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Part 47: Trial 2, Part 4

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So before I even knew what was happening, the class trial had been put on hold... We headed off, with Kyoko in the lead. And where she took us was...

: ...The girls locker room?
: We've already searched this place top to bottom! What are you trying to pull, missy!?
: I'd like you to examine the victim's body, one more time.

You want to check it again...?

: Be sure to examine the entire body very carefully. Take your time.
: Examine her...carefully? Like, using our hands?
: Nowaynowaynowaynoway!
: It's...probably best if I don't run my hands all over a girl's dead body...
: I-It's not that I'm creeped out or anything. It's just...based on religious grounds, ya know...?

: ...Very well. I'll do it.
: B-But you're a girl. You shouldn't have to touch a dead body. Just let one of the boys do it...
: No, it's okay. I think Chihiro would rather have a girl examine her. So just leave this to me...
: S-Sakura...

: What is this, some kind of secret girl-on-girl action!? Is that what you two are about!?
: That's not it at all! Stop screwin' around!

: Okay, here I go... I'm sorry, Chihiro. Please excuse the intrusion...

Putting her hands together in a brief prayer, Sakura then began to quietly examine her body.

: Be sure to check her entire body, and I believe we will solve this particular mystery.
: Her entire body...? I know you say that, but...

Music fades out.

: What--? This is... What does this m--?

: Huaaaaaaahhh!
: What is it!?

: Not possible... It's not possible!

Sakura's eyes were staring wildly at Chihiro's lifeless form. Her massive frame trembled.

: This...this girl is...!
: Is what!?

: a boy!
: Ah, I see. So "she" was actually a he. Interesting. Thank you for confirming this fact.
: ...You're joking, right?
: I wouldn't joke about this!
: Th-Th-Then... Then it's really true!?

: Chihiro was...a guy?
: Hmm? Oh what, you guys didn't know? Heck, I knew that right off the bat!
: Chihiro Fujisaki was totally a guy!
: Th-Then...he was a cross-dresser!? Now I'm REALLY on fire! I wish I HAD killed him!

: So that's what Kyoko wanted to show everyone, huh? Interesting...
: ...
: Puhuhu. Yes, that certainly does make things much more exciting!
: Now let's ride this wave of excitement back to the courtroom and get back to the trial!

: Ahem! I do apologize for keeping you waiting. Now then, let's resume the class trial! We've all just learned of the shocking revelation that Chihiro was actually a boy! Let's pick up from there!
: Yes, well...I don't know his reason for hiding it, but the fact is, Chihiro was not a girl, but a boy.

To think that Chihiro...was actually a guy. The thought had never even crossed my mind...

: And because the victim was male, he would have had no problem gaining access to the boys locker room.

: Assuming his handbook did, in fact, list his gender as male...then yes, that would be true.
: Of course his handbook said he was a boy! He dressed like a girl, but he was a boy through and through!
: So then, there should be no issue with Makoto's initial assertion... The victim was killed in the boys locker room, and was then later moved to the girls locker room. And the killer could have easily used Sayaka or Junko's handbook to get into the girls locker room.
: So Chihiro really was killed in the boys locker room!?

: I still don't understand the motive for moving the body, but...yes, that does seem plausible.
: Well...I must admit, I did find it rather odd... I knew he felt a There was a certain incongruity to his "female" body.
: This is a most titillating situation!
: So now everything has been connected. All the mysteries have finally become clear.

: Okay, well, connected or clear or whatever... We still think *you're* the killer, remember?
: Hmhm. Very interesting. This has become very interesting indeed...
: Ahh, he's off in his own little world...
: What about you, Makoto? After everything we've learned, do you still think Byakuya's the killer?
: Well, without a doubt Byakuya's the one that made Chihiro's death look like Genocide Jack did it.

: But...but I... I think he might not actually be the killer after all.
: What? But aren't you the one who accused him in the first place?
: He just seems to be too...easygoing about all this. Like he's enjoying us solving the mystery. The way he's acting, it makes it seem like it doesn't have anything to do with him.
: And you think that might be because it *doesn't* have anything to do with him?
: Plus, the evidence he left behind was a little can I put it? Overt. He consciously chose to use the extension cord, knowing it could connect him to the murder. At least, that's how I see it...
: ...
: And Byakuya, when you found out the murder took place in the boys locker room, it seemed to rattle you. And then again when you found out Chihiro was actually a guy... If you really were the killer, that stuff wouldn't have had any effect on you.

: So that's your thinking, huh? Well, it bothers me that you don't have more concrete reasons, but...
: It's fine. I guess I'll mark it as correct, for the time being.
: Mark it as...correct?
: He's right. I am not the culprit. I just happened to come across the corpse in the girls locker room, and decided to alter it.

