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Part 28: Chapter 2 Daily Life, Part 2

I woke up the next day to Monokuma's normal morning announcement. Then he called us all to the gym.

: What's he gonna do to us this time?

We were practically frozen with fear. But Monokuma was determined to get us involved in his little game... And with that goal in mind, he began it...

: Okay! Lift your arms up, and down! One, two, three, four!
: One, two, three, four!
: Now reach waaay up, and bend waaay down! Tighten those muscles! Let's add a little strength, a little speed to those young bodies of yours!
: ...

: Ahh, doesn't this feel just great!? Being stuck inside like this, you gotta make sure to stay healthy!

: You're the o-one keeping us "stuck inside"...
: Don't sweat the small stuff! That's my motto.
: Whoa, I sounded pretty cool just now, don'tcha think? Did you fall in love with me? Am I just to die for? Am I just to die in writhing agony for?

: So...why did you call us here? Certainly it wasn't just to make us exercise...
: "Just" to make you exercise? JUST to make you exercise!?

: If exercise makes you laugh, exercise will make you cry! Now, if you keep doing these exercises, you will uncover the secret of the Assassin's Fist!
: Passed down from generation to generation in the empire of darkness... The power can by yours!
: That sounds like the kind of junk a middle schooler would come up with...
: It doesn't matter! Just get to the point. Did you really call us down here just to exercise?

: Of course not! You think I have that kind of free time on my hands!?
: Okay, so then...

: Ahh, I'd like to make an announcement! Every time you overcome a class trial here at Hope's Peak, a whole new world will open up to you!
: A whole new world...?
: It'd really suck if you had to live here forever with nothing new to stimulate you! Besides, I know how you kids get these days with your ADD and ADHD. I gotta keep you motivated!
: So go ahead, look around all you want! Enjoy the brave new post-trial world till you explode! *leaves*

With that, Monokuma disappeared, leaving us even more confused than when he'd shown up. But...

: A new world?

: Is he talking about...a way to get outside?
: That seems...unlikely.
: Well we won't know till we look!

: Whatever he meant, it seems we'll have to search the school one more time.
: Okay, then let's split up and start investigating! When you're done, everyone meet back up at the dining hall and we'll share what we found!
: You're basically a one-trick pony, you know that?

: More like a staple food source! Now let's get moving!

Seeing his words as their signal, everyone scattered and left the gym.

: Time to explore new parts of the school. Everyone's left the gym but not everyone got very far. In fact, Hiro is still hanging out in the Gym Entrance:

: Hey, Makoto! Did you see what's inside the display case!? Bad... This is super bad, man!
: What are you talking about? I didn't notice anything all that weird in there...
: Sure, to the untrained eye it's nothing. But this is awful... A bad, awful, terrible trap!
: That stuff you see lined up there? Any god could come by and use it to send a message!
: Huh...?

: Ahhh! I've been struck with knowledge! It's an ill omen of total destruction and ruin!
: L-Let me outta here! Let me ouuuut!

I have no idea what he's talking about, so...maybe I'll just leave him alone.

: I never said he'd have something useful to tell us.

: Outside the gym we can find Taka standing next to the staircase.

: Makoto! Look! The gate blocking the stairs is gone... It would seem a path to the 2nd floor has opened up!
: But it's also of utmost importance to double-check the areas we already know about, just in case!

: Aren't I so clever to think of that!? I really impress myself sometimes.
: Well, I'll leave the school to you!

: We're not going upstairs just yet though. It's easy to miss a conversation with Mondo because he's hidden back in the hallway by the entrance hall.

: I went and checked the metal hatch in the main hall just to be sure, but...
: ...just like I figured, it hasn't moved an inch. Shit...
: Yeah, I'd be surprised if he made things that easy for us...
: Heeeeeyyy!

: Don't make that face! You look like a pussy! You want me to put some fighting spirit in ya? Well, do ya!?
: N-No thanks! I think I've got enough for now...

: Well...okay. I'm gonna go look for another way out, then. *leaves*
: I can't recall if this portrait is re-used at any other point in the game? It might be unique to this one conversation. Anyway, we can now head upstairs to the 2nd floor.

The gate that was blocking the stairs has been opened. Is this what Monokuma meant by "a new world"?

: If so...what's up there? *ascends*

This is...the 2nd floor of the school. Maybe there's come kind of clue here. Yeah, I'm sure of it. There's gotta be something here!

: The 2nd floor is laid out much like the first, though it doesn't have a dormitory attachment. Couple classrooms, bathrooms and some big rooms to explore.

