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Part 46: Trial 2, Part 3

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: What, the difference between the cases? You want me to explain it again!?
: When I want to kill, I use my very own special scissors! And I use those same scissors to arrange the body!
: But...Chihiro was suspended with... It was some kind of rope, was it not?
: That's right! It absolutely was!
: Then there must be something very fishy indeed about that rope...!
: Hey, Byakuya! Where'd you get it from, huh?
: I'd never seen that rope before in my life... Obviously somebody else must have had it hidden away somewhere.

The proof that Byakuya did it is hidden within the rope...? I guess it's possible. But first... The item she had been bound with was used *like* rope...but was it actually a rope?

: We saw this before. The "rope" actually had a plug on it! And we know where it came from too.

> Shoot "I'd never seen that rope" with "Library Desk Lamp"

: Actually, I'm pretty sure you *have* seen it before. Because you see, that rope--or should I say...

: ...that extension cord?
: What!? An extension cord!?

: Byakuya--you've used the extension cord in the library more than once, haven't you? And the same extension cord that was in the library all this time...

: ...went missing after the murder!

: And there's no way someone who uses that extension cord as much as you do wouldn't discover that fact!
: Then Byakuya must be the one who took the extension cord! I can't imagine any other possibility!
: ... That's really what you think? Then your conclusion is something like this...? I killed Chihiro in the girls locker room, then hung her up and wrote that bloody message. I intentionally made it look like Genocide Jack was behind it.
: Is that about right?

... He's doing it again... He's totally calm, totally unconcerned. As if he's not even involved. Wait...not even involved...?

: What's wrong? I asked you if you think that's what happened.
: Hell yes that's what happened! So that's it, right? Byakuya's the killer!
: I don't disagree with not disagreeing!
: He kept calling this a game, right? So he'd be totally willing to do something like this to "win"!
: ...
: Um, sorry but could we hold on just a second? I...I think we need to talk about this a little more.

: Huh? Do we really need to? We've already decided who did it.
: I know, but still... There's something that's still bothering me...
: Is that right? And what, pray tell, is still bothering you? I killed her in the girls locker room, then disguised my crime. Specifically, I dressed it up to make it look like it was the work of a homicidal psychopath. What about all that "bothers" you?

Wait... What was that just now? Something's not right... Byakuya's remarks just now... There's something in there that concerns me.

> The scene of the crime

: You say you killed Chihiro in the girls locker room, right? But are you sure about that? Isn't it possible that the murder took place somewhere else?
: How disappointing... What kind of question is that? Even in the world of disappointments, this is a true letdown.
: She was found dead in the girls locker room. There is absolutely no question about that. How could the scene of the crime have been anywhere else?
: Well...I think it's entirely possible that she was killed somewhere else, then carried there later along with the rest of the murder scene!
: of the murder scene? ...

: That was awfully specific. Please tell me you have a reason for saying all of that.
: I believe I do...

Hey, Byakuya...did you just...? Did I just take you off-guard? When the story suddenly moved to the crime scene, Byakuya, who'd been so confident up till now... Maybe Byakuya never even realized that the actual scene of the crime could have been somewhere else.

: Hey, don't just move on without permission! What do you mean she was killed somewhere else!?
: Come on, Makoto! If there's any chance the murder took place somewhere else, let's see the proof!

Evidence that shows the murder took place somewhere else... I need to just focus on those things that got switched!

: Didn't it seem odd that the posters in each locker room seemed to match what you'd expect to find in the other locker room?

> Present "Two Locker Room Posters"

: The proof that she was killed somewhere else is...the poster that's hanging in each locker room.
: Your some posters?

: The poster in the girls locker room was a picture of a big-boobed supermodel. But don't you think that's kind of strange? Why would the girls locker room have a poster like that?
: I bet those massive jugs of hers were totally fake! Kyeehahaha!

: Meanwhile, the boys locker room had a poster of the super popular boy band Tornado. Again, that doesn't really seem to belong in a boys locker room.
: So you're saying that maybe the posters were switched?
: And there's one other thing I noticed about the locker rooms... You know what I'm talking about, right Sakura?

