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Part 166: Ultimate Extra Content

Ultimate Extra Content

: As I've worked on the LP, I've collected a variety of things related to the game that wouldn't necessarily fit into the Main LP proper. As such, in this update I'd like to go over a variety of things like art, early content, and unused material. Without further ado, let's begin.

Extra Character Art

: This is the Character Art for the characters who don't have Free Times of their own for me to tack them on to.

Makoto Naegi's Character Art

Monokuma's Character Art

Junko Enoshima's real Character Art

Mukuro Ikusaba's Character Art

Shikiba Santa's Character Art

: If you have no clue who this guy is, he was the Ultimate Botanist mentioned by Monokuma back in Chapter 5. Apparently, he is dead. I don't know why he has a portrait when he never shows up in the game he is!

Makoto's Wrong Answer Portrait

: Makoto has a portrait that I never showed off in the main game. It only appears when you answer a question incorrectly and never any other time. Play the game perfectly and you'll never see it.

Byakuya Without Glasses

: Byakuya has four portraits without glasses and I have no clue where they show up. At first I guessed they were part of the School Mode but given that they show up in the PSP version's files, which did not include School Mode, I realized that had to be wrong. I still have no clue where they show up but here they are!

The PSP Demo

: There was a demo for this game on the PSP. It allowed you to play a modified version of Chapter 1 and its Trial. However, there was one big difference...

: You're seeing that right. In the demo, Yasuhiro Hagakure was the first victim. You see, to keep the final game unspoiled, Spike Chunsoft created a semi-unique murder and Trial for the demo. Among other things, this means Sayaka and Mukuro (as Junko) are both alive during Trial 1. There's also a death stand for Hiro that obviously goes unused in the final game.

: There are a number of unique voice lines to account for both of them being alive. The trial also follows an altered progression since there are only 5 Truth Bullets. The concepts of White Noise and multiple bullets in the Truth Cylinder are introduced in the second Argument, Leon initiates Bullet Time Battle against Makoto for stuttering too much when being accused, instead of Makoto accusing Leon of murder like in the final game, and before the trial can ramp up towards figuring out who the actual murderer is, the demo ends.
: It's also obvious that the demo is using a few non-final assets, as a couple of Makoto's portraits differ from the ones used in the final game.
: More than anything else, I find it pretty funny that the guy who died first in the demo is one of the only survivors of the final game. I'm half-tempted to believe his continued survival despite being framed multiple times was a big joke on the part of the developers as they attempted to subvert the expectations of people who played the demo as they played the full game. I wouldn't put it past these developers.

Die Kazuo Matsuzaki Die

: Back at the end of Trial 1, I found a video of Spike Chunsoft's original video presentation for this game, back when they were trying to get it greenlit. At the time I assumed it was beta material but I was corrected. Here's my post on the topic, followed by orenronen's response.

FPzero posted:

I stumbled across this video the other day showing what appears to be Leon's beta execution. It's fundamentally the same but the character designs for everyone are VERY different. It has a much more "Persona" art style too. They all appear to have different names, like Leon is named Kazuo Matsuzaki. If nothing else, it's interesting to take a look at and try and guess who's who. Funny enough, I think Sayaka's character is shown in the scene where it zooms on all the reactions but I didn't notice a Kyoko, just someone who looks way more like Junko.

Die Kazuo Matsuzaki Die

Comparing the two executions, look at the ending silhouettes:


You can see another silhouette down in the lower right of the beta video, making 13 students standing there at the end. Does this mean originally 3 people weren't going to die in Chapter 1? I have no idea. Neat video though.

orenronen posted:

This video is much too early to be called a "beta" - it was part of a video presentation writer Kodaka and artist Komatsuzaki prepared to get the project greenlit by Spike management. As such, it was one of the very first things done for the game, back when they haven't yet settled on an atmosphere and style, and they ended up just reusing it verbatim for the final game to save costs.

Toko's Group Photo

: In Danganronpa: The Animation, Toko actually receives a Group Photo during Chapter 6's investigation. Because the animation had to compress so many details to save time, Monokuma actually visits each student individually during the investigation to hand them their photos. In the game, we can assume Toko might have been passed out in the Bio Lab when Monokuma made his announcement to come to the gym for a hint, which explains why she didn't have one. Here's the photo she received:

: And yes, Junko's face is hidden.

