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Part 44: Trial 2, Part 1


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: Let's begin with a basic explanation of the class trial! So, your votes will determine the results. If you can figure out "whodunnit" then only they will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong one... Then I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and the one that deceived everyone else will graduate!

: Okay then, so first off... Let's talk about the murder weapon!

First we have to make clear what was used to deliver the fatal blow...

: The difficulty of the trials has now been set to Mean on both Logic and Action. You'll immediately see that there are more Truth Bullets in our Truth Cylinder from the beginning of the trial. There will also be more weak spots in each debate from now on.

: Chihiro's fatal injury... It appears it was a head wound.
: According to the Monokuma File, the killer used a "blunt instrument," but... What kind of "blunt instrument" could it have been!?
: I bet it was an iron pipe!
: Interesting! That certainly would make for a powerful weapon!
: Poor Chihiro...

No...the weapon that was used to kill Chihiro must have been in the locker room...!

: It's fairly obvious what the murder weapon was here.

: This wasn't shown off in Trial 1 but pressing the R button activates Concentration Mode. This mode will slow down the action of everything on the screen while you hold it down. The Focus Gauge, represented by the blue Stars in the upper right will decrease quickly but recharges over time. You can use this to better line up shots. Concentration is also available to use in the Hangman's Gambit, though it's rarely as useful in there as in the Nonstop Debates.

> Shoot "iron pipe" with "Locker Room Dumbbell"

: Can we agree that the object that dealt the fatal blow was the dumbbell, found at the scene of the crime? It was covered in blood, and there was nothing else at the scene that could have caused that kind of injury.
: And the wound on the victim's head is consistent with the shape of the dumbbell. As far as I'm concerned, there's no mistake and no room for doubt on this one.
: You...looked at her head wound?
: Kyaaah! That's sooo creeeepy!
: ...

: If you don't mind, I will proceed from here. Let's move on to discussion of the culprit. Although, I believe the criminal behind this heinous act is already quite clear.
: What? For real!?

: Chihiro's killer is the fiendish serial killer, Genocide Jack!

Genocide Jack, the fiendish serial killer... Did he really...kill Chihiro?

: For this debate, lines of white noise will appear to disrupt your reactions. Your Truth Bullets will disappear if they hit these lines, so think of them as obstacles in your debate. But there's a way to keep this white noise from getting in your way. Press the X button to attach the silencer, which you can use to shoot down the white noise. However, if you shoot and actual remark with your silencer instead of the white noise...the time limit will decrease. So take careful aim when you have your silencer out.
: White noise serves to get in your way when debating. They will move across the screen from various directions to interfere. If you fire your Truth Bullet at a weak point and white noise is in the way, your bullet will not get through. Noise adds an extra step to the debate process but as of this trial it's not that hard to work around. You even get back 2 seconds of time for every piece of white noise you shoot down. If you miss and shoot white text though, you will lose 10 seconds off your timer and some points at the end of the trial. If nothing else, if gives you something to do while the characters talk at each other.

: The culprit is Genocide Jack, I'm sure of it. Case closed, as far as I'm concerned.
: But...that's impossible!
: Why? What makes it impossible?
: Well, I mean...come on...! There's just no proof for it!
: Hey, so, speaking of Genocide Jack... I don't know who that is!

The evidence that shows Genocide Jack is related to the case... It has to be...

: We read a whole case file on him and things did seem to match up...

: Just a quick image to show what the white noise looks like. They're not white at all!

: Again, you have to shoot them down before you can fire your Truth Bullet at a weak point, otherwise it will bounce away.

> Shoot "no proof for it" with "Genocide Jack Case File"

: I...might know one reason he could be involved.
: What!?
: I found this file while I was looking around the archive in the library...

