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Part 162: Free Time Roundup #12

School Mode Free Time Roundup #12: Aoi Asahina (Part 2)

: Let's continue Hina's Free Time Events. We have three more to view.
: The fourth event takes place in the Dressing Room.

: You wanna go for a run to relieve some of this stress?

Hina and I went for a light run through the school. Hina and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

G-Sick: Most people consider it a "throwaway watch" due to its poor quality. Still, it enjoys massive popularity thanks to its low price.

: Hehe, how thoughtful! This is why I like you, Makoto!
: Er, I mean--not, like, *like* like! Not *that* kind of like!

Seeing Hina so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: hungry...
: Makoto, help me... I'm huuunnngrryyy...!
: What am I supposed to do?
: I need food... Anything... I don't care if it's a stack of paper... Need fooood...!
: Why don't you just eat some more donuts?

: I can't! That's my secret weapon! For emergencies only! If I kept gorging on something with that many calories, I'd get fat in no time!

So even she cares about that kind of thing. Well, she *is* an athlete...

: Besides, I don't want anything sugary. Right now I want a salty snack...
: Like potato chips?

: Like ramen.
: How is that a snack...?
: Huh? How is it not? Speaking of which... What's your favorite kind of ramen?
: Shoyu, without a doubt.
: Ah, good choice! Definitely the most refreshing option.
: What about you, Hina? You're worried about calories and all, so...

: I'm a porktastic tonkotsu girl through and through!
: Or you don't care about calories at all...
: The key element of any tonkotsu ramen is the butter and the extra fat!
: So you're okay with all that oil...?
: Ugh, talking about it just made me even hungrier! Maybe it's time... Maybe I can make the dining hall...
: Are you sure, though? I mean, a bowl of ramen has way more calories than a donut.

: Who says stuff like that!? Are you a real man or aren't ya!? What, are you afraid? Afraid of ramen!? You're pathetic, Makoto! I'm ashamed to know you!
: A-Are you still Hina...?
: Shut up! Get outta my way! I'm gonna show you what a real man looks like! Or are you gonna stand in my way and suffer the fist-based consequences?
: No...I have no intention of getting in your way...
: Then don't! If I don't do this now, when am I ever gonna get another chance...!? *leaves*

Crying out like a starving raven, Hina ran off at a dangerous clip toward the kitchen.

: When it comes to food, Hina is...terrifying.

I learned my lesson, and made my way back to my room.

: This event unlocks the skill Extraordinary Focus. When equipped, it will increase your Focus Gauge by 2. It's a lesser version of Menacing Focus and can't be equipped at the same time as it.
: The fifth event takes place in the Art Room once more.

> Yes, definitely

Hope's Peak Ring: A school ring emblazoned with the Hope's Peak Academy school crest. It stands as proof of friendship between those who spent their youth together.

: Whoa, what is this!? It's super cute!
: For real? You're sure I can have this!?

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: *Siiigh* ...Ugh...this sucks...

Huh? What happened to her? She seems way more depressed than usual.

: Hey, Hina? What's wrong?

: Oh...well... I tried to convince myself I was imagining it, but I totally wasn't imagining it...
: Imagining what?
: I...I got fat.

I figured...

: I'm so fat! Fat from every angle! I hate this... Hate it! I may as well just accept it and embrace my new big fat fatty attitude... But what if I just keep getting fatter and fatter and it never stops!?
: I just get disgustingly morbidly obese, and then nobody wants to marry me...! Which makes me depressed, and I get even fatter. Eventually I can't even stand up on my own... And then I die, sad and alone. Nobody notices. I finally lose weight when my body starts to rot...
: I-I think maybe you're worrying a little too much... Besides, as far as I can tell, you look exactly the same.
: You're just saying that. I'm a total chub monster! I'm a perfect circle...
: No, seriously. I"m not just saying that.

: Then...I'm still hot?
: W-Well, I mean, uh...yeah...
: Really!? Then I might still make it out alive!?
: Uh, yeah...I'm sure you'll make it out alive.

: Thank god... Seriously, thank GOD!
: But I can't relax now! I'm making an official statement! As of right now, Aoi Asahina is on a diet!
: A diet...?
: Just you watch! I'm gonna get so thin it'll scare the crap outta you!
: W-Well...don't overdo it, okay?

: Don't try and stop me! I've made up my mind, and my willpower is rock hard! And now my resolve is even MORE rock hard!
: But before all that, time to get stuffed on donuts! *leaves*

Almost before she was done talking, Hina took off like a bat out of hell...

: I'm not sure if dieting is really in Hina's skillset...
: This event gives us SP+1.
: The sixth and final event starts off in the Laundry Room.

