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Part 23: Trial 1, Part 3

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: Sayaka and Makoto switched rooms, correct? But in the note, the place they were asked to come to...
: It specifically says "my" room.
: I see... So if someone read that note...
: ...then they would have gone to Sayaka's room!
: Exactly. The room that Makoto was staying in.
: So in other words, even if someone did read the note and did what it said...they would not have any connection to what happened.
: Hmm... It certainly would seem that way.

The killer went to my room instead of Sayaka's, and the reason for that is... It has to be because of what got switched between my and Sayaka's rooms.

: We noticed it during our investigation that the nameplates appeared to be switched.

> Shoot "The room that Makoto was staying in" with "Dorm Nameplates"

: The nameplates on my and Sayaka's rooms got switched.
: They got...switched?
: That's right. The nameplates got switched, just like the rooms themselves.

: As a result, the nameplate on Sayaka's room actually had Makoto's name.

: And the nameplate on Makoto's room had Sayaka's.

: So what you're saying is, the room Sayaka was staying in, was actually marked as her room.
: Then...if someone *did* do what the note said, they would end up at Makoto's room, where Sayaka was...
: Plus, their rooms are right next to each other. So switching the nameplates would be no problem. And the one who switched the names was... Well of course it wasn't you, right Makoto?

: R-Right...
: Okay...then who did it?

There's only one person who could have switched the nameplates. The only other person who knew we had switched rooms...

> Sayaka

: Me and Sayaka were the only ones who ever knew about us switching rooms. So the only other person besides me who would even know to switch the nameplates...was Sayaka.
: You can also infer as much from her note...

"There's something I want to talk to you about, just us two. In five minutes, come see me in my room. Check the nameplates to make sure you don't get the wrong room, okay?"

: She specifically tells the reader to check the nameplate. She would only have written that if she knew the nameplates had been switched.

: But...why would she switch them in the first place?
: She wanted someone to come to the room she was in, and *also* hide the fact that it was Makoto's room.
: What...?

: Inviting someone to "your" room, but not telling them you'd switched rooms... Why would anyone do that?
: To understand that...we first need to understand what happened after she invited the person into the room. That's where the answer lies...
: What happened then was...probably... Whoever she invited over...came in, and...attacked her!

: We figured it out! We know who did it! Whoever she invited over is the culprit!

: But we still don't know who it is, ya goddamn idiot...
: Sayaka fought with her killer there in the room, yes? Perhaps the answer to our previous question lies in that initial struggle.

: Yes, I think you're right.
: Then...we just have to figure out what happened during the fight, right!?

: That reminds me... There was a replica sword at the murder scene. Was that perhaps used during the fight?
: Oh yeah, what's the deal with that sword?
: Sayaka suggested I should hold on to it. I thought it might come in handy if I had to defend myself...

: It seems pretty likely that the killer used it to break Sayaka's right wrist.
: How the hell could you possibly know that's what broke her wrist!?

The reason I know Sayaka's wrist was broken with the fake sword is because... When you look at her wrist, there's no doubt.

: That sword leaves gold dust everywhere and we saw a glitter of gold on her wrist. Put two and two together, and...

> Present "Sayaka's Wrist"

: All you have to do is take a good look at her broken wrist, and it should become pretty clear. Right there where her wrist is all swollen, there's something glittery there, see?

: that gold?

: It sure is. Specifically, the gold coating from the replica sword. You barely have to touch that stuff and it'll stick right to you. And there's some on her wrist because...
: I got it! Because she got hit with the sword, right there on her wrist!
: I see, I see... And so the truth draws ever closer...

: Alright! Then it's about time to solve this mystery!

What happened in my room... And what led to Sayaka's death... That's what we need to make clear.

: Are you getting used to these Nonstop Debates? Starting with the next debate, I'll start loading multiple Truth Bullets into your Truth Cylinder. But just like with the weak spots, only one of those bullets can actually refute the proper statement. In other words, from here on out... you'll have to combine the right Truth Bullets with the right weak spots to refute each statement. If you come up with the wrong combination, you'll take damage to your Influence Gauge. By the way, if the Logic Difficulty is set to Kind, fewer bullets will be loaded into the cylinder. For our purposes this time, the Logic Difficulty will be set to Mean.
: There is where the Nonstop Debates really become good. By giving the player multiple Truth Bullets, you have to stop and really think about what combination will break through a weak spot. There's usually one that obviously doesn't makes sense or fit but there's also usually one that comes very close or seems to match another weak point that isn't the right one.
: I started the game with the Logic Difficulty set to Kind but beginning next trial, I will have it set to Mean. Mean Logic gives the player more bullets and more weak spots to choose from. Kind and Gentle will give fewer and fewer even all the way until the end of the game. Hell, first time I played I played on Gentle and had no more than 1 bullet all the way into the last trial. I'm not repeating that.

: When the fighting broke out the culprit grabbed the sword.
: And that's when the first blow was dealt! A sword-based sneak attack!
: And that's what broke Miss Maizono's wrist...!
: S-So she tried to fight back. She grabbed the k-kitchen knife she had hidden a-away...
: But then the culprit took *that* from her, too...
: And they killed her with it.
: And that's exactly what happened!

If the person with the sword really did attack first...there's no explanation for how a certain part of the sword got damaged.

: Weren't there some scratches on the sword sheath? How did those get there?

> Shoot "sword-based sneak attack" with "Replica Sword Sheath"

: Actually, no. I don't think the fight started with the sword.
: Huh? Why not?

