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Part 50: Trial 2, Part 7

: The discussion might be over but like the first trial, the post-discussion scenes have a lot of unique voice clips and animations. Once again, a video is provided if you'd like to watch this portion of the trial instead of reading it.

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: Uh-oh... This time it looks got it right again! Yes, it is so. The blackened that killed Chihiro Fujisaki was Mondo Owaaadaaaa!
: ...
: In case you're wondering, the vote was NOT unanimous. Kiyotaka chose the wrooong answer! You're treading very close to the danger zone, Mr. Ishimaru! You need to be more careful!

: I-I refuse to believe it... There's no way he would kill someone!
: Sorry...
: Wh-Why are you apologizing!?
: Why!? Why why why why why!? WHYYY!? Wh...why?

: Why did you do it!?
: ...
: Well, it looks like Mondo's taken a vow of silence, so allow me to explain on his behalf...
: The story of murder this the sad story of two men. Oh, but for anyone who doesn't really wanna hear it you can hit the Circle button to fast-forward the text!

: Anyway, there was once a young boy... And his name was Chihiro Fujisaki.

: He had an extreme inferiority complex regarding his own lack of strength. "You're so weak, even though you're a boy!" He'd heard things like that as long as he could remember, and he couldn't overcome his weakness. On the contrary, he tried to hide and buried himself further and further into that weakness to take on the fragile form of a petite young girl. He had chosen that as his way out.

: Now nobody will be able to say anything about "even though you're a boy"...
: But no matter how tightly he wrapped himself up in that shell, the inferiority complex had already taken root deep inside of him, and was not so easily weeded out. As it turned out, the shell was completely empty. The complex didn't disappear. Instead, it only grew stronger and stronger.

: I'm...weak...
: Weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak, weak...!

: Once the killing game had begun here at the school, he had no choice but to accept this fact. After all, this world is survival of the fittest. If you're not strong, you don't survive.

: And then the lovely and hateful Monokuma announced the revealing of the embarrassing secrets. Which, of course, included Chihiro's embarrassing secret, which I was more than willing to divulge...

"Even though he dresses like a girl, Chihiro is actually a boy."

: And that was something Chihiro couldn't let anyone find out, no matter the cost. If that was revealed, it would be the end. The hardened shell would crack, the armor would fall away. Without a doubt, those around him would torture him more than ever before. Everyone figured being thrust into such a dilemma must have sent him spiraling into despair.
: And yet...!

: Um...s-sorry, I don't really want to talk about it right now.
: But I also don't want to leave things the way they are. So maybe I can talk about it later... After I try my become strong... Then I can tell everyone.

: Annoyingly, he used the threat of discovery to motivate himself to become stronger!
: Now's my chance... I'm going to get stronger...and accept who I am... Strong enough so that when someone says "even though you're a boy" I'll be okay. I'll get better!
: With that thought at the front of his mind, he resolved to take immediate action. And so...

: That day, he made the committment to begin exercising. He was prepared to retrain his mind and body. But sadly... That would be the first and only chance he would get at it!

: When he'd decided to start exercising, he thought it would be good to ask for someone's help. But he wanted to tell that person his secret first, and then ask them to help him from there. And the person he went to...

: It was me...!
: Yup, it sure was!
: The biker gang fella had been painfully clear about how important his manly promises were. So Chihiro probably figured that even if he confided in Mondo, his honor would make him keep the secret.
: ...
: Plus, Mr. Macho Mondo was the very symbol of a strong man that Chihiro had always aspired to.

: Maybe talking to Mondo about it will help give me some courage...
: So he went and asked Mondo to help him become strong!
: That was his aspiration... And he thought that only with Mondo's support would he ever be able to come close to that.

: So then, that must be why Mondo did what he did--to keep the promise he'd made to Chihiro.
: Huh? Did what he did? You mean...? That's why Mondo carried Chihiro from the boys locker room into the girls locker room?
: Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
: Wasn't that to cover up what he'd done?
: That could have been part of it, but I don't think it was the main reason. The real purpose was to keep the promise between men he'd made to Chihiro.

: does moving the body keep his secret?
: Because if everyone knew he'd been killed in the boys locker room then everyone would have been arguing about how "she" got into the *boys* locker room, right? Once that started up, at least a few of us would have immediately begun to suspect his identity. So, he tried to protect Chihiro's secret by putting him in the girls locker room and stealing his handbook. See?
: Then...Mondo did all that to keep the promise he'd made to Chihiro...who he'd also killed?
: ...

: Why...would that?
: The more I hear you talk, the more I don't understand! I mean, you guys trusted each other, right!?
: So why? Why did you...?

: ... matter what, I didn't want anyone to know...
: So that's what triggered it, after all.

: The possibility of having your embarrassing memories and secrets exposed...

: Th-That's impossible! Nothing could have been that bad! Something he didn't want anyone to know, even if it meant killing someone...? It's impossible!
: How many times must I repeat myself? To judge others by your own standard is the height of folly. Even if you can't comprehend it, he obviously can. That's all there is to it.
: Well, while we're on the subject...why don't I tell you? That embarrassing memory, that secret he didn't want anyone to know... You know what Mondo did?

: He killed his own brother!

: Gh--!

: Mondo, the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader, makes all the hoodlums and riff-raff across the country tremble... But the only reason he had the chance to join a gang in the first place was because of a certain someone.

: Mondo's older brother's name was Daiya Owada. Mondo had nothing but respect for him. It was because of Daiya that Mondo ever got on a motorcycle.

: Mondo's older brother was his only family growing up. He was the only one Mondo could trust, or respect. He wanted to measure up to his big brother, so he imitated him in everything he did. Mondo was the epitome of the starry-eyed kid brother.
: Meanwhile, the charismatic older brother had put together a local motorcycle gang...and before anyone knew it, it had grown into the biggest biker gang in the country. Daiya, the older brother, number one in the gang. And his number two, his younger brother, Mondo. In the beginning, everything was peaches and gravy. But when Mondo started to think about how he would have to take over the gang from his brother someday his brother's greatness, his reputation, began to gnaw on Mondo's very soul!

"The kid's gonna take over for Daiya, huh?"

"Daiya created this gang with his bare hands! Mondo's just along for the ride!"

"Can someone like that really be our leader?"

"All that'll do is make the gang look bad."

: Almost every day, Mondo heard the gossip and whispers of the other members of the gang. Which is why...
: I gotta get stronger...stronger than Daiya. Once...just one time... No matter what, I gotta win...

: I don't care what it takes, I gotta come out on top!
: And on the night of his amazing brother's retirement ceremony, Mondo challenged him to a street race!

: But during the race, tragedy struck...

: The kid brother pushed ahead with reckless abandon, eager for victory, and dashed into oncoming traffic. But suddenly...!

Music cuts out, screeching tires and honking horns

: Laying in his kid brother's arms, the older brother delivered his final words...
: M-My bad, kid... I fucked up. Sorry.
: Of course he knew it was his brother's fault, but Daiya never blamed him for what happened.
: Hey, kid... The rest is up to you. No matter what, you gotta keep the gang together. Cuz it's the and me put together. It's...a pr... a promise...between men...

: He decided to hide the truth of what happened from everyone else in the gang. In order to keep the gang together, and keep the promise to his brother, he could never admit to anyone that it was his own weakness that had caused the accident! And as a result...

: ...the team was made even stronger, under the banner of the kid who'd bested his big brother. "Daiya was gonna lose to his kid brother, so he got stupid and got himself killed." That became the explanation for what happened. Mondo's lie became the truth. He wanted to lead the team so bad, he was willing to tell all kinds of lies about his brother!

: I'm...strong...
: Strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong...!
: And yet...

: As soon as our killing game began, he realized no matter how tough he pretended to be, he was just another weakling that could die in an instant.