: Okay! You wanna go for a walk? I don't care where to.
: Although, no matter where we go, we're still stuck in this stupid school...

Hina and I walked aimlessly around the school... Hina and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Flotation Donut: A gigantic donut that doubles as a flotation device. And naturally, you can snack on it while floating out to sea. It comes in a variety of styles.

: What!? I can keep this, right? Right!?
: Yay! Ultra stoked!

Seeing Hina so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: Hey, Makoto? Can I talk to you for a sec?
: What's up?
: I wanted to ask you something...
: Sure, what is it?
: Oh, um... I mean... ...

: C-Can you just come to my room when you get a chance!? Right here is like...!
: ...Huh?
: Okay, see ya later! Better not stand me up! *leaves*

Without bothering to wait for a response, Hina ran off...

: What's going on with her, inviting me to her room like this...? She's acting really strange... ...

Well, I don't have much choice, do I?

I headed to Hina's room like she asked...

: Umm...
: Sorry for making you have to come here...
: Oh, I don't mind. But what's going on?
: I just...wanted to ask you something. Will you promise to give me a real answer?
: S-Sure...

: What do you...think about me?
: Huh?
: I mean a woman.
: What do I think...?

: Wh-What I'm trying to say is...!
: Do I have, you know...womanly charms?
: W-Well, I mean... Wait, where's all this coming from!?
: ...People have always told me how I'm not ladylike... And I mean, I can't really disagree. All I'm good at is sports, exercise, physical stuff... But I think maybe that's just because I've never actually been in love...! Since I've never fallen in love, how can I say I'm a woman? So that's why... Um...

: I want you to be my boyfriend.
: Uh...
: N-No, I mean--! Not like my REAL boyfriend! Just, like, a practice run!
: Practice run...?
: I'm not a woman because I've never been in love, and I can't fall in love cuz I'm not a woman... It's like, a vicious cycle, ya know?

: So my strategy is, I'll do a practice run to draw out my feminine side! That way I'll be in the perfect position to fall in love! So I'm asking you--begging you to help me practice and pretend to be my boyfriend!
: But I mean...seriously?
: You're the only one I can ask, Makoto! I many other guy friends do I have?

: Please! I'm on hands and knees here! It won't even take that long!

Hina seems really serious about this...

: ...Fine... I guess I can help, for a little while.
: You mean it!? Alright!
: So...what am I supposed to do?

: Oh, uh...good question. Ummm... ...
: Well, whatever! Let's just get started!


: Okay, here we go!

: Oh, darling! You're home! Are you ready for dinner? Or should I get a bath going?
: Wait, Hina... That's more like a stereotypical 1950s married couple than anything...
: Oh... Different approach, then?
: W-Well...

: You lied to me! You said you left your wife!
: That's even worse...
: Really...?

: You mean I can't even get a practice run right!? Was that the fatal blow...!?
: Seriously, what am I supposed to do!? Just become that one crazy lady who gives up on love!?
: H-Hold on, let's dial it back... First of all, do you really need to go through all this practice stuff?
: I told you...I'm not "ladylike"...
: Even if that's true, I'd say that's just part of your charm.
: Huh...?
: If you push it and get all nervous, that's totally not you, right? Personally, I think you're fine just the way you are. Because, I mean, that's who you *are*.

: Makoto...
: And falling in love is supposed to be fun, right? If you stress out about it, where's the fun in that? I mean, not that I know anything about love, either. So maybe that doesn't mean anything...
: No, it does... If it's you saying it, it *does* mean something... Maybe you're right. I shouldn't push it. I should just be me.

: I just have to wait until I meet the right person. Like Jason Statham.

You have very...specific taste. I think you'll be waiting a while on that one...

: Anyway, thanks Makoto! You've definitely helped lift that weight off my chest! And on top of that...I kinda had fun practicing with you. I might ask you to help me again someday!
: N-No, I think that's enough practice for me...
: Oh, really?
: Then...if it wasn't practice...?
: Huh?

: Kidding! I'm just jerkin' ya around!

A joke, huh?

Well, joke or not...I definitely feel like I've gotten a lot closer to Hina. After going through all this with her, I think I understand her a lot better. I think we've finally become friends in the truest sense of the word.

: So? What's your type, huh? What kinda girls are you into!?
: ...Huh? D-Don't worry about it!
: Awww, come on! Don't get embarrassed! Hahahaha!

: This final event gives us the skill Ambidextrousness. When equipped, you will lock on to two statements at once in Bullet Time Battles. It's useful if you're not very good at BTB. I wouldn't have minded having it for the main LP!
: It also gives us a star on our Report Card and unlocks a bronze Playstation trophy titled Mystic Donut.

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