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Part 45: Trial 2, Part 2

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: Sorry, but I didn't kill anyone!
: You say that, but do you really expect any of us to believe it?
: Perhaps if you had an alibi, that would change things...
: Ohh, an alibi, huh? Now we're talkin'!
: When you compare your past murders to this incident the modus operandi matches completely. What more proof do we need?
: Kyeeeehahahahaha!
: Give it up. You killed her.

Is Genocide Jack really the killer? I feel like something doesn't match up...

: All those murders in the book were done exactly the same, but there's something quite different about Chihiro's body...

> Shoot "the modus operandi matches" with "Status of the Dead Body"

: Are the methods of murder really exactly the same? I'm not so sure about that...
: I think there's a slight difference between the Genocide Jack cases and this one.
: Huh? How's it any different?
: Uh-oh, you don't know? Well then, human garbage, let me tell you!

: I murder with passion and conviction! I consider myself a professional, and I have a very particular way of doing things! Imagine you go to a fancy Italian restaurant. They're very picky about the noodles, the sauce, everything. But what happened to Chihiro... It'd be like if that same Italian restaurant started using Ragu or Chef Boyardee! This is no creation of mine!

: Let me rephrase that, in a way that maybe makes more sense...
: There are two clear differences between the Genocide Jack cases and this one.

There's one clear difference between the murders...

> The victim's fatal injury

: For one, the cause of death is different. In the Genocide Jack murders, all the victims were killed the same way. According to the case file, they were all apparently killed with...a pair of scissors. But Chihiro died from a blow to the head, right?
: Ah, yes! That is remarkably different from the other murders!
: Wouldn't it be strange for someone who kills the same way without fail to suddenly change their method?
: And there's more--one more conflicting detail.

: That's right! In my recipe of murder, if the bloody message is the tortellini then the arrangement of the body would be the pesto sauce!
: Could you please stop comparing killing people to cooking...?
: S-So...are you saying the other difference has to do with how the body was arranged...?

That's right. The second difference is related to how she was suspended.

> What was used to suspend her

: Do you remember what the killer used to suspend her? They'd used some kind of rope to hang her up by her wrists.
: What is your point?
: Well, in all the previous Genocide Jack cases, something else was used to suspend them...

: Specifically, pairs of razor-sharp scissors.

: And guess what! I used my own specially designed scissors for the murders AND the arrangement!
: Like I said, I'm a professional. So naturally I'm very picky about the tools I use!
: And--andandandandand ya know what else!? Big Mac said there's two differences, but he's wrong!
: Big Mac...? Are you referring to me?

: Listen up, Big Mac! There's actually one more difference!
: ...Huh?
: My word! You really didn't notice? Take a look at who the victims were in each Genocide Jack case... There's a pattern there just waiting to be discovered!
: A...pattern?
: Figure that out, and it'll be plain as death why I couldn't have possibly killed that little loli girl!

Hmm...let's see... There was a pattern surrounding the Genocide jack victims, and Chihiro didn't fit it...? I...I think I figured it out! I know why she couldn't have killed Chihiro...!

> Because Chihiro was a girl

: Even if you didn't figure this out from the details in the case file, the other two answers are thankfully absurd enough that they can't be right.

: Is it because...Chihiro was a girl?

: BINGO! Bull's-eye! Right on the money!
: What are you talking about...?
: In all the Genocide Jack cases, all the victims had something in common.

Ken Harada, 32. Tetsuhiro Honda, 17. Shoji Gaku, 23. Kanno Isei, 14. Takeshi Yoshida, 30. Komatsuna Taro, Takefumi Gono, Uchida Naohisa, Takeshi Masamune, Yuto Yumejima, there was no end to it...

: They were all...guys?

: That's right! The people I kill with such passion and conviction...are all adorable little men! Kyaah! I can't believe I said it! I'm so embarrassed!
: The hell is wrong with you!?
: I can't help it. I'm just a full-throttle boy-on-boy fangirl! And the mopey side of me just hates it!
: But now I'm on the fast track to becoming a full-fledged fanmadam!

: So since Chihiro was a girl and not an "adorable little man" wouldn't kill her?
: Would an Italian chef suddenly start making ramen, just because they're both noodles? Don't be stupid!
: I have too much passion and conviction to cross that line! That's the absolute reality of the one and only!

: We get it. You've clearly explained your hobby and your philosophy. But that's not all there is to it.
: It's a different matter entirely...when you're forced to kill in order to survive.
: Quiet, lowly cur!

: Lowly...cur?
: I would never kill for a reason as petty as mere survival! And! If by some fluke I *did* kill to survive...

: ...why would I bother with the message and arrangement!? It'd make me the obvious suspect!
: That...does make some amount of sense.
: PLUS! Whatever reason I have for killing, I would NEVER leave out my prized scissors! Who would go out of their way to use a big stupid heavy dumbbell!?

: Maybe you used the dumbbell cuz you couldn't find any scissors in the school?
: "Any" scissors? I don't just use "any" scissors! I only use my own set of high-class, envy of the entire world scissors!
: Okay, whatever, there still aren't any in the school...
: Are you sure about that...?

Music fades out.