Discussion -Mix- (Edge Version)

: There's an audio track used during the Class Trials that I never linked to.

: This track probably plays during some of the Arguments in the game sounds identical to the track "Argument [Break]" for the first minute and a half before transitioning into a slightly different version of "Argument [Turn Up The Heat]", then moving on to its own thing. Since my Argument sections rarely last longer than a minute, I don't think I ever left them running long enough to say for certain if and when this track shows up. So here it is as an extra.

Chapter End Presents

: If you'll remember, we received a present after each Chapter ended that had to do with the events of the Chapter. Here's all the presents and their descriptions.

Gallery Images

: There's a lot of art in the unlockable Art Gallery. It includes various images from the game's marketing, early concept art and more. Here's a selection of the images you can find there, presented a little bigger than usual for clarity's sake.

: There's a bunch of mostly finalized character design documents here. It's neat seeing the artwork and if I could read the Japanese written on them I'm sure there'd be some interesting little tidbits about each character's design.

: This one's called "Promo Art" and I stitched it together to get a nice big view of it. I assume it's the sort of artwork that would've been used in magazine ads, posters, etc.

: The little pixel art characters used on each dorm room.

: There's a series of special drawings for each of the executions. This one's Leon's.

: Pancake time!

: I wouldn't trust these firefighters.

: Poor Alter Ego.

: The Alter Lump leftover at the end.

: Since both Kyoko and Makoto use the same execution, it makes sense that the assets match up.

: She's just so into it.

: I think these were both older concept images back when Spike Chunsoft was still figuring out how the game would play out but after the project was greenlit. I forget where I heard it, but I heard the reason Sayaka and Leon died first in the final game was because they were used in all the preview materials over and over and the devs were tired of them.

: Closeup of Mondo Butter.

: Hifumi's favorite princess.

: Sakura had a number of early concepts. This was one of them. Can't say I'm a real fan of the hair design but I will give the devs props for having a black character in mind.

: I just found this gangsta Monokuma to be funny. No clue who or what Nob-Yo is.

: This is a really creepy early design for Monokuma. VERY happy they didn't go with this one.

: I love this.

: These both are listed as Cover Art. Maybe they were used as boxart?
: There's a number of other images in the gallery, including a fair number of Sayaka/Kyoko pieces, but these are the ones I found most interesting.

Young Sakura

: Did you know that Sakura wasn't always gigantic and musclebound?

: This official art comes from what I believe was an artbook for the game and shows what Sakura looked like before she became the Ultimate Martial Artist. It can actually be seen as part of another image in the game's Image Gallery but this is a better close-up.

The 78th Class Photo

: This piece of art is found in the Gallery as well but I decided to list it separately.

: Notably, Junko's face is not hidden, Celeste's drills aren't on, and Toko's not wearing her glasses. Unsurprisingly, Byakuya is still grumpy. I like this image because you can see that the friendships that developed over the course of the game are the same ones that existed before The Tragedy occurred and everyone's memories were wiped.

Yasuhiro's Predictions

: During the main game, Hiro makes two big predictions using his powers of clairvoyance and they both turn out to be true hours later.

1. Sharing the same mother

: During Hiro's first Free Time Event, he says the following:


: Okay, fine! I'll give you a special trial run! After all, I've already seen what the future has in store for you!
: What!? When did you see it!?
: Heh heh heh. You won't believe what I saw... It would appear that the mother of your children, and the mother of *my* children, are the same woman!
: I refuse! Denied! Don't like it!
: Doesn't matter if you don't like it! That's just the way it is.
: Well, if you get the bad ending in Chapter 5, this scene occurs:


: And presto, Hiro's prediction came true. Hina turned out to be the mother of both Makoto and Hiro's children. (And Byakuya's too)
: What a weird game.

2. No more murders - Chapter 4

: At the start of Chapter 4, Hiro says this:


: Like when we're gonna get outta here, right? When this is all over...I think I wanna get reborn for serious. Er--I mean, reborn AS someone serious...
: Hey, are you okay? That sounds like something someone who's about to die would say...
: I'm totally okay! I'm not gonna die! Why? Cuz there aren't gonna be any more murders!
: Huh? What makes you so sure...?
: I predicted it last night! Since it revealed itself to me from the ether, there's no doubt about it!
: Well, if you think about who dies after Chapter 4 starts, you have Sakura, Alter Ego, Mukuro, and Junko. Except...

