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Part 154: Trial 6, Part 9

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: Come on, bitches! Remember or die! What the fuck happened outside!?
: You want us to remember or whatever, but... When it comes to that crazy confusing video you showed us...
: ...I don't understand a damn thing!
: What's the meaning of the footage we saw...?
: Is this another one of your practical jokes?
: I mean, you're telling us to remember, but what am I supposed to be remembering!?
: I-If nobody can remember anything...
: ...this is the end f-for all of us! What other ch-choice do we have!?

If I can't it all over? I mean, how can she show me something so completely incomprehensible and then just say remember!? I mean, every one of us has lost our memory...! It really is hopeless, after all...

: Wait, there's one person who might remember...

> Shoot "nobody can remember anything" with "Genocide Jack's Memory"

: Actually...she might remember.
: Wh-Who might remember...?
: The other Toko...Genocide Jack!
: What?
: The two of them share certain kinds of knowledge, but their memories aren't linked, right?

: I see... If their memories are separate...then even if one personality's forgotten, there's a chance the other may still have those memories.
: Whaddya say, Toko!?
: Are y-you telling me to swap places...w-with HER!?
: N-No! Absolutely not! That'd be like f-forfeiting my entire identity!

:'re the only one we can rely on now.
: ...Achoo!

: Dun dada duuun! It's me, your friend neighborhood serial killer!
: Boy, she just gave in like it was nothin'...
: I'm going to ask you a question. And I want to have it answered immediately. Do you know anything about this video?
: Huh? What video...!?

: The video that's playing right now...
: Who the hell are you!?
: Oh, um...I'm the mastermind.
: Oh! Nice to meetcha!
: Ah...nice to meet you, too.

: That's enough! Just look at the stupid screen!
: Aye aye! Roger! You got it, captain!

Music fades out.

: ...
: Well? Does it look familiar?
: I don't have all the details, but...

: Of course it does!
: Then you remember all the stuff it's showing?
: Of course I do!

: So you didn't lose your memory, after all...
: Then why didn't you say something earlier!?
: I only answer questions when someone bothers to ask me! I'm the quiet type, ya know?
: Oh my god! She's the worst liar in the world!

: More importantly...if you really do remember, what is it?
: Huh? What's the matter, Master? Do you really not remember The Tragedy?
: "The Tragedy"...?
: Oh no! You seriously forgot!? Maybe I can help you remember...with a kiss!
: Just answer the question! What happened out there!?
: Well, I can't really say if it "happened" or if it's still happening...

Music cuts out.

: But it was the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history


: Why is that phrase coming up now?
: Cuz it's all because of that event.
: What is...?
: Are you serious? I'm talking about the way the world is now.

: The world's been destroyed, get it!?
: Destroyed...?
: Explain yourself! Tell us everything you know!
: Copy that, darling!

: Okay, so, this big, awful, tragic event--they started just calling it the Tragedy--happened about a year ago! It was so big and bad that even this murderous fiend went pale at the sight of it.

: I guess you could say what happened was man-made...

: But it was more on the level of a worldwide natural disaster!

: Either way, there's no doubt that it was the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history. And as a result, in basically no time flat...
: ...the world turned out the way it did. And that's that.

: That's all there is to it!? Come on, there wasn't a single concrete description in there!
: Well it just so happens I don't know any of the specifics! Miss Morose saw it all play out in real-time, so why don't you ask her?
: We already did, and she didn't know anything! That's why we're asking you!
: Ahh! I couldn't live up to Master's expectations! To die, to die...! This is the true tragedy!

: Okay, okay, that's enough of your little lover's quarrel. Whatever happened, it doesn't matter at this exact point in time, right? The end justifies the means. Everything serves the outcome. In other words... The world has ended. That's the important thing.
: H-How can the world just end!? It''s the world!
: Calm down, it's okay. There's no need to panic. Every living person will be dead in a hundred years anyway, so the world ending isn't that big a deal.

: Oh, come on... Now you're just being ridiculous!
: Well, as long as we're being ridiculous, I have another ridiculous story to tell you. It's the story of the Togami Corporation, which has given Byakuya's life all its meaning.
: What...? What did you say...!?
: I'm glad to see you took the bait. You bit into it like a middle-aged secretary at an all-you-can-eat cake buffet.

Music cuts out.

: Hey, hey! So? What do you think happened to the Togami family, hm!?

> The Togam--

: Correct! Well done, peasant!
: But...I didn't say anything yet.
: I just got so fuckin' bored waiting, I couldn't help it! Even if you're wrong, eventually you'll figure it out, right? Till then, you're just goin' in circles!
: So no matter what you pick, you get the right answer! Pretty innovative, don't ya think?
: you think it might be a disease? Getting bored so easy, I mean. Do you think I might be sick?

: Anyway, like I was saying...Byakuya's entire lineage has been totally annihilated!
: What? What the hell are you talking about!?
: I can confirm that his entire family has died, even the distant relatives. The Togami name...has perished.

: S-Stop with these idiotic jokes!
: Stop? And said with such authority. A peasant would dare challenge us, the avatar of divine punishment? You must learn your place, peasant! You are no longer the Ultimate Affluent Progeny!
: Th-They couldn't possibly be gone! The Togami family is destined to guide the world!
: Hell, there IS no world anymore, remember? It got fucked a full year ago!

: H-Hold on! That doesn't make any sense!
: Huh? I don't make sense?
: There's no way that happened a year ago!

: I mean, we only came to this school a few weeks ago!

: If some kind of world-ending event happened a year ago...then how do you explain the totally normal world we were living in up till then!?

: Puhuhu... Have you considered the possibility that you're mistaken about that?
: Mistaken...?
: Well, if I'm understanding you sounds like you think The Tragedy happened a year before you arrived here!
: W-Well, yeah! I mean, like he said, we just got here a few weeks ago!
: A few weeks ago...?

: Ohh, I get it! You're saying that what happened two years ago actually happened more recently! Right?
: Huh? Two years ago...?
: Well, I guys all started attending Hope's Peak Academy two years ago.

: Wait, what...?

Two years ago? What does that...?

: Hah...hahaha. What the hell is this chick trying to say?
: I understand why you'd have trouble accepting it, but in the end, you can't deny the truth. And the truth is, everything is cause and effect. Deny that, and you may as well give yourself up to God.

: So, you must surely understand all the hints I've given you so far, right? What are the memories I took from you?
: Come now, answer us. Answer with all your heart and soul!
: H-How are we supposed to answer...?
: I...I just don't know what's going on anymore...!
: ...

Still...we have to answer somehow. If we don't, everything ends right here!

The memories that were stolen from us... If what Junko says is true--if we first came here two years ago... But the rest of us only remember getting here within the last few weeks or so... So the memories she took from us...

> Our life at Hope's Peak

: If we accept that what you say is true...then we've all lost our memories of the last two years, after coming to this school.
: No. No no no no. Nope! No. I mean, no matter what anyone says...uh-uh...
: Kh--! Another correct answer...! Well done, peasant...
: Seriously!? This routine again!?

: We've lost two years' worth of memories...?
: That's right! You've already spent two full years here at Hope's Peak Academy! And that entire period of precisely what you've forgotten!
: I don't remember the last two years of my life...?
: That...that's not possible!

I want to think that, too. I don't want to believe it. But that's nothing but our desire. I don't want to believe... I want it to be impossible... But if it's the truth...then we have to accept it!