: Da da-da daa!
: Grgh! She's fully equipped!
: That's right! So I can kill anywhere, anytime! Why would I resort to dumbbells or rope, when I have my trusty scissors by my side? Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. You can't, can you? Gutter dogs, all of you! Not to mention, I have no clue how to tie a good knot. So rope's totally out of the question anyway!

: Ngh...ngraah...! I have no idea what's going on anymore...! Could such a heinous villain really be innocent!?
: But...the body really was suspended, right? And nobody but the police knew about that...
: Yeah! That's why we figured it had to be the real deal and not some copycat killer or whatever!

Actually, hold on...there *is* one person... One person who could have copied the Genocide Jack cases!

: The one who dragged us around during the investigation, who showed us all the evidence...

:'s possible you could have found out, isn't it? You'd have no problem gaining access to classified government documents or internal police records. Plus, you'd already looking through the Genocide Jack file before this all happened, hadn't you?
: ...
: A-Are you saying...Mr. Togami did it?
: ...

: Then the reason he pushed the theory of Genocide Jack being the killer so hard was because he wanted to pin the crime on her!
: So he rearranged the scene to disguise it and make it look like I'd put my stamp on it...!

: The adorable glasses man was behind it all!? Ahh, I'm on fire!
: ...Well, Byakuya!? What's your response!?
: I see... So now the suspicion falls on me. Then I must ask...when would you say I began acting suspicious? Surely you must have an answer...
: Hmm, looking back and thinking about it now, the way you were acting right before we discovered the body was a little strange...

: And the locker rooms... They're suspicious. Very suspicious, indeed. Wouldn't you agree?
: Huh? Suspicious...?
: It seems nobody's searched the locker rooms. Let's start with the girls locker room...

: You wanted to go to the girls locker room right away, right? But since you're a guy...
: I should have naturally thought of the boys locker room first. Is that what you want to say?

: The victim was Chihiro. A girl. Hence why I said we should check the girls locker room.
: Nothing strange about that, I'd say!

: On the contrary, there's something *very* strange!
: Okay then, what's so strange about it?
: Go ahead, share with the rest of the class.

There was a clear contradiction in what Byakuya just said... I need to make it clear to everyone...!

: Next we're going to add something called a Truth Flashback. If you aim and a weak spot and hold down the Triangle button then you'll memorize that weak spot. This memorized phrase can only be shot once as a single Truth Bullet. If you shoot or change the Truth Bullet, it will disappear from your Truth Cylinder. However, you can use this flashback feature as many times as you want. If you don't seem to have the answer to a lie or contradiction in your loaded Truth Bullets it might be wise to memorize a different weak spot and use that to make your case. When's the best time to flashback? Well, you'll just have to use your keen wits, won't you?
: I think this is the last mechanic in the Nonstop Debate. Like the tutorial said, you can use this mechanic to use a weak point that someone says and turn it into a Truth Bullet you can use to break through a different weak point. This debate introduces the mechanic so it's not too difficult to do but later cases will get tougher. There's also no indication of when you want to use a memorized statement instead of your loaded bullets so you have to be very aware of what bullets you have. While that sounds potentially unfair, the good thing is that you won't need to use this mechanic in a good 80% of the Nonstop Debates and when you do it's usually obvious enough that you're supposed to use it. I like it for adding that little extra layer to the debates. It makes you think and pay attention.

: So you said Byakuya was acting kinda weird before we found the body... But he was acting
: If you're presented with the opportunity to check out the girls locker room, you absolutely take it...! That's a natural reaction for any guy!
: The victim was Chihiro, who was a girl. So of course I would suggest we check the girls locker room first. There was no time for pointless distractions. What's so strange about that?
: I wish you'd taken me with you...

Hearing Byakuya's comment about Chihiro being a girl, I realized there's a clear contradiction there! I need to make that contradiction clear!

: How could Byakuya have known who the victim was before we even discovered her? That's the contradiction! However, our only Truth Bullet is the Monokuma File #2 bullet, which doesn't really help us in this situation. That's why...

: ...we need to borrow Hina's statement. The weak point gets loaded into our Truth Cylinder as a greenish bullet. It will disappear after we fire it or if we change bullets, so when firing them make sure your shot will hit otherwise you'll have to go around the debate again.

> Shoot "The victim was Chihiro" with "before we found the body"

: I'll tell you what's so strange about that... Because up until we actually discovered the body, we couldn't have known who the victim was!
: So your claim that you went to the girls locker room first because Chihiro was the victim doesn't hold up!
: I see...That's a good answer, I must admit. Interesting.
: Very interesting, indeed! But your reasoning is still too weak!
: Huh...?

: What's wrong? Is that it? Surely you've got more than that. Go ahead, show us...

What's with Byakuya's attitude...? It's like he...doesn't even care. I've got him cornered, but he's acting like it has nothing to do with him...!

: What's the matter? You're not finished already, are you? There must be more to it...
: Th-There is...I think...

: There *is* more to it. Think about it. We just talked about the differences between this case and past Genocide Jack incidents. The proof you're looking for is hidden in there...
: ...Oh? Proof that I'm the culprit, you mean?
: ...

The differences between this case and other Genocide Jack murders... The evidence that proves Byakuya is responsible is hidden in there? What could it be...?