: I guess it's some kind of confidential file the police put together about the Genocide Jack case.
: What...? That's kinda weird as shit, isn't it? What was something like that doing in the library?
: The why of it is probably more trouble than it's worth, so let's forget about that for now. More importantly, it outlines all the specifics of every Genocide Jack case in exceeding detail. According to the file, there appear to be two defining characteristics in every Genocide Jack case. The first is that a bloody message is found written at the scene of every murder.
: Oh, that's right! "Booblust"!
: Uh,'s actually "bloodlust"...

: But more important is the other characteristic. And it's something that has never been made public.
: Never made public...? What the hell is it?
: Why don't you tell them, Makoto?

The other characteristic of every Genocide Jack case, which the world at large doesn't know...

> How the victim was positioned

: Apparently, in every Genocide Jack case, the killer suspends the body in a certain way. Other than the killer, the only people who know about this are the higher-ups in the police department.
: However, Chihiro was most definitely suspended in the same way.

: So, how did the culprit know about this, when only high-level police officials were aware of it? There's only one logical answer I can think of. It's because the culprit in this the real Genocide Jack.
: No fuckin' way!
: You're saying Genocide one of us?

Music fades out.

: Yes. In fact, it's Toko.

: Wh...?

: Genocide Jack's true Toko Fukawa.

: Wh-Wh-Wh-What?
: Hey, okay, wait, hold on a sec! Toko has like, bloodophobia or whatever, remember? What kind of serial killer is afraid of blood!?
: Is Toko Genocide Jack? The answer is yes...and no.
: Another riddle? Man, why's this gotta be so complicated?

It does seem like a riddle in a way, but... I feel like...I can just about see it. genocide Jack is Toko, but *isn't* Toko... What does it mean?

: Kind of wish the translation had chosen a better word for this than "Schizo" considering that word's connotations. I'm not really sure what a better choice would have been though since Bipolar isn't exactly the same thing. I'm sure someone in the thread will mention what it was in the original LP or original Japanese and a possibly better word.

: Is it because Genocide Jack...has a split personality?
: ...Huh?

: I think I read that somewhere in the file, too. They thought that the suspect might have...what did they call it? "Dissociative identity disorder."
: O-Okay...but still, to go and say that about Miss Fukawa is--
: Perfectly acceptable. Toko's strange behavior after seeing the body is proof enough that she has a split personality.

The one thing that shows Toko could have a split personality... It has to do with her behavior...

> Her behavior changed

: You're talking about how she started acting totally different than usual, right?
: That's right. Think back--she fainted when she saw Chihiro's corpse, and then when she woke up...

: I'm fine, I'm fine! Kyehaha...! Whoa, is that a dead body!? Hey! Are you dead!? Kyeehahaha!
: She musta hit her head *real* hard when she fainted...
: The world has a front and a back, a top inning and a bottom, a sea of truth and a web of lies!
: This is...quite concerning. I mean, she sounds completely different...

: She was acting funny, that's for sure! That melancholy tone of hers completely disappeared!
: Don't go assigning adjectives to my t-tone without permission...
: Not to mention, once she regained consciousness and saw Chihiro's body again, she was utterly calm. In other words, within her is one personality that can't handle blood, and one that obviously can.
: N-Ngh...!

: So when Toko trapped herself in her room, it's because she was scared of Genocide Jack...?

: I w-won't let Genocide Jack have control! I'll d-drive out...the killer... D-Drive out the murderous fiend...

: The reason she locked herself in her room wasn't to keep other people from getting in... It was to keep her other personality from getting out.
: What...?
: Toko was afraid--afraid of the murderous fiend inside of her, of killing even more people...

: H-H-How...?
: Yeah, how can you know all this!?
: I do believe you misunderstood her. What she's trying to say isn't, "How can you know all this?"

: No, what she wants to know is, "How could you tell them?"
: ...Huh?
: Last night, just before Monokuma gave his "motive" speech, Toko and I had a strange conversation. She told me a most interesting story... She said a murderous fiend lived within her, and she was afraid it could appear and attack at any time.
: And that trepidation is what's caused her to have such a bleak attitude. Isn't that right, Toko?
: Urg...gaah...!
: This is all a lie...right, Toko?

