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Part 21: Trial 1, Part 1

: A couple of notes about the trials. I highly recommend watching the videos for the trial updates. Trials are fully voice-acted and will look much better in motion than they will in screenshot format, plus you will get to see the full depth of the minigames this way since I will only be taking a few screen shots of each of them. Each trial update video will cover the whole update from start to finish.
: Additionally, in the videos, I will be skipping the tutorial text explaining the various minigames but I will write it out for the screenshot version of each update.

Click here to watch this update's video.

: Let's begin with a basic explanation of the class trial! So, your votes will determine the results. If you can figure out "whodunnit" then only they will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong one... then I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and the one that deceived everyone else will graduate!

: And the killer really is one of us, right?
: Of course!

: Okay then...everyone close your eyes, and whoever did it, raise your hand!
: Don't be a goddamn idiot. Why the hell would they raise their hand?
: Before we move on and start the trial, can I ask a question real quick?

: What's going on with...those pictures?
: I'd feel awful if they got left out just because they died. Friendship penetrates even death's barrier!
: Friendship...penetrates?

: Okay, but what about that other empty seat?

: There were only fifteen of us to begin with, so why are there sixteen seats?
: Oh, no reason. It's just that out little courtroom here can technically fit up to sixteen people.
: Okay, that about does it for the preamble. Get ready to get started!
: First up is the case summary. Now, let the class trial...begin!

It's about to begin--the debate to decide who we think the killer is... Anything I found, anything I noticed... I have to be ready to speak up about everything. Because this isn't just about me. Everyone's lives are on the line!

: As things progress during each class trial, you will engage in a number of Nonstop Debates. During these discussions, characters will speak one after another, without pause. It's up to you to unearth any lies or contradictions buried within their statements. What this means is that you'll have to use your Truth Bullets to refute what they say. Any relevant Truth Bullets you've found during your investigation will be loaded into the Truth Cylinder. Pay close attention to each character's statements, and use your Truth Bullets to blast the right ones. Note that if you run out of time, you will automatically fail, so please be careful! Well then...good luck, and have fun!
: Nonstop Debates are the real meat of the trial. They're pretty fun to play especially as they get harder throughout the game. All you need to do is aim and shoot the correct truth bullet at the orange highlighted weak point to end the debate and move on. At any time while the others are talking, we can pause and review truth bullets from our e-Handbook. For this first debate I'll provide pictures of each person saying a line so you can get a feel for what the debate looks like, but after this one I will only show the debate transcript and me refuting the weak point.

: This is our Truth Cylinder. It shows us what relevant Truth Bullets we can use in this specific debate. First one's pretty easy.

: I assert that the one who was murdered was Miss Sayaka Maizono!
: ...Yeah, we know that part already.
: And the murder took place in Makoto's room.
: In the bathroom...
: So it seems most likely that...
: The killer must have taken her by surprise while she was in the bathroom.
: She didn't even have a chance to resist...
: For this first debate, we'd like to take a quick sidebar. If you're unable to spot and refute someone's lies or contradictions, the argument will repeat. Within a group of statements, some words appear in a different color [bolded terms for this LP's purpose]. Did you happen to notice? That represents a potential hole in a person's statement--a possible weak spot. These weak spots reveal important--though not always inaccurate--sections of a person's statement. Your Truth Bullets are only effective against these weak spots. So when you see one come up, take aim and fire--but only if you're sure it's actually wrong!

Huh? Something's off about what was just said... Because if Sayaka hadn't resisted at all, there's no explanation for what happened to my room...

: The room was a big mess when we got there; there was definitely some kind of struggle.

> Shoot "Evidence of a Struggle" with "didn't even have a chance to resist"

: No, that's wrong!
: With that, the debate ends and returns us back to the courtroom chatter.

: Just a second, Chihiro. Try to remember how my room looked...

: With the way things had been damaged, I think we can definitely assume there was a struggle.

: A struggle? Between who...and who?
: Between Sayaka and the killer, of course.
: So you're saying...Sayaka wasn't caught by surprise in the bathroom?

: She must have been attacked in the main room first, then she ran to the bathroom to try and hide. The killer followed her in, and that's where they finished the job...
: That much should have been obvious after taking one look at the scene. It shouldn't even need explaining.
: S-Sorry...

: Okay, so what's next?
: Next is the subject of the murder weapon.
: Wow...this is starting to sound like a real trial!

We need to determine what was used to kill Sayaka!

: So what was used to kill her?
: There was some kind of sharp object thrust into her stomach...
: Without a doubt, that is the murder weapon!
: So the killer used some random knife they had on 'em... How could anyone do something like that? That son of a bitch!

Because the object that was thrust into Sayaka's stomach... It was almost certainly the knife that disappeared from a certain location...

: It wasn't just any random knife, there was a specific one missing...

> Shoot "some random knife" with "Kitchen Knife Set"

: No. I do think it was a knife--but not just any knife. I'm almost positive is was a kitchen knife.
: Huh? A kitchen knife?
: After the murder, we discovered that one of the knives from the kitchen was missing.
: Which means that knife must be the murder weapon.

: Ohh...yeah, I guess that makes sense. You could sorta see the weapon stickin' out of her stomach... And if you look real close, I could totally see that being a kitchen knife.
: Okay, so the murder weapon was a kitchen knife. But where does that get us?

: I mean, we all know Makoto killed her, right!?
: That's r-right... Makoto's room was the s-scene of the crime. What more proof do you n-need?

: H-Hold on a second! I'm--!