: And then the lovely, the hateful Monokuma announced the revealing of the embarrassing secrets. At that point, it was clear I would have no problem shedding light on his secret...

"Mondo killed his own older brother."

: N-No matter what...I couldn't let the other gang members find out. If that happened, everything would have been ruined... Everything me and my brother had worked to create...woulda been destroyed... His death...all the guilt I'd been carrying all woulda been for nothing. So that's why...

: That's why I...I...!
: Mondo...
: After I saw what Monokuma had on me my head filled up with a kind of fuzzy uneasiness, and just started swirlin' around. I'd never felt anything like it before.
: I didn't know what to do about it. I wasn't sure what to think of say. But after a while, that fuzzy uneasiness...

Music cuts out.

: Turned itself into a rock-hard lump of anxiety, way down in my stomach...! And it was right around then that Chihiro asked me to start working out with him. And right there, I... He told me a secret.

: Seriously? Jesus...
: Y-Yeah... I'm sorry I lied to you.
: But...why? Why now? Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?
: ...Huh?
: Cuz I've kept that secret all this time, right? If anyone found would...
: Y-You're right, but...

: ...I want to change. I wrapped myself in lies. I'm weak. I want to destroy that version of me forever!
: His words were like a knife in my gut... I felt like he was exposing the lie I'd been living myself.
: I have to change. I don't want to be weak anymore.

: You're so strong, it can't hurt you, right? Whatever secret Monokuma might tell us...
: ...So, what? You're saying I should just say it?

: You're saying if I really am, I should just be able to tell everyone my secret?
: Huh...?
: I was...jealous. I was jealous of Chihiro's strength. He had the strength to face his own weakness, to try and overcome it...! It was the kind of strength I've never had... So I was jealous of him. And that jealously...broke me.
: Are you making fun of me? I'm strong? Are you fucking with me right now?

: I-I'm not making fun of you. You really are strong, Mondo...
: I felt like I could hear something starting to...creak. Something...inside my head.
: What did he want me to do? What was I *supposed* to do? Was I supposed to just sit back, let my secret get revealed, and ruin everything...?

: Wh...what's wrong?
: Why did you have to tell me all that? Are you trying to rub my failure in my face?
: N-No, I just...really admire you. I admire...your strength...
: That's right... I *am* strong... Strong... I'm strong...!
: Strong, strong, strong, strong, strong, strong!
: Stronger than you!

Music cuts out.

: And stronger than Daaaaiiiyaaaaa!!!

: I don't remember anything after that...

: When I woke up again, he was laying at my feet...covered in blood... I had the dumbbell in my hand...and I was just starting at him...down on the ground...
: H-Hey...
: ...I...killed him. I killed Chihiro. Even after all this time, I'm still just as weak as I've always been!

: And thanks to that, I did something I can never take back...!

Mondo... He was normally so aggressive, so angry... He hid that weak side away from everyone. That was his secret... A weakness that lived in a heart like his...and it turned him cold-blooded... Goddammit!

: Ahh-hahaha! Look at him! You see? You're all just like him! For a secret from the past, for a memory... For that, he killed another living human in cold blood!
: He couldn't cut free of his regrets from the outside world. He doesn't know what true strength is. Do you see hope anywhere in there!? Cuz I sure don't!
: You...bastard!

: Just shut up, you son of a bitch! Go ahead, say that again, I dare you!
: Okay! I'll say it as many times as I want! what I want to say, but...

Music cuts out.

: ...unfortunately, I can't do that right now! Because the time for punishing is fast approaching!
: P-Punishing...?

: You mean...execution...!?
: That's what I promised you, right? The blackened that disturbs the peace will be punished.
: H-Hold on!
: Now then, I've prepared a very special punishment for Mondo Owada, the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader!
: N-No, wait! Wait!

: Let's give it everything we've got! It's...PUNISHMENT TIIIME!


No Music.

: ... Sorry, man... I couldn't keep the promise we made... from one man to another...