: Because the sword's sheath had been scratched. See? There's a gash in it, like someone cut into it with something sharp.
: Something sharp... You mean, like the kitchen knife? That was the only sharp thing found at the scene...

: Stop jumpin' ahead! Slow down and explain it so I get what the hell's goin' on!
: If the sword was used first, there wouldn't be any explanation for the scratch on the sheath. If you were going to attack with the sword, you'd take it out of the sheath first, right?

: That's true. With the sheath on, it'd be heavy and bulky and useless as shit.
: Okay, so how *did* the sheath get damaged?

: If they got attacked with the kitchen knife, maybe they grabbed the sword as a defensive impulse. In that situation, there wouldn't be any time to actually unsheathe the sword.
: So you're saying the sword was initially used to defend against an attack from the knife.

: Which means whoever had the kitchen knife...was the one who attacked first!
: I think I get it! So here's how it all played out... The culprit came in, found the kitchen knife hidden there somewhere...
: Then they took the knife and attacked Sayaka before she knew what was happening!
: So she grabbed the sword to defend herself, but then the culprit took that from her, too...!

: Then, after they broke her wrist with the sword...they took the knife and...finished it...
: Sorry, but I don't think Sayaka used the sword to defend herself.

: Wh--!? How the hell can you not think that!?
: Because she never held the sword at all. There's a certain part of her body that makes this clear.

The part of her body that shows she never used the sword... If you wanted to use a sword, which part of your body would have to touch it?

> Her palms

: You're talking about her palms, right? The palms of her hands were perfectly clean, so I don't think she ever picked up the sword...
: How can you know that just by looking at her palms?
: Like I said before, the gold coating on that sword comes right off. All you have to do is touch it.

: In fact, if you look you'll notice that a lot of the gold has already come off the handle. It's safe to assume that's because whoever used the sword got some of it on their hands.
: There's really no way she could have picked it up and come away completely clean.

: Maybe she w-washed her hands after she e-escaped into the bathroom...
: Sorry, but I don't think so.

: Why d-do you say that? Is it b-because you think I'm u-ugly...?

: N-No, that's not it at all!

There's no way Sayaka washed the gold coating off her hands, because there's a certain regulation that talks about what happens to the bathrooms at nighttime...

> The water was off

: According to the Monokuma File, Sayaka's time of death was around 1:30 a.m. In other words, at "nighttime." And the water in the bathrooms shuts off at nighttime, right?
: Oh...I didn't know that. Actually...I haven't taken a shower here yet...

: Oh my...
: Y-You're no different! You s-smell like a big f-fat ugly donkey!
: Hmm? I'm not sure whether to take that as an insult or a compliment!

: An insult, obviously...

: ...So anyway, if Sayaka never touched the sword, then that means... The killer was the only one who used the sword.
: But hold on. If that's right, then the one who damaged the sheath with the kitchen knife was...

The one who damaged the sheath...would have to have been the one *without* the sword.

> Sayaka

No Music.

: Sayaka...? She had the kitchen knife...?
: But...we already said that the attack started with...

: The person with the knife attacked first, and the sword was used as an impromptu defense.
: Then the one who attacked first was...!

: ...S-Sayaka!?

: Now do you understand? She wasn't a blameless victim in this.
: No, far from it. It's almost as if...she had been planning to commit a murder of her own.


: She took the knife from the kitchen, then invited the culprit to the room she was staying in. And if it's true that she had the kitchen knife and attacked without provocation...

: Indeed...these are all the actions of an assailant.
: Which brings up another point... Makoto, Sayaka was the one who suggested you two switch rooms, correct?

: Maybe the reason she wanted to switch rooms...was so that she could pin the crime on you. That is a possibility, is it not?
: Sayaka wanted to--on me!?
: ...

: That would also explain why she would switch the nameplates. She wanted to get whoever she had targeted to come to Makoto's room, where she was staying... And by committing the murder there, instead of her room, that would implicate Makoto.

: But for that to work, the target had to be lured out while still keeping the room swap a secret. If the target knew she had switched rooms, they would have become suspicious right away.
: So all that's why she switched the names...?

: But doesn't that plan seem a little risky? For one thing, even if her plan worked, Mr. Naegi would just tell everyone they'd switched rooms.
: I don't know... I'm not sure out softhearted Makoto is capable of that kind of cutthroat behavior. I'm sure Sayaka realized the same thing, which is why out of all of us, she asked him to switch rooms.
: ...
: P-Plus...she *was* the Ultimate Pop Sensation...

: A t-totally forgettable kid, o-or a national superstar... Who are you m-more likely to believe?
: Wait,'re saying she had this all planned out...?
: Holy shit!
: But in the end, her plan backfired. She launched her attack with the knife, then found herself under attack in turn. That must be when her wrist for broken, and she was forced to drop the knife.

: The tables were suddenly turned on her, and she died at the hands of the one she'd planned to murder...
: J-Just hold on! That can't be true! Because...! Because...

: Hey, hey! You guys have totally derailed the argument!
: You're being super boring right now! Come on, hurry up and decide who did it!

: Wouldn't it be awful if I had to punish you all just because you ran out of time!?

: Oh yeah... We gotta decide who we think did it...
: ...

: Makoto, right now you just need to concentrate on figuring out the answer to this mystery. If we can't uncover who murdered Sayaka, it's over for all of us... it really all over? Obviously I'm committed to finding out who killed her, but what can I do? I mean as far as clues go...

...there's nothing left.