But of course those aren't the only motives that exist in this world... In fact, there are as many reasons to kill a there are people on Earth. They compel humans to kill each other, bringing despair to the world. This is what we refer to as the seed of despair!
: Seed of despair...?
: Just as water, air, and food promote growth in living things, the seed of despair also needs nourishment... And that hope! Despair can grow only in the presence of hope! Two sides of the same coin, divided by a razor-thin line... Such is hope and despair!

: ...How much longer is this stupid speech of yours? Weren't we discussing our missing memories? Why are you trying to change the subject?
: If you would listen, you would see I'm *not* changing the subject. We *are* discussing your memories. What I'm trying to say is, the "seed of despair" is closely tied to your memories.
: H-How so...?

: You see, by taking away your memories, I gave you hope. Of course, that hope merely existed to be consumed by despair.
: How could taking away someone's memories...give them hope?
: And plus, you haven't given us any hope anyway!
: Is that so? All you've been able to think about during your time here is how to escape, right? The mere fact that that's what you want proves I gave you hope.

: What are you talking about...?
: If none of you wanted to escape this school, the killings never would have taken place. That is why we took your memories--so that you would have the desire to leave!
: The only reason we want to leave is because you took our memories... Is that what you're saying?
: Puhuhu... Correctamundo!
: Which means, if we *did* have our memories, then we *wouldn't* want to leave. Do I understand that right?

: Wh-What!? Why the HELL would having our memories make us not wanna leave!?
: Puhuhu... A most troubling thought, isn't it? But it's not enough. I want more distress, more despair...! I put so much effort into creating hope in order to feed your despair and make it grow... So, just like Crazy Eddie slashing his prices and passing the savings on to you, lemme give you a hint!
: Huh? Really!?
: Then h-hurry up and tell us!
: Okay dokey! Like they say, seeing is believing!

: I'd like for you to see...the outside world.

The...outside world?

: You mean the world beyond the school walls?

: So something really did happen out there...
: Now are you interested in what I have to say? You wanna see what's out there? Puhuhu. I wanna see, too... See your faces sink into despair...!

: Ah-hahahaha! Now then, OPEN SESAME!!! Behold, the world beyond the school walls! This is the outside world you've all been so anxious to claw your way back into!

: ...
: ... ... ...
: ... ... ... ... ...What the...?

: Dangerous... The world has grown so very dangerous. That's what this means.
: What are you talking about!? None of this makes any sense!
: Wh-What am I looking at?

: This is a scene f-from a movie or something, r-right?
: What you just saw... All of you should recognize it.

We should...recognize it? What about it should we recognize? This whole thing is insane...

: That locked away within the memories that were taken from you. If you can't remember, please just try... Do your best to try and recall...
: Haahahaha! Better kick your brain in the ass, cuz it's up to that grey lump whether you live or die! "I don't remember" ain't a fuckin' excuse no more! Cuz now it's time...

: ...for the final class trial!