-Sakura's death was a suicide.
-Alter Ego was a computer program, but even then was executed, not murdered.
-Mukuro actually died back in Chapter 1
-Junko executes herself

: Ergo, no one who dies after the start of Chapter 4 was murdered. Hiro's prediction comes true again.

The Ultimate Bug?

: See something wrong with this picture?

: For whatever reason, during the Epilogue (and I presume Trial 6 after he becomes the Ultimate Hope, but I'm not replaying to check), Makoto's Ultimate ability on his Report Card is not "Ultimate Hope" like it should be. Instead, it's "Ultimate Despair." I don't know if this is a bug or a mistranslation, or if it affects the Japanese versions of the game too, but apparently it has lead to a number of theories... Spooky...

Exit Button Cutscene

: I was trying to get this present over the course of the LP without realizing you need to beat the game first before you have the chance of receiving it. Once you've beaten the game, you can occasionally get the Escape Button from the MonoMono Machine. Collecting this present unlocks a super secret bonus ending only accessible through the Movie Gallery. I think it also plays at the end of School Mode if you build all of Monokuma's backups and do everyone's Free Times.

Click here for the secret (non-canon) ending?

: If only this were the real ending...

Boring Statistics

: Because I'm a nerd and I like numbers, I had some stats about this LP to share:

167 Text Updates
~2,867,000 Characters Typed/Pasted
192 Videos Captured
292 Gigabytes of Video Footage
53 Hours of Video Footage
78 Videos Uploaded to Youtube
13,018 Screenshots Taken, about 50% of them used in final updates
413 64x64 px Talking Head Portraits
96 Different Music Tracks and Audio Clips uploaded to Tindeck/Clyp
315 Gigabytes total for the whole LP

: This was one hell of an LP endeavor, but I enjoyed it. I'll also enjoy freeing up those 292 GB now that it's over.

Selected Fanart

: Lastly, in searching for the sprites and resources to make this LP I found plenty of fanart. I saved a bunch to show off here at the end of the LP, so here's a small selection of fanart.

(Artist Link)
: I like the idea that the whole Killing Game is just a stage play and all the characters are just acting out their parts. I know there was an actual Danganronpa stage play in Japan, but I like this take on it too. I don't know what the text at the top reads, but if anyone can translate I'll add it here before the LP goes to the archive.

(Artist Link)
: When you've cordoned off yourself in the control room for days on end, yeah, your room might get a little bit messy. I liked this take on how Junko spends her time in the Data Center. See how many little details you can find!

(Artist Link)
: Just another image of almost the whole cast. The only characters missing are Junko and Leon, since you can guess that Chihiro is the one holding Mondo in the window.

(Artist's Profile)
: I linked this one in a non-update post in Chapter 3 after the bathhouse scene occurred. I just thought it was funny someone made an image of the guys taking a bath to counter the one of the girls ingame. Even funnier to me is Byakuya slipping on the soap and flying off into space in the background.

: Sometimes, this is what you wish Makoto would've said.

(Artist's Profile)
: There's a lot of fanart of Mondo, Taka and Chihiro, since the three of them kinda made up a trio of friends ingame.

(Artist Link)
: I just really liked the art style of this one. Even though it's black and white, you can tell the focus all thanks to the shading emphasis.

(Artist Link)
: I'd like to think that if they made it out of the school alive, this is totally something Mondo would have coerced Taka into doing with him. Hell, he made the same offer to Makoto in Free Times.

: I don't know why this one makes me laugh but it does. I liked it enough to grab Mondo's face here for the avatar on my Youtube account.

(Artist Link)
: Why, yes, Mondo, Taka and Chihiro ARE my favorite characters in the game, why do you ask? What tipped you off?


: There are surely many other things I could show off here like more minor details, supplemental artbook material, or cut content, but I think this is the more important stuff. Hopefully you found some of this interesting.
: Please stay tuned. I have one more special update to make before it's all over.