: Y-You said you wouldn't t-tell anyone...!
: ...What!?
: You p-promised...! I can't b-believe you l-lied!

: You have only yourself to blame--you came to me with your tragic little story. I didn't ask you to. This is the real world, not some romantic fantasy fairytale.
: Gyah...! G-Gaah!
: Besides, you broke your promise first. You said that as long as you were here, no matter what, you wouldn't let Genocide Jack kill anyone. But in spite of that promise...

: I-I'm sorry. I couldn't k-keep our promise. But don't w-worry. Never again... I...! I won't let Genocide Jack have control ever again!

: You said if I k-kept my would g-go out with me!
: Th-That's the only r-reason I promised...!
: How many times do I have to tell you? I never said that.
: But you weren't able to do it--you just couldn't resist that rush you got from killing, could you?

: I-I tried...I swear I t-tried to control it! B-But...
: But your efforts were useless. What a disappointment.
: Nggh...I hate you...

: Well, the opening act is nearly finished. All that's left is to hear from the person in question directly.

Music fades out.

: The p-person...? Y-Y-You don't m-m-m-mean...!?

Toko's body suddenly lunged backwards. A huge THUD echoed across the courtroom. But in the next second...

: Well hello there! Is it me you were hoping to see!?
: Gah! Eugh, what the heck!?
: So you figured it out, huh? Well, whatever! What're ya gonna do!?

: Voice Actress: Erin Fitzgerald
: I'm the Ultimate Murderous Fiend, Genocide Jack! Or better yet, let's go with Genocide Jill!
: What the fuck is this!?
: Toko...what happened to you?
: Not Toko! That's a loser name! And what happened is a textbook split personality! So what if one of them happens to be a serial killer!? You should turn a blind eye to one's faults!

: Kyeehahahaha!
: She so...intense!
: Like they say, sound in murderous mind, sound in murderous body!
: This one is so different from the one we've come to know...

: Yes, well, the world is composed of a front and a back, you know. Just like how every inning has a top and a bottom, or how in the depths of every truth lives a little lie...
: Behind every dark and gloomy soul lives another that shines as bright as the sun!
: Kyeehahahaha!

*This* is the "murderous fiend" Genocide Jack? This is... This is...! This is beyond insane!

: Um, Miss Jack--er, Jill? Can I ask you a question...?

: What's up!?
: Some of us think you might be the mastermind behind our entire situation. What are your thoughts on that?
: Well I'll tell you! I am the mastermind of all masterminds!

: ...Just kidding!
:'s not true?

: Of course it's not true! How dare you try to link me to that creepazoid!?
: And another thing! The police and government and society in the outside world are totally powerless!
: I mean, they just let this idiotic bloodthirsty maniac go buck wild all over town!
: Sure, I'm a bloodthirsty maniac. But life is pain, right? To live is to hurt other people. It's a necessary evil if you want to survive. The act of living itself causes pain for everyone...!
: ...Just kidding again! Kyeehahaha!
: ...

: This should be enough to convince you. This murderous fiend is responsible for Chihiro's death. There's clearly a motive, so there should be no doubt.
: ...A motive?
: Remember what Monokuma told us? If someone didn't murder and graduate within 24 hours, an embarrassing memory or secret would be revealed. Well, let's assume that Toko's secret was about Genocide Jack. If a secret like that came to light, Toko's life would have undoubtedly been forever ruined. So she had a very clear motive to never have that side of herself exposed.

: Interesting... Very very very interesting...!
: But sorry! As much as I hate to admit it, I'm not the culprit!
: ...Huh?

: But I can not imagine anyone other than you could murder someone in such a bizarre fashion...
: Maybe so, maybe so! But nevertheless, it's the truth.

: ...Do you really expect any of us to believe you?
: Yeah! I could never believe a word you say, you monster!

: ...

Maybe... Maybe she's totally right about that, but... But something's still bothering me. What she said... I need to get some more details about all of this.