: Let's draw our conclusions *after* we've presented our arguments. Otherwise, what's the point of the trial?
: Well we can talk all we want, it's not gonna change *that* conclusion.
: I don't think that's true at all. I'm sure if we keep at it, something new will reveal itself.

: You really believe that?
: ...

She's right. There's gotta be a breakthrough somewhere just waiting for us to find it. Because I know damn well I'm not the killer!

: You can concentrate by holding down the R button. While you're concentrating, time will slow down so you can pay closer attention to what everyone's saying. On top of that, it'll steady your aim making it easier to target potential weak spots. Concentrating like this consumes the Focus Gauge, and if this gauge empties, you can't concentrate. But the Focus Gauge will recover over time. So let your brain take a rest. No need to rush!
: Concentration is an extremely useful ability especially as the game progresses. We don't actually see it for this entire trial because this trial doesn't really demand it but later on when other mechanics get introduced it can be a big help and I'm sure I'll make liberal use of it. The Focus Gauge is represented by the Star meter we have in the upper right of the debate screen. The 5 stars will deplete quickly when concentrating, giving you just a few seconds of slowed time.

: So I guess there's no question that the kitchen knife was the murder weapon.
: But where does that get us?
: M-Makoto must have taken it f-from the kitchen, right?
: He did it in secret, when nobody was in the d-dining hall... And then he w-went and stabbed S-Sayaka with it!
: So he really did do it!
: Mm, mm, yes. Then it's been decided...
: We've reached the end!

Some way to prove I didn't take the knife. The person who was in the dining hall last night should be able to do it...

: Hina told us that she was in the dining hall when the knife disappeared.

> Shoot "when nobody was in the d-dining hall" with "Aoi's Account"

: Okay, wait, hold on. I didn't take the knife from the kitchen.

: Next you're g-gonna say you're not the k-killer, right? Go ahead and say it all y-you want...!

: Well, what if I have a witness? What do you think, Hina?
: ...Huh?
: Remember what you were telling me earlier?

: Well, I went to go get some tea from the kitchen last night, and all the knives were still there. But when I finished my tea and went back into the kitchen to wash my of the knives was gone.
: So you're saying the knife disappeared while you were drinking your tea in the dining hall?
: Yeah...

: Just to be perfectly clear, the knife disappeared while you were in the dining hall, correct?
: Y-Yeah, that's right...
: And at any point while you were there, did you ever see me come into the dining hall?

:, I don't think so...
: You don't "think" so?

: ...No, he definitely wasn't there!
: The knife disappeared while Hina was in the dining hall. But I wasn't there the entire time.

: In other words, there's no way I could have taken the knife!

: Okay, th-then what about this...? What if the i-idiot swimmer girl and M-Makoto are in on it together, a-and lying to protect each other?

: Idiot swimmer girl!?
: Oh and more importantly, why would I get involved in something like that!?

: Speaking of which, I'd like to ask the bear...if there *is* an accomplice, do they also become "blackened"?
: So you ask, and so I shall answer! Each murder is allowed to have an accomplice, but only the one who does the killing will get to graduate.
: So in other words, two people can work together, but one of them has no chance of profiting from it...

: Then there's no way anyone would work together, right...?
: But...what if they *did* work together, and they just didn't know about the rule?

: Uggh, good grief! Enough already! No, okay!? There are no accomplices in this case! ...Oops! Did I say that out loud...?

: Anyway, I didn't go to the dining hall, and I didn't take the knife.
: So I'm not the killer!
: Okay, so then...who *did* take the knife?

: Hina seems the obvious candidate. After all, she just said she was in the dining hall...

: N-No way! I swear it wasn't me!
: Sure, but can you or anyone else prove that?

: I can.
: That's right! Sakura was with me the entire time I was drinking my tea...
: Uhh...I hate to have to ask, but just to be sure, Sakura's...
: Me.

: ...Right.

: But then...couldn't either one of them have grabbed the knife?
: Actually, no.
: Just spit it out already!

: I stayed in Hina's room last night.
: I got so scared thanks to those creepy videos. I wasn't really thinking, I just asked her to stay over. Which means we have airtight alibis!
: You s-stayed over...? Doesn't that v-violate one of the school r-regulations?

: We're not allowed to sleep anywhere but the dorms, but it doesn't say we have to stay in our assigned room. So, I don't think that's a problem.

: It IS a problem! A boy and girl spending the night together!? It''s...unwholesome!
: But...I'm a girl.

: Wh--!? You are!? Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!

: But if it wasn't either of you, then what other possibility is there?
: Actually, there *is* one other possibility. Right, Hina?
: Oh yeah, that's true! One other person did come to the dining hall while we were there.

: Why didn't you say so in the first place?
: Well, because...they're not here anymore.

Someone who's not here? Are you talking about...?

: Sayaka. She's the one who came to the dining hall. And then later...she wound up dead...


Okay, so the person who took the knife from the kitchen was...

: Occasionally, you must answer some multiple choice questions. They're usually easy and pose little problem answering.

> Sayaka

: Then...Sayaka is the one who took the knife?
: That's the only possibility. And thinking back on it, she was acting kind of unusual... When she came into the dining hall, she didn't even look at us. She just went straight to the kitchen. As she left, she said she just wanted a drink of water. But most likely...

: Then the person who took the knife was the victim herself!
: I'm sure... I'm sure she just took it for self-defense...

: So you're saying the knife she took...was then taken from her, and she was killed with it?

: In that case, you may not have taken the knife, but you still could have killed her.