: Are you fucking with us right now...?
: No, I am not...effing with you right now. I'm telling you the truth.
: Well I find it very hard to believe!
: Go ahead, find it very hard to believe. You're free to be executed along with the rest of us.
: If you're really telling the truth, then...why? Why'd you do that to his body?
: My reasons hardly matter right now. Uncovering the culprit is much more important, wouldn't you say?
: Now then...if it wasn't me, who was it?
: W-Well...I don't think I can say for sure without talking about it a little more.

: We're seriously gonna keep going? We're all good, aren't we? I thought it was clear Byakuya did it!
: No, I'm with Makoto. If there's any doubt whatsoever, we need to explore every possibility. Because if we're wrong, we all die here.
: ...That's true. Very well then, I'm with you, too.
: Damn straight! Count me in!
: Do you not have a mind of your own!?
: Of course I do! What am I, an ant or something'?

: Anyway, let's discuss this all as a group one more time. We still have to make our decision.
: That's very true...
: Our lives are all on the line...
: Excellent! Then shall we resume our game of hide and seek?

But if Byakuya didn't do it then who's the real killer? Who murdered Chihiro? There's one thing we can be sure that we know about the killer...

> The killer is a guy

Since the crime scene was the boys locker room, you would need a boy's handbook to get in... Since Leon's handbook is apparently broken, the killer would have had to use their own. In other had to have been a guy. But that's still not enough... I need to find some more clues.

: Isn't there a single clue that might lead us to who did it?
: Well, clues are one thing, but...
: Did nobody get a look at the killer!?
: I'm sure is someone saw the killer, they woulda said something by now...
: Perhaps someone saw the victim at some point. Even that might be enough for now...
: Yeah, all we need right now is any kinda new info.
: It's over... It's all over...! You wanna know who saw the victim? The killer! And only the killer... And it's not like they're just gonna turn themselves in... Game over, man! Game over!
: Hyaaaah! No! Not game over!

Not only do we have no info on the killer, but nobody even saw the victim before he died... that actually true?

: We spoke with someone during the investigation that said they had seen Chihiro last night!

> Shoot "And only the killer" with "Celeste's Account"

: I shot the weak spot with the Silencer in the video before firing the Truth Bullet, making me lose 10 seconds. This was entirely demonstrative and not at all an accident.

: I believe someone else did see the victim before he was murdered. What do you think, Celeste?
: Now that you mention it, yes. I did see him.
: Huh? Really?
: Oh, but I suppose only Makoto knows about this.
: The rest of you had no idea, did you? That is why you're all making such ugly noises.
: Whatever, just hurry up and tell us!
: It was last night, right before nighttime. I saw the dormitory warehouse.

: I saw him stuffing a track jacket into a duffel bag. And then, I assume, he headed off to exercise.

: A track jacket and a duffel bag? But we didn't find anything like that at the murder scene!
: It seems likely that the culprit destroyed them to get rid of any evidence...
: And that's when he said something that struck me as rather odd...

: Well...I'd better get going. I'm kind of in a hurry.

: Chihiro told me he was "in a hurry." But why would he be in a hurry? Only if someone were waiting for him, I should think.
: So Mr. Fujisaki was on his way to meet with someone, and then they were going to work out together...?
: But Hina and I had invited him to exercise with us plenty of times, and he always declined...

: Probably cuz he was afraid you'd find out the secret he was hiding, right?
: Which means that conversely, he must have trusted whoever he was meeting with very much. Enough so that he was willing to risk his secret being revealed...
: Uhuhu! What a marvelous friendship!
: The point is, whoever he met up with is the culprit, right? So we just gotta figure out who it was!
: But knowing what we know, I can't even guess...

: ...No, you already have what you need to make the connection.
: Huh...?
: You know who the killer is.
: S-Seriously!?
: Wh-Who is it!? Who's the killer!?
: Think back to the track jacket and duffel bag the killer disposed of. Focus on the details of these items, and it should become obvious who was waiting for him.
: ...Are you sure about that?

: You really think we can figure out who did it based on two pieces of evidence that we don't have?

: What, you wanna track down some fingerprints or something?
: Even if we had the equipment for that, we wouldn't know how to use it!
: As was noted, the evidence is already gone. There's nothing to get fingerprints *from*.
: Maybe, but we *can* make certain inferences, if we just take the time to talk it out.

: Easy for you to say... But fine--Celeste, did you notice anything special about the bag or jacket?
: The bag was...just a normal duffel bag from the warehouse.
: All the bags in there are the same, so I can't imagine what would make that one special...
: Well, if I remember right, there was a decent variety of tracksuits to choose from... Do you think there might be some connection between the culprit and Chihiro's jacket?
: Perhaps. Let's explore that, and talk a bit more about the jacket he took.

Does Chihiro's track jacket really hold some clue about the killer?'s really hard to believe...