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Part 52: Free Time Roundup #3

School Mode Free Time Roundup #3: Mondo Owada

: With his memory fresh in our heads, let's say goodbye to Mondo by finishing out his final Free Time Event. Mondo's FTE chain consists of four events and we've seen three of them so far. The first two were back in Chapter 2 Daily Life, Part 6 and the third was in the latter half of Chapter 2 Daily Life, Part 9.
: This Free Time is actually not done through the School Mode but was actually recorded alongside the main playthrough since the timing lined up properly. And yes, I know I haven'y done Junko's events yet, I just haven't recorded them.
: We can find Mondo in the laundry room once again.

: Huh? What, you want somethin'?

> Spend some time with Mondo

: You wanna chill with me, huh? Gotcha...
: Wanna throw down!? Let's dance, shitbird!

I had a very exciting time with Mondo... Mondo and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Royal Curry: A curry pack made for kids. It's made with expensive, high-quality ingredients you wouldn't expect from a kid's food.

: Huh? I can have this? Thanks, man!

Does that mean he liked it?

: This more uncertain response from Makoto actually means I gave Mondo a present he likes, not loves. Each present in the game has 4 categories it can fall into per character: Love it, Like it, Neutral and Hate it. If you give a character a "Love it" or "Like it" present, they will accept it and immediately start the Free Time. If you give them a "Neutral" present, you might need to give them a second present before the event will start. I don't know what happens with a "Hate it" present because I've never tried it.
: Up until now I've been using "Love it" presents for Free Times just because I had them available for characters. This time I didn't have a new one to give Mondo without giving him a duplicate. Giving a duplicate gift doesn't actually matