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Part 25: Trial 1, Part 5

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: Every case has one last element to bring the class trial to an end. This is the Closing Argument. In this phase, you'll give a complete summary of the case. You'll have to reproduce the flow of events for the case in the form of a comic book. However, you'll notice that in the comic, there are a number of pieces missing. It's up to you to complete the comic using the provided Truth Panels.

: I really like the Closing Argument. It's a neat way to summarize everything that happened and also has a really cool animated comic book style to it that you'll see when it's all finished.

: The panels along the bottom are the ones you must put into the blue ? areas. You can put any panel anywhere but if you have one in the wrong place, the summary playback will stop partway through, you'll lose a point from the influence gauge and have to make the fix.

: Clicking the ? spots will give you a little hint as to which panel goes in that space. They can help on occasion because sometimes the panels you are given have slightly ambiguous art.

: When you've filled all the ? spaces, press triangle to re-enact the flow of events. Of note, you won't use all the panels so there will be a few left over.

: Here's exactly what happened!
: (Remember to read right to left!)

: I think I'd better take one more look back at the case from the beginning...

: Last night, the killer went to the room Sayaka was in. In other words, my room. From what we can tell, Sayaka invited that person there intending to kill them.

: She attacked them with the knife she's taken from the kitchen earlier...

: ...but then something happened that she wasn't prepared for. They grabbed the fake sword I'd put in my room, and fought back.

: During the struggle, a strike from the sword broke Sayaka's right wrist...

: And that's when she lost her grip on the kitchen knife.

: Finding herself cornered, Sayaka panicked and ran into the bathroom.

: The killer went after her, but couldn't get the bathroom door open. What they didn't know was that my bathroom door got stuck easily, and there was a trick to opening it. Sayaka knew about that because I'd told her, but of course the killer had no way of knowing.

: So instead, the killer forced the door open, took the kitchen knife...

: ...and stabbed Sayaka.

: But with what strength she had remaining, Sayaka left a dying message. To keep the killer from noticing, she wrote it on the wall behind her...

: And with that, all her strength was gone.

: With Sayaka dead, the killer quickly began destroying the evidence.

: First, they took off their shirt, which was covered in their victim's blood.

: Then they took the lint roller in my room and cleaned up the entire area. They wanted to make sure they got rid of any trace they'd ever been there...

: Afterwards, the killer headed to the trash room to destroy their bloody shirt. They tried to burn the shirt using the incinerator there. But the trash room was blocked off by an especially sturdy gate, preventing access to the incinerator.

: So they came up with a plan to use Hiro's crystal ball, which he'd left in the laundry room.

: The killer managed to throw the ball through the gap in the gate and hit the incinerator's switch. For any normal person, that'd be an impossible throw, but the killer had the confidence to take a shot. And that's because the killer...was the Ultimate Baseball Star.

: The crystal ball, thrown with absolute precision, hit the switch on the incinerator...which then quickly roared to life.

: Having destroyed the final piece of evidence, they left the area with, I imagine, a sigh of relief. But there was one thing they missed...

: Part of the shirt they'd thrown into the fire burnt away and fell out of the incinerator. The killer didn't notice this, and so left behind a piece of indisputable evidence.

: Isn't that right...Leon!?

: It would appear that Hiro simply forgot his crystal ball in the laundry room. You went there to try and wash the blood out of your shirt, and that's where you saw it, right? Seeing the ball, you thought of a way to take care of everything...

: So, you object to anything that's been said?
: Do I object...?

: Hell yes I object! Of course I do! I object, I object, I object!
: I mean, all of this is just a bunch of stupid theories! You need evidence! Where's the evidence!?
: Without evidence, it's all bullshit! It's bullshit and I refuse to acknowledge it!
: Well then, I guess this is as good a time as any to present the evidence that proves you did it. Makoto...I believe you're in possession of that evidence?

I...have the evidence?

