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Part 157: Trial 6, Part 12

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: We won't give up...!
: As long as there's hope, we'll never give up!
: If I were to die...that would be the end of Hope's Peak Academy.
: ... ... ...
: By the way, the air outside is totally polluted, ya know. The only reason we're okay in thanks to the air purifiers in the physics lab.
: ... ... ...
: If I die, the purifiers will screech to a halt. In other words, as soon as I die...the communal life you've all been living will come to an end.
: ... ... ...
: All of you will have to leave. You'll have to go into the world outside, where only death and despair are waiting...
: ... ... ...
: So? What are you gonna do? Will you just die? Is that what you want?
: ...

: The world is in despair. *You* are in despair.

: We're not here to refute any arguments this time. Throw out all your Truth Bullets. There's only one thing we can do here. We need to pull everyone from the clutches of despair!

> Absorb "hope"

> Shoot "... ... ..."

: Don't lose hope now!

: ...
: Ngaaaaaahh!

: So even if it's hard...even if we're scared...we don't have any choice, do we? I want to keep on living! I want to open the next door! There must be something new waiting for me!
: So that's why... That's why...!

: The whole fortune-telling thing doesn't matter anymore! What matters is my own gut feelings!

> Absorb "hope"

> Shoot "... ... ..."

: Don't lose hope now!

: ...I've been thinking about all this... And I was a time like this, what would Sakura do?

: That sounds like something she'd say, right?
: No, I think that's definitely what she'd say! Which is why I...I...!

> Absorb "hope"

> Shoot "... ... ..."

: Don't lose hope now!

: Kyeeehahahaha! I don't care either way! I'm fine with whichever one is more interesting!

: Hell, no matter how I look! Still hate it! Kyeeehahahaha!

> Absorb "hope"

> Shoot "... ... ..."

: Don't lose hope now!

: ...What's the matter? You're not actually trying to encourage me, are you?

: It never even crossed my mind that I might give in to despair. But don't misunderstand me. I couldn't care in the slightest what happens to you.

: Besides, the Togami family *isn't* dead. Because I'm still alive...

> Absorb "hope"

: ... ... ...

> Shoot "... ... ..."

: Don't lose hope now!

: I didn't really know my father, so I can't pretend to know what he was thinking.
: But even if we're just connected by blood, there's one thing I *am* sure of... He would never want us to abandon Makoto and choose to stay here. I can't explain why, exactly. But if I'm sure of anything, I'm sure of that... Just because we don't actually know anything, does that mean we can't understand...? Could it be that...?
: ...No, never mind.

: So, Makoto... I don't think you wound up at this school because you had good luck or bad luck... I think you came here for a different reason entirely...
: You came here to bring down the Ultimate Despair. You came here to confront despair without ever giving up.

: And if that's true, I think we could call you...the Ultimate Hope. What do you think?

: Wh...what the...?

: What the hell are you!?

: So uncool... Your stupid face... The stupid things you've said... The stupid way you all treat each other...! It's all SO uncool! SO unhip!

: Shut up shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP!

: Lame lame lame lame LAME!

I'm not any kind of elite anything. Hope isn't a talent you develop, but... But still...

But I still...!

: This is a very difficult BTB. It instantly starts both at maximum tempo and Junko immediately uses her Negative Time.

: Her Negative Time will also outlast your Fever Time if you try to counteract it so use whatever small amount of Fever Time you have to try and do as much damage to her as possible.

: Eventually it will end and you can finally see the tempo again. A fitting final instance of the minigame.

: Despair into tomorrow! Despair into your memories! Despair into nothingness!

> Fire "The Ultimate Hope"

: Hope keeps on going!

: I refuse to give up. I refuse to get bored! I refuse to throw it all away!
: I refuse to despair! Because all I have going for me is the desire to keep moving forward!
: What's...going on...?

: What's happeniiiing!?

: It looks like we've reached the end. I think it may be time to vote...
: We just gotta pull the lever, right?
: Good! I'm ready to go!
: Kyeeehahahaha!
: Let's put an end to these trials. Put an end to the killing...

: ...with our own hands.

: The hell...?
: You've lost, Junko.
: I...lost? Me...? N-No way... It can't beeeeee!
: Y-You still don't accept it...?

: Even the Ultimate Despair herself is vulnerable to the onslaught of despair, it would seem.
: But there's no use trying to fight it now!
: Well that's juuuuusst...!

: Totally the best!
: ...Huh?
: This...this is despair...! We came to this school two years ago, created our incredibly detailed plan... I even killed my own sister for it...
: To come this far, and fail at the very end...!
: It's the most ultimately ultimate despair!
: Wh-What are you talking about...?
: Don't you see? I was so hopelessly desperate! I was bored of the world the moment I was born! That's why I've been looking forward to this so desperately. This once-in-a-lifetime experience... It is my first and last colossal despair, here at the moment of death! To have the chance to taste of the highest grade despair--the utter failure of my dreams! Ahhh! I am so hopelessly happy right now!

: Wait, is she...enjoying this?
: Anyway, so are you prepared to admit defeat?
: Haha...hahahahaaahahaaa! You think I care whether I won or lost? Either way, it doesn't change a thing! Outside is only despair, inside is only despair! No matter where you go, despair awaits you!
: Th-That's not true...

: You're wrong!
: Huh...?
: Let me tell you this right now. We no longer fear despair.
: Because we've decided to enter the outside world with hope!
: Yeah, Makoto totally seduced us over to his side!
: Kyeeehahaha!
: E-Everyone...!

: You said that despair is as contagious as any disease.
: But the same is true of hope. All you have to do is look at us to see how true that is.
: K-Kyoko!
: ...
: Ahh, stop it! Stop! I hate those faces you're making! To see those awful looks causes me nothing by pain...

: Fine, let me just say one last thing... If you guys wanna get all hung up on the word hope, that's no skin off my nose... But just be warned... From this point on, one despair after another will stand in your way. No matter where you run, no matter where you hide... Maybe you'll find some hope, but there is a very fine line dividing that hope from bitter despair.
: Knowing that, you still plan to cling to your hope?
: Of course! Because we--
: Shut up, shut up! That was a rhetorical question. You interrupted my monologue!
: I'm almost done though, so whatever...

: Because it's almost punishment time, right!?
: Do you really intend to go through with this?
: That was the agreement, right?
: H-Hold on! It's not like I *want* you to die! You don't have to--

: Stop it stop it stop it STOP IT!
: What!?
: How many times do I have to tell you!? The act of living brings me no hope at all!
: All I want now is to taste that despair of death that you only get once in life. So...

Music cuts out.

: Don't get in my way!

: Puhuhu... Puhuhuhu! So this is how the despair of death feels... Ahh, it's so wonderful! Even a tenth of this despair... Even a hundredth...! I want every last soul on this planet to taste such despair! I want the entire world to die with that despair in its mouth!

: Okay, let's do this!

: I've reserved an extra special punishment for last!

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!

: Haahahahaha!


And that's how everything came to an end...

The final class trial... Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Despair... Life at Hope's Peak Academy...

It was all over.