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by FPzero

Part 33: Chapter 2 Daily Life, Part 6

: I spent time between updates at the School Store buying more presents. Spent upwards of 150 coins and now I definitely have enough presents for the rest of the game. I'm going to keep buying more every time I have a lot of coins though because there's one present that unlocks a scene that I haven't seen before and I'm curious if I can get it to drop. Apparently a different present I received actually unlocks a scene in Chapter 3, though I'm not sure which one it is. I might know the one it's talking about.
: We have 2 Free Times to spend today. I'd like to spend time with Chihiro but the game actually takes peoples moods into account when Free Time occurs. Chihiro just got yelled at pretty badly by Byakuya and isn't feeling very good about herself. We can do her free time event but the game will actually not give you any skill point increases or new skills when a character isn't in the mood. She'll be feeling better by the next set of free times so I can speak with her then.
: (I just realized that this might be something they changed for the Vita re-releases but I know it was something in the PSP version and mentioned in the original LP so I'm just operating under the assumption it's still there.)

: Instead, today we'll be visiting Mondo for both our Free Times. I originally planned to spend time with him and Byakuya, but I enjoyed Mondo's first free time so much that I decided to go straight into a second one with him. We can find him in the Pool hallway outside the locker rooms.

: What's up, man? Something wrong?

> Spend some time with Mondo

: Shit, man. Normally I don't hang out with guys this much, know what I mean? But I got some time to kill, so whatever.

I spent some time with Mondo... Mondo and I grew a little closer today.

>Yes, definitely

Sonic Cup-a-Noodle: Instant noodles. Fill it with boiling water and it's ready in 3 seconds. Of course, it also goes bad in like 30...

: Damn, seriously!? This thing is like, super-rare!
: Don't mind if I do! Damn, I'm lucky as shit!

Seeing Mondo so pleased with something I gave him makes me happy!

: Hey Makoto! What's your ride?
: Huh? My ride...?

: Yeah, man! Your hog! Your chopper! Your motorcycle!
: Oh, uh...I don't ride anything.

: What!? You're not a little kid anymore, right? And you still don't have a hog!?
: God, you're such a fuckin' dweeb!
: Uh...sorry?
: Alright man, I'm gonna educate ya! A real man rides Kawasaki, okay? That's what I ride.

: You oughta see it, man. The v-twin's got that monster power, it's like you're dancin'. Course, it ain't for just anyone. You gotta have the skill to handle it!
: You must really love your motorcycle.

: Hell yeah I do! I'm a goddamn biker, ain't I? We're crazy as hell!
: Yeah, you're the leader of the biggest biker gang in Japan, right?
: Damn straight! The invincible Crazy Diamond gang! You wanna come on a ride with us? The monster sound comin' outta that straight pipe... Hot damn!
: Straight pipe...?

: Come on, you gotta know what a straight pipe is, right?

It's like...when something's missing, right? That's why it makes a "monster sound"...

> When it's got no muffler

: It's when the motorcycle doesn't have a muffler, right?
: So you *did* know. Good! Then that's that! Next time we ride, you ride with us!

: Man, that makes me think back to when I first started riding.
: My big bro used to ride too, ya know. His name's Daiya. Daiya and Mondo--together we were the Diamond Brothers! Everyone up and down the country knew us!
: Course, I was always the cool one...

The Diamond Brothers? That sounds kinda...incredible.

: The first time I went out, I ended up at the back of the pack. Eventually the cops got on us, and they surrounded me. I was in some tough shit, man!
: So I pulled over, but when they came up to me... Well, let's just say it was a massacre.
: A massacre...? Man, Mondo. You must be really strong...

: Of course! You can't wave the banner for our gang without that kinda strength!

: In a fight, they'll go for the leader first. Kill the leader of the pack, ya know? That's why the other gangs come after me. So if you wanna be the leader of the pack, you gotta be a tough motherfucker!
: You'll see what I mean when we go on our first ride. Get ready for it!
: Actually...maybe it's better if I don't get involved in that kinda thing. And like I said, I don't have a motorcycle. I don't even know how to drive one!

: Then you can ride with me!

Riding with Mondo... But other gangs target him first, right?

