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Part 165: Free Time Roundup #15

School Mode Free Time Roundup #15: Genocide Jill

: It's the final Free Time Roundup today. Believe it or not, Genocide Jill has her own set of events. She has three of them and they're only accessible once you've seen all of Toko's events. She also has very peculiar taste in presents, though if you've been paying attention to her character you should probably be able to figure out the sorts of things she likes.

> Spend time together

: You want me to kill ya or somethin'?
: You're not even CLOSE to getting me heated up!

The time I spent with the murderous fiend was almost...valuable. Did I just get a little Genocide Jack?

> Yes, definitely

Hand Bra: A bra designed to slip over your hands. Its slogan? "Raise your hands, raise your spirits!"

: A present out of nowhere...? Ahhhh~! I'm gettin' all flustered!

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: Hey, Mahkyutie! Listen up!

Mahkyutie? Is that me...?

: Something's building up, ya know!? Stress, mainly...!

: It's cuz I haven't gotten to kill anyone lately! So it's building up! It's packed in there tight!
: ...So...why do you...?
: Yes?
: Why do you...kill people? You should really stop. I mean, it's just meaningless bloodshed, isn't it?

: Meaningless...?
: I know that, stupid! I don't kill because it has meaning!
: Then...why...?
: Let me ask YOU something, Mr. Smartypants! Why does a soccer player kick stuff!? Why does a bookstore manager sell books!?

: You'd never ask them that, right? It's exactly the same with me!
: Th-That's not the same at all! It's totally different!
: Hmm... You got balls, trying to lecture the mighty morphin' murderous fiend... Well, here's my response.
: It's easier to kill than to try not to!
: Kyeehahaha!

I don't know why I even bothered trying to understand Genocide Jack...

: Kyeehahaha!
: This event unlocks the skill Trigger Happy. Yes, even Jill has stuff for you to unlock. This skill decreases the time delay on firing another Truth Bullet after you've already fired one. It's not particularly useful because when you fire Truth Bullets, you don't usually miss what you're aiming at.
: The second event takes place in the Physics Lab.

: Huh? Hey, if you don't mind hanging out with a serial killer, I don't mind hanging out with a chump!

Genocide Jack and I, um...killed some time together... Did I just get a little Genocide Jack?

> Yes, definitely

Cat-Dog Magazine: You might think it has to do with pets, but it's more related to...beds. It's a guide for junior high and high school students to help with health.

: A present out of nowhere...? Ahhhh~! I'm gettin' all flustered!

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: Hey, Mackie Chan! What should we talk about today!?

I guess I'm Mackie Chan now?

: What's wrong!? You don't wanna talk to me!?
: Actually, I did want to ask you something... When did you appear--or when were you born--or when did you--?
: Huh? The hell are you tryin' to say!?
: How did you end up with a split personality?

: Who knows? I don't remember the how or why of it! Not everything's got a big dramatic backstory to it! Maybe it was just a coincidence or bad timing or some other nonsense!
: Just coincidence? Could that really be all...?
: Maybe living in a repressed modern society caused an unexpected reaction to bubble up. And maybe that reaction just so happened to be me!
: And since it was a reaction to that repressed society, my personality became the total opposite of that! The other "me" is a total downer, right? So that would make me...

: Well, what do you think? Quiz time! Hope you've been brushing up on your Japanese!
: Kyeeehahaha! Did the boot heel of passion just kick down the back door to your brain!?

The total opposite of a downer... I guess it would have to be...

> Genki

: It's genki, right?

: Ding ding ding! As a response to that emotional black hole, an energetic supernova was born! She just wants to read her stuffy classics all day but give me a good erotic thriller and I'm set!
: Anyway, we're not all that special. Anyone could have that kind of weird reaction, ya know? I mean hell, the human mind itself is basically its own split personality!
: Wait, no, that's--
: No, it's true! Why else would headlines be filled with stories of murder, theft, fraud, all that crap! To turn away from that truth is to turn the aggressor into the victim!

: So why do it!? Embrace it, and indulge your consciousness the way you've always wanted to! I'm not as twisted as you might think! You and me both gaze at the same horizon, don't we?

This whole thing is a mess... It doesn't make any kind of sense at all. But it's my own fault for thinking I could ever understand...whatever this is.

: You seem to be totally lacking genki, so let me give some words of wisdom to lift your spirits!

: Even a monkey can fall out of a tree, hit his head, slip into a coma, and die!
: Kyeeehahaha!

: ...
: This event gives us SP+1.
: The third and final event takes place in the Art Room.

> Yes, definitely

Kokeshi Dynamo: Flip the switch on the bottom to set the doll shaking. Apparently it's a kid's toy, but I don't really get the point of it...

: It's, uh...not a kid's toy... Give this present to anyone else and they will hate you for it. Give it to Jill...well...

: Oh my! It's so wonderful...! Can I lick it!?
: When you get something this nice, don't you just love to lick it!? Or is that just me...?

Seeing Genocide Jack so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy! ...I guess.

: Gross.

: Macoco Chanel! This is the last time you'll get a chance to part with yours truly! So if there's anything you've been waiting to blow me away with, better pull the trigger right now!
: Kyeeehahaha!
: That's a very kind offer, but...nothing comes to mind.

: Really? Nothin' at all? Then just sit back and enjoy!
: I'm gonna confess my feelings to you! My feelings for Master!
: Do I really have to be here for this...?

: To be honest, this is the first time I've ever had feelings for someone, but not wanted to kill them...
: Up until now, whenever I fell for a boy, that boy fell for my scissors!
: My first love? Chased him all the way to Shikoku to kill him! But Master's something special. It's not about killing or not killing. It's not that physical connection... My feelings are totally pure this time! Yeah! It's pure love!

I'm not sure I'm convinced...

: Ungyahah! My chest is all tight and tingly! I've seriously never felt this way before! I wouldn't even mind not killing any other boys, if it meant I could be with him!
: Wait...really?
: Of course! It would be unbelievably rude to cheat on Master like that!
: I-In that case, you have my full support!
: Huh? Seriously!? Are you gonna become our Cupid!?
: If it means you'll stop freaking killing people, I'll do whatever it takes!
: My little Macarena... I seriously misjudged you! You're actually a really good guy.
: But if we're gonna work together on this, we gotta wait till things here calm down... So until then, don't--

: Kill anyone! Yeah, yeah, I know!
: But in exchange, I'll be counting on you when we get out of here! Let's do this! HOO-AH!
: Sounds good...

It kinda sucks for Byakuya, but I'm glad I was able to understand Genocide Jack a little better. Not that I could ever call her a friend, of course...

: Kyeeehahaha!

I mean, she's a literal serial killer.

: This final event gives us one last SP+1.

: It also finally gives us the star on Toko's Report card, as well as unlocks a bronze Playstation trophy titled "Strangers in a Brain". Completing everyone's Report Card gives you a gold Playstation trophy titled "Mr. Know-It-All".

Genocide Jill's Character Art


: With that, everyone's Free Time Events have been finished. All I have left is an Extra Content update to show next time. The LP's almost finished now!