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Part 26: Trial 1, Part 6

: The trial might be over and we're back to normal conversations but during the post-trial scenes there's usually some unique portraits and dialogue from characters that make them worth watching.

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: Uh-oh! Looks like you got it right on the money! The blackened in this case, the one that killed Sayaka...
: ...was none other than Leon Kuwata!

: ...

: Huh?

: H-Hold on a second...

: Leon... Leon, did you really...kill Sayaka?

: I don't believe it...

: Son of a bitch...! What the hell is wrong with you!?

: I-I didn't have a choice... It was kill or be killed! S-So that's why...I killed her first.

: None of you are any different! One wrong step, and you'd be the one standing here! It was complete chance that I wound up like this!
: I was just...unlucky! That's all...

: Grr...!

: H-Hey, come on...! You expect me to just accept my death!?

...Everything's become clear. The decision we made was right after all. But when I think about that...honestly, I'd be better off if we'd been wrong. Because if what we came up with is the truth, then that truth is that Sayaka was trying to frame me... But...even if that's true...I can't say she was wrong. After all, the mastermind...

: It's all because of that video.

: Even I couldn't handle what I saw in there. If I was her, and the video actually had something to do with me, I can't even imagine...

: we're trapped here, with no way out. They're probably waiting for me...

: I can't afford to be stuck in here!

: The one thing that was more important to her than anything else--her dreams, her friends... To have to see something like that happen to them... And Sayaka...

: I did whatever it took to reach that dream. I mean it. Even some things that...weren't so pleasant.

And that's why Sayaka... For the friends that meant so much to her... That's why she betrayed me. So...when she said...

: No matter what happens, please always be there for me. I need you on my side...

She was lying to me from the very beginning. She was using me... Is that why she talked to me in the first place...? I...I guess I'll never know... Because there's nothing I can do to ask her what she was thinking. Once you're dead...that's that...

: Boy howdy! The entertainment industry must sure be terrifying, huh!? I mean, to try and kill someone just because of those relationships!

: She seemed so nice and lovely on the outside, but inside...she'd descended into pure madness!

: Wh...what did you say?

: I understand, really I do. Yup yup! You're in utter despair thanks to Sayaka's betrayal, right? Compassion, intimacy, love... The stronger those feelings, the stronger the despair when they collapse!

: Stop screwing with us! This is all your fault! Sayaka being forced to do something like that... All of it... Everything...! It's all your fault!

Suddenly in a frenzy, I lunged at Monokuma. But...

: That's enough.

As angry as I was, Kyoko latched onto my arm without hesitation. Her grip was like iron, strong enough I was sure it would leave a bruise.

: If you really want to make her enemies pay for what they've done, you need to let it go for now.

: ...Dammit!

: Ahh, that was a close one! I thought for sure you were gonna give me a good walloping!
: Just barely avoided punishment, you did!
: Now then! Since you so magnificently revealed the identify of the killer during the class trial...

Music cuts out.

: ...the blackened, Leon Kuwata, will receive his punishment!

: P-Punishment?

: You mean...e-execution?
: W-Wait a second! I didn't have a choice! I HAD to kill her!
: Y-Yeah, that's it! I was just protecting myself in the heat of the moment! It was self-defense!

: How, exactly, was it self-defense?
: When you forced your way into the bathroom, did you or did you not use your very own toolkit? After she'd shut herself in the bathroom, you went out of your way to head back to your own room, then you came all the way back, broke into the bathroom, and killed her. Am I wrong?
: You had any number of chances to stop what you were doing. But you chose not to. Is it not because you had an unclouded intent to commit murder?

: N-No! That's not...!

: Stop it... I've had enough of this.

: Oh? Are you sure? You were closer to her than anyone, were you not? He killed your precious Sayaka. Do you understand?

: I can't say Leon is solely to blame. Of course, I don't plan on blaming Sayaka, either. Because...

: Because the one to him!

: S'waaah!?

: If it weren't for you, this never would have happened to Sayaka, OR Leon! We shouldn't be fighting each other... We should be fighting against the one who put us in this situation! The mastermind!

: Uh-oh! Did you awaken to your sense of justice!?
: Well it just so happens that there's nothing more unethical than an unwavering sense of justice. After all, it's people with that sort of mentality that perpetuate war all over the world.

: Is that the kind of justice that's awakened within you!?

: Just...shut up!

: Okay, well, anyway. More importantly...!

: Let's hurry up and get to what everyone's been waiting for! The punishment!

: I'm begging you...! Please, don't do this!

: No more begging! No more excuses! You must pay the penalty for breaking the rules! Society demands it!

: S-Stop, please...!