: First off, the Pool.

: Oh, Makoto! Hey, guess what! Guess what I found! A pool! There's a pool here! A POOL! Pool pool pool!
: Y-You don't have to keep repeating it, I got it...
: And there a ton of exercise equipment in the locker room! Sakura's gonna go nuts when she finds out!
: Yeah, you're right about that.

Hina seems way more excited than usual...

: Hey Chihiro, have you checked out the pool yet?
: No... I...don't like wearing swimsuits.

Yeah, you do seem like the type who might not be into that kind of thing.

: But sounds like the locker rooms here have all the exercise equipment you could ask for. Maybe I'll give it a try. I'd kind of like to get a little stronger...
: You want to get stronger? I have to say, that's kind of unexpected...

: But...I'm not even brave enough to step foot into the locker room...
: Huh? You don't even wanna go in the locker room?
: It's not that I don't want to. It's just...
: ...

I don't get it. Is she afraid of locker rooms or something? That's a pretty weird phobia, though...

: The locker rooms connect to a pool! It looks super nice! And big! And fantastic to swim in! Ahh, I'm beyond excited right now! I can't wait to dive in! In fact, I'm gettin' kinda mad thinking about it!

Wh-Why are you getting mad...?

: The 2nd floor has opened up, the living area has grown, and a number of facilities are now available. Whatever else is going on, I must admit things have been made much more comfortable for us.
: If things continue like this, the occasional class trial may not be so bad.
: Hmhmhm...

: Now that Celeste is done being creepy, there's at least one big thing in the room worth checking out further.

Is that...a real gun? It's not like we're at war here. Why would we need something like that here...?

: The rest only hides a few monocoins and flavor text about pool equipment, nothing very important. Time to check out the locker room.

Behind this door is...the locker room?

: Oh! And I guess you need your handbook to get into the locker rooms!
: Really?

: Really really!
: Uwaah!
: If you wanna unlocker the locker room you'll have to swipe your personal e-Handbook across the card reader next to the door.
: However, to ensure maximum security within each locker room only a boy's handbook can open the boys locker room, and the same goes for the girls! And that's the bottom line!

: Hmm...but what if someone opens the door, and then someone else sneaks in?
: Anyone who commits such indecency will be punished without mercy for their scandalous sexual depravity!

: See, there's a Gatling gun mounted on the ceiling, right? And it'll be all DUKKA DUKKA DUKKA DUKKA!
: I bet it'd really hurt to get shot by that thing!

: Um, no...I think it'd be a *little* worse than that...
: But what happens if someone loans their handbook to someone else? A boy could borrow a girl's handbook, and that would get them into the girls locker room, would it not?
: Wh--!? That never even occurred to me! To think someone could be so low, so cowardly, so devilish!
: Hmm... Okay, then how's this sound?

: Time for a new rule! As of this moment, loaning your e-Handbook to another student is strictly prohibited.
: There! So now nobody can give their handbook to anyone else, right? You like that? I'm kind of a genius, right? It's cuz my brain is 100% cotton!

: I do not imagine anyone would have lent their handbook out in the first place.
: After all, they would likely be held responsible for anything that person might do using their handbook...
: But ya know, you seem awfully concerned with all this locker room security stuff...

: It's cuz all you teenagers are sex-crazed maniacs! You're at that age you'd try humping a plastic bottle! So to keep anything unseemly from happening, I have to maintain a rigorous watch!
: Then in that case, I would ask that you keep the same close eye on our dorms. If some man and some woman decided to share a room, there would be nothing to stop them.
: All I care about is protecting the holy image of the school itself!
: I don't care what happens in your private dorms! By force or by cunning, do whatever you want!

: I hate you so much...
: Okay, so the new regulation is now in place! See ya! *leaves*

: Maaan, that stupid bear totally ruined my mood! Maybe I'll go take a dip to cheer myself up.
: Celeste, Chihiro, you wanna come with me?

: There is nothing I hate more than getting water on my face.

: Sorry...I'll pass this time.

: How come! When you're in a funk, there's nothing better than a good swim to pull you out of it!

I'm pretty sure that only applies to you...

: Let's actually enter the locker room this time.

: The locker room has surprisingly little to examine in here. There's exactly one thing we can look at.

Now this is an interesting poster... Obviously someone put this in the school, it really okay to have something like this here?

: The actual pool is huge but like the locker room there's really nothing to examine here.

: The only thing here is a locker on the back side that has a Monocoin.

: Next time, we continue exploring the 2nd floor.