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Part 17: Chapter 1 Deadly Life, Part 2

For who knows how long...nobody said a word. The fact that Sayaka and Junko were dead was a huge shock, of course. But there was more to it than that. It was also the idea that one of us had actually murdered someone...and that if we didn't find out who it was, we would all die here.

We'd found ourselves in a situation where we couldn't help but look at each other with open suspicion. It was the worst situation imaginable. And yet, even in such a perversly terrible situation...she didn't show the slightest hint that it had gotten to her.

: Now's no time to wallow in your depression. The worst thing we can do right now is lose all faith in each other. That would lead to the same disastrous result as having *total* faith in everyone else.
: Huh...?
: Cooperation is absolutely key at this point. Who you decide to trust or not trust is, of course, up to you.

: Continuing to think about and talk about the deceased certainly isn't going to help anything.
: S-Saying stuff like that is just--!
: How many times have I told you? Anyone who can't adapt...will die. Death is the only thing awaiting those who are unable or unwilling to adapt.
: If that happens, you only have yourself to blame.

: What an awful thing to say! Especially after what's happened!
: Right now, exposing the killer is the most important thing. Because if we don't, we're all going to die here.
: ...She's right. We need to begin our search right away.

: Either way, we can't run away from the situation, so we have no choice but to move forward.
: We just hafta do it, I guess. What other choice do we have?
: No way in hell am I letting someone kill me...! Alright, dammit! Let's do this!

We just have to do it... Everyone kept repeating that sentiment. They were using it like a mantra to give themselves strength. But they're right. We just have to do this. No matter how much we don't want to, we have no choice. If that's what it takes to survive, then that's what we have to do!

On top of that, there was something I needed to find out... I had to know why Sayaka had to die. Why she had to be the one... I'm terrified to find out, but still...I have to know. Otherwise, I knew I'd never be able to accept her death. Which is why...I don't have any choice! I have to do this!

I gently placed my hand on Junko's lifeless body... I touched her wrists to check for a pulse, like they do in movies and stuff, but...

: ...She...really is dead.

There wasn't anything else to say. She was gone...

: I don't know why you even bothered to check. After those injuries, and losing that much blood... Frankly, I'd be shocked if she *did* survive something like that.
: H-Huh...? H-Hold on...

: H-H-H-Hold o-on! J-J-Just w-wait a second! Sh-She's...dead!? Then that means...!
: That means everything that's happened so far is real!? It's not a joke or whatever!? It's really real!?

: Hell no! S-Someone save me! Let me outta here! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!
: You're j-just now accepting that...?

: Before we start searching for Sayaka's killer, we need to decide what to do about securing the crime scene.
: What do you mean...?
: You're thinking of putting someone on guard duty so nobody can disturb the area, aren't you? After all, if the culprit decides to destroy the evidence, we're pretty much screwed.

: In that case, I don't mind doing it. I don't like havin' to think, anyway. I'll let you guys figure out who killed that chick.
: Okay, then we can let Mondo look after the scene.

: Well, no...we can't just leave him there alone.
: What? Why the hell not!?
: Isn't it obvious? If you were the culprit, what's the first thing you would do? By volunteering for guard duty, you're in a position to destroy all the evidence you want.
: Wh--!? Fuck you!

: Fine, then I'll stay there on guard duty as well. That way there's no problem.
: 2-player co-op base defense with the two of them... With their stats, they're totally OP!
: Since we won't be able to help investigate, we're putting out faith in the rest of you.
: I'm still pretty freaked out, but...I'll try.

: Hmm?
: Heh you finally noticed.
: Huh? Noticed what?
: I was looking through the Monokuma File we received. And I noticed something very obvious, and very unusual.

: Huh? What are you talking about...?
: Go ahead, take a look. Notice anything interesting about where Sayaka died? She died in Makoto's dorm.
: Wh--? She's right!

: Then, could it be...!?

All at once, everyone's gaze turned to me.

: H-Hold on a second! You've got it all wrong! F-For just one night, I...I traded rooms with her. I did it because...she was afraid.

: Y-You expect us to b-believe that? Just tell us the t-truth!

The look in everyone's eyes had done a complete 180 from just a few minutes earlier. The feeling of suspicion and fear had returned. In other words... Y-You think *I* did it!?

: Are we all done talking? We need to begin our investigation soon. At this point, we should split up. We need to get to the bottom of this and find out who killed Sayaka. We'll have to collect clues to form a foundation, then construct an argument to come to a final decision. If we get this wrong...
: Well, do I really have to say any more?
: I'd rather you didn't, no...

: Everyone pray for good luck. *leaves*

With that, Kyoko hurried out of the gym.

: I'll be going, too. *leaves*

And just like Kyoko, he was gone before we realized it...

: Oh yeah, I'm on guard duty, huh? I'd better head to the scene of the crime!
: Ah, that's right.

: ...Lemme just say this right now! If whatever son of a bitch did this is here right now, and they're thinking of destroying that evidence...
: They'd better not let me find 'em! I'll skip the trial and cave their goddamn skull in myself! I'm serious! I will fuck them up!

Letting his deadly words hang in the air, he and Sakura ran off.

: But...I mean, we're not detectives or anything y'know? And we're gonna investigate a murder? How do we even do something like that?
: We don't r-really have to do anything in p-particular. W-We already know who k-killed Sayaka...
: What are you implying...?
: It was y-you.
: I'm telling you, it wasn't me!

: D-Don't come any c-closer! Are you g-gonna kill me next!?
: W-Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. It's not for sure Makoto's guilty yet.
: That's true. We may as well at least check just to check.
: Even if I w-wanted to, I c-couldn't help inv-vestigate...

: Wait, why not?
: I'm not g-good with...b-b-blood. All it takes is o-one glimpse and I b-black out.

: Well, whatever. I don't think anyone was expecting much from you, anyway. Alright, I guess I better get going. *leaves*

: W-Wait, don't go yet! You have to hear me out!

But it was pointless. Everyone had already left. And their parting looks at me had still been filled with suspicion...

: ...

Does everyone really think I'm the killer? How did it turn out like this? Seriously, they've got it all wrong...

: Why do they have to suspect me!?

I have to do something... Otherwise, everyone will...

: Execution is...execution. Ex-e-cution! Electric chair, bzzt bzzt! Poison gas, cough cough! Torn apart like a paper place in a hurricane!

I can't let that happen... I can't let things turn out the way Monokuma wants! All I have to do is find out who really did it... Who really killed Sayaka..!

(This is one of my favorite tracks in the game.)

: Welcome to the Investigation! We must now explore the crime scene and the school finding clues called Truth Bullets that we can use as evidence to prove our innocence and figure out who is guilty. The trial will not begin until we have found all the Truth Bullets so there's no worry of entering a trial unprepared. Inspect everything you think is relevant to the murder and you'll find the Truth Bullets with little trouble. Let's begin with the first Truth Bullet before I end the update.

I guess I should look through the Monokuma File we got before...

"The victim was Sayaka Maizono. The time of death is estimated to be around 1:30 a.m. The body was discovered in Makoto's room, in the dormitory. All evidence suggests that the death took place in the bathroom. The cause of death was a stab wound to the abdomen. There was also an injury to her right wrist. Specifically, the wrist appears to have suffered a fracture."

We have no choice by to push forward if we want to find out what happened...

: Somehow, I have to find out the truth. So that we can all survive... And for Sayaka... I have to find out how she was killed!

: Now that the Truth Bullet has been obtained, we can review it at any time during this investigation.
: Next time, the investigation begins in earnest.