: Sometimes during a class trial, your opponent simply won't want to hear what you have to say. When this happens, you will engage them in a head-to-head battle. We like to refer to this as the Bullet Time Battle (AKA the BTB, BTW).
: During the BTB, you want to destroy your opponent's statements in time with the rhythm. Match your button presses with each Tempo Marker as they move across the screen and reach the center. Use this method to deal damage to your opponent. If you can't pull it'll be the one in pain.
: Do this consecutively and you'll start a combo. Keep this going and you'll initiate a Tempo Up. On the flipside, if you keep missing, you'll get into a Tempo Down situation. When the tempo changes, so does the timing for hitting each button or tapping the screen. So watch out for that!
: Deal enough damage to your opponent, and their weak spot statement will appear. At that point, you can press Triangle to shoot it down with a Truth Bullet, like any other statement. Refute their statement fast enough, and you'll come out victorious. But just like before, if your Influence Gauge reachers zero or you run out of time, you fail.

: When the killer removed the screws from the doorknob, they didn't use anything from your room to do it.
: Instead, they must have used something that belonged to them.

They used something of their own to remove the screws... Could it have been...?

: I refuse to acknowledge you! You're stupid! Stupid stupid stupid!

: Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid!!!

I have to show indisputable evidence that Leon is the killer. I need to figure it out!

: I'm fairly ambivalent about the Bullet Time Battle. It's a rhythm minigame that's not particularly difficult if you have any sense of rhythm. Just remember that to shoot down the statements you must do so in rhythm with the beat.

: Here's where the Bullet Time Battle takes place. Press X in time when the dots on the arc pass through the center dot.

: Pressing X in time will Lock On to the words that Leon says to you, then pressing Triangle in time will destroy them, damaging him. They will slowly get closer to the screen and if you don't destroy them, you will take damage.

: Build a big enough combo and the Tempo goes up, changing the song and making it faster. There are actually three songs that play here depending on the currently tempo and I've gone ahead and linked all three for those who want to listen.

: Full confession, if it looks like I'm not doing very well in the video, that's because I probably wasn't. My recording setup doesn't actually allow me to hear the game's audio as I capture the footage so all my timing is just internal rhythm and what I see on screen. I got especially thrown off when the tempo changes hit but tried to recover as fast as I could.

: When Leon's Influence Gauge is reduced to one 1/2 heart, the Final Strike occurs. Press Triangle to fire your Truth Bullet and break through.

: Without evidence, it's all bullshit! It's bullshit and I refuse to acknowledge it!

> Fire "Toolkit"

: This should prove it!

: The screws on the bathroom doorknob were removed. I wonder what kind of tool the killer used to remove them...
: I had to be a screwdriver, right?

: Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure the toolkits we got each had one inside.
: Then that must be what he used! There aren't any other tools anywhere.
: But the toolkit in my room had clearly never been used...

: That's because the culprit didn't know it was your room! They thought they were in Sayaka's room!
: Only the boys got toolkits, so the killer naturally assumed there wouldn't be on in there...
: Okay, then whose toolkit did the killer use?

: Stupidstupidstupid!
: It had to be their very own toolkit!
: Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupid!!!
: Leon, would you mind showing us your toolkit? If I'm right about this, then...

: ...the screwdriver will show some evidence of being used!
: Stupidstupidstu...uh, huh?

: And if you say you used it for something else, you'll have to explain exactly when, where and why...
: And let me say this right now...

: "I lost it" isn't an excuse at this point.

No Music.

: Stu...


: So, you have no rebuttal?

: Then it would seem...we are finished here.

: Puhuhuhu...
: Looks like you've reached your verdict! Then are we ready to cast our votes?

: You all have a lever in front of you. Use it to make your selection!
: Oh, just to remind you all...
: Make triple sure you vote for someone! You wouldn't want to be punished for something so minor, right?
: ...
: Okay! Then let's get excited!

: Who will be chosen as the blackened? Will you make the right choice, or the dreadfully wrong one?
: What's it gonna be? What's it gonna beeee!?

: After every trial, you are awarded a score. Looking back, apparently I missed a shot in the Hangman's Gambit and was docked for it.

: You can see the breakdown of each Phase you did, though it doesn't tell you which minigame that phase was. I haven't perfected a trial yet (I keep missing one thing at some point), so I don't know if there's something extra other than a Playstation Trophy for perfecting a trial.

: You are also awarded a number of Monocoins based on how well you do. This means we will have plenty of chances to get a wide variety of Free Time Presents going forward.