: Now then, I've prepared a very special punishment for Leon Kuwata, the Ultimate Baseball Star!

: No no no no no no no!

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!



What we saw... That was the true face of despair. I mean, if we can't call it that, what else could we call it?

: Wooohooo! Extreeeeeeemmmmmeeeee! Man, my adrenaline is pumping right outta control!

: Uwah...! Uwaaaaaahhh!

: Wh-Wh-What's going o-on!?

: I-I can't take this anymore...! Do we really have to keep doing this? I just can't take it!

: Well hey, if you don't like it... you gotta do is swear to cut all ties with the outside world and accept living here forever! But that's only if every single one of you can get onboard with that. Puhuhuhu... Waahahahaha! Bwaahahaha!

: Man, fuck you... Why the fuck are you going all this evil shit to us!?

: Evil!? You make it sound like I'm some dark, awful, secret society type of guy!
: Or in this case, a dark, awful, secret society type of BEAR!

: Um, so why are you putting an upstanding young citizen like me through such a grueling ordeal?

: It seems like you're trying to use common sense to make sense of something that doesn't make sense! That's like trying to put a mile on a scale! I just don't think it's possible...

: Hey, uh, I don't think what you're saying and what I'm saying quite fit together.

: You piece of shit! I don't know who you are but I'm gonna pound your ass into the ground!

: Puhuhu. You must really hate me to get so angry, huh? But if you do that, you're barking waaay up the wrong tree.

: What happened, happened because more than one of you decided you wanted to get out, right? No matter how much time passes, you can't cut free of your regrets from the outside world. You're to blame!

: Of course we can't cut f-free of the outside world! Being trapped in this insane p-place...!

: Hmmm... You're trapped, are you? Well, I'm sure once you learn all the mysteries of this school, your thinking will change for sure. You'll think, "Boy, isn't it so wonderful how we all get to live here forever!?"

: What are you trying to say...?

: I feel like there's some deeper meaning hidden in there... Just like before...

: Anyway, let's get to the blackened's punishment! That's what everyone is waiting for, after all!

: When you say "everyone," who exactly are you referring to?

: Sorry, I said everything I've got to say! I need to save some of the fun for later!
: Bwaahahaha! *leaves*

Music fades out.

And just like that, he was gone. He left us there, overwhelmed by a nightmare turned reality.

Even after he was gone, we stood there forever, unable to move. Actually, wasn't that long, I think. Everyone just lost their sense of time. We were all too scared... Scared of being alone...


: ...

: ...

No one even tried to speak. Their faces were stone, their voices dead. But it was in that moment...

: Makoto. Can I talk to you for a second?

She moved in close and whispered into my ear...

: Before we head back, there's something I want to talk to you about.

: ...It's about Sayaka, isn't it?

: ...I'm surprised you figured it out.
: I told you before the class trial started... You had to figure out the mystery of this case yourself.

: You wanted me to realize how Sayaka betrayed me by myself, didn't you? The thought never even crossed my mind. I feel like such a fool, becoming such an easy target like that...

: Sayaka meant to double-cross you. That's a fact that you can never change. But even till the very end, she wasn't sure of her decision. That's she lay dying, she was thinking of you.

: She was thinking...of me? You can't just say something like that... I mean, there's no way you can know that. Only Sayaka would know for sure, and we can't ask her now...

: Even if you can't ask her, you can infer it, don't you think? Her final thought...was how she could protect you.

: What...?

: The fact that she used her last ounce of energy to leave her dying message proves it. If she didn't care what happened to you, she never would have left that message.

: Well...maybe she just wanted to get back at the person who had killed her.

: That's certainly one possibility. But I don't think that's what it was.
: She was...uncertain. She wasn't sure she could kill someone...or deceive you. Which is why her plan failed. Her hesitation attracted failure.
: It's almost ironic when you think about it.

: ...Why are you telling me all this?

:'re the kind of person who can overcome this. Because you can move past the deaths of your friends--Sayaka and Leon--and keep moving forward.

: Without someone like that, the others would never be able to break free of such a desperate situation.

: Move past their deaths? That's... I could never do that.

: ...

: No... I'm going to carry them with me the rest of my life. How could I possibly "move past" something like that? Leon...Sayaka... I'll carry them with me forever. I'll carry their memories with me wherever I go!

: ...So instead of forgetting're choosing the hard road.

: Well, I have high expectations for you.

As she said that, she revealed the smallest smile...

: By the way, I have to admit, I'm curious... How did you know I wanted to talk to you about Sayaka?

: Oh, well...

Music cuts out.

: ...I'm psychic.

: Huh...?

: Kidding... I just have pretty good intuition.