: No...nooo way...
: Hey! I said get ready for it! Damn, I am pumped! I can't wait to get outta here now! *leaves*

Mondo left, apparently in a pretty good mood...

: Crap... This is really bad...

Even if I get out of here, I might still be in real trouble...

: Mondo's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him. Your maximum number of Skill Points has increased! Hey, look at you go!
: Any time there's a Skill point increase, our SP goes up by 1.

Dragging my anxiety behind me, I went back to my room.

There's still plenty of time left. I can't just sit around here. I should head out.

: Like I said, we're visiting with Mondo again because I enjoyed the first event a lot and felt like seeing another one of his. I wasn't disappointed.

: We can find him in the laundry room.

: I wanna get outta this depressing as shit hellhole! Get down to the beach or somethin'...

> Spend some time with Mondo

: Hell yeah! I'm totally down to kill some time with you!

I killed some time with Mondo... Mondo and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Roller Slippers: Slippers with a small wheel installed in each heel. They were invented to move easily around the house, but there is absolutely no demand for them.

: You had somethin' like this?
: Why didn't you hand it over earlier!?

Seeing Mondo so pleased with something I gave him makes me happy!

: Ahh, dammit! Bastard! Dammit bastard son of a bitch!
: What's wrong? Why are you so mad?

: Why am I mad? Why am I mad!? Can't you SEE why I'm mad!? I need to get outta here! I need to get out and run wild!
: I'm so pissed off right now! Shit!
: I-I know how you feel, but...just don't do anything crazy, okay?

: Hey, how about we have a one-on-one!?
: One-on-one!?
: Relax. It's just a bareknuckle brawl. No weapons. Whaddya say!?
: ...What?

: Didn't ya hear me? A bareknuckle brawl. Bare. Knuckle. Brawl!

I-I'd better come up with something fast... When he says a "bareknuckle brawl" I think he must mean...

> Hand-to-hand

: A hand-to-hand fight...?
: Hell yeah! Hand to hand! Knuckle to knuckle!
: H-Hold on! Friends can't fight each other!

: But that's the only way I can burn off all this energy!
: But I mean... I've never even been in a fight before... Oh, I know! Why don't you go ask Sakura!?

: What...?
: I mean, you can spar with her, right? You don't have to actually fight, but just...train.

: D-Don't be a fuckin' idiot! I can't hit a girl...! And she's a girl, right? I'd ruin my honor... My mom would kill me!
: ...

: I'm serious! I can't hit girls! It's not like I'm scared of her or anything! Ya bastard!
: Okay, okay, you don't have to shout...

: Shouting's in my blood, asshole! When I get stressed out, I yell! Shit!

Sounds like he must be *really* stressed out...

: It's just a nervous habit! What's the big deal!? Other than the fact it makes it hard to ask girls out! I get all nervous, and I start yelling! So I always get rejected! And thanks to that, I'm on a ten-game losing streak right now! It really sucks!

Ten games...? That's...pretty bad.

: Grr...shit! And I'd forgotten about that, too! Thanks for reminding me, jackass! How're you gonna make it up to me, shitstain!? I'm gettin' all depressed. I'm outta here... *leaves*

Shoulders slumped, Mondo trudged away.

: I guess I kinda messed that up...

But I did get to see a side of Mondo I had no idea existed... It was almost...kinda cute. He'd murder me if he heard me say that, though...

: Mondo's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him. You just unlocked the skill Downshift! Give yourself a pat on the back. You've earned it!
: Downshift is a skill that lowers the speed at which your cursor moves in the Nonstop Debate, Hangman's Gabmit and Closing Argument. It's useful if you feel like you're not in as good control of the cursor on the default speed. I don't plan on using it though because I already feel like the cursor moves too slowly.

After we were done, I decided to head back to my room for a while...

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the doors to the dining hall will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

Another day gone... But even though today is over...this "game" definitely isn't. How long is it gonna keep going?

All the stress and anxiety kept me from falling asleep until late in the night...

: Whenever I spot a cute girl, I have a tendency to stare. I can't help it--I just gaze with intensity. The other day, I rode my bike to the train station... I was in the bathroom, just looking at myself in the mirror...