: You're referring to my protein coffee, aren't you?
: ...Protein coffee?
: While I was in the girls locker room earlier, I spilled some protein coffee on the carpet. But I noticed that after the murder, the stain had been totally scrubbed away.

No. It's not that the stain was scrubbed away... It was moved...

: We found a brown stained carpet in the boys locker room.

> Present "Boys Locker Room Carpet"

: The stain on the girls locker room carpet wasn't scrubbed away. In fact, I found it on the boys locker room carpet.
: That's...definitely the stain from my protein coffee!
: Then...does that mean that the carpets were switched, too? But...why would anyone do that?
: To move the murder scene from one locker room to the other. It's certainly plausible, don't you think?
: What!?
: In other words, in order to completely swap the scene of the crime the bloodstained poster and carpet were moved along with the dead body.
: By doing this, the killer was able to change the entire room where the murder took place.

: I can certainly follow your reasoning, but...why would the culprit bother doing that?
: Huh?

: Why would they go through all that trouble of switching the scene of the crime? Actually, an even bigger question... If the murder did take place in the boys locker room then how did Chihiro get in the boys locker room in the first place?
: Ah--!
: To get into the locker rooms, you have to swipe you e-Handbook across the card reader device. But Chihiro's handbook should have only allowed her access to the girls locker room.
: She had no way to get into the boys locker room to begin with.
: No, she DID have a way! And I can tell you what it was!
: I highly doubt that.

: Shut up! I'm telling you, I know how she could have done it!

Is he right...? Could Chihiro really have gotten into the boys locker room somehow?

: Is it really possible? Could Chihiro really have gotten into the boys locker room somehow?
: Ah! I've got it!
: She must have hacked her e-Handbook! She was the Ultimate Programmer, after all. I'm sure that would've been no problem for her!
: No, I don't think that's it... She used the thing that was in the main hall!
: Huh? What thing?
: I'm talkin' about Leon's handbook, of course! If she had that, she could get into the boys locker room no problem!

Theoretically, if Chihiro was able to use Leon's handbook, she could get into the boys locker room. But that's *if* she was able to use it.

: We checked the handbooks and we couldn't get Leon's to turn on. Sayaka's and Junko's were working though.

> Shoot "Leon's handbook" with "Broken e-Handbook"

: No, I don't think Chihiro used Leon's handbook.
: Why not!?
: Because Leon's handbook was broken.
: Oh! Well then yeah, I guess that'd be pretty impossible, huh?
: I am struck silent by how quickly you gave up...
: Plus, isn't there a regulation against using someone else's handbook?

: Actually, the rule states that loaning your handbook is prohibited. It says nothing about borrowing one. In other words, you could borrow a dead person's handbook all you want, and you'd be safe.
: Yup yup yup! Hit the nail square on the noggin!
: Of course, if it were broken, that wouldn't make any sense anyway...
: So then, she must have hacker hers like I said! She used her Ultimate Programmer skills and--!

: Bzzt! You can't fix an e-Handbook. The instant you open one up, a security buzzer starts blaring!
: So if she didn't use Leon's handbook, and she didn't modify her own handbook...
: ...Maybe Mr. Naegi's initial assumptionis just...wrong?
: It seems like there's no way she coulda got into the boys locker room, so I guess so...
: Okay then, I vote for Byakuya!
: ...

Is that it, then? Chihiro was killed in the girls locker room, and Byakuya's the one who did it? Really? But still...I don't know what else I can do...

: ...Hold on a second. I agree with you, though. I think you're on the right track.
: What the--? You finally decide to open your mouth, and *that's* what you've got to say? There's no way she could get in the boys locker room, right!? So--!
: Why are you so sure she couldn't get in? There still one other way she could have gained access.
: ...What!?
: What are you talking about!? What other way is there!?
: Well, to explain that, why don't we take a little break from the trial? I'd like you all to come see something.

: Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait! Just what do you think you're doing!?
: Don't worry. This'll make the whole trial more exciting. I'm sure that thought must please you?
: Huh? It'll make things more exciting?
: Well alright then! I declare an official class trial recess!
: Huh? For real?
: Now then, what is it you wanna show us? It better not be boring, or I'll be VERY unhappy...!

: Oh, I have no doubt it'll meet your lofty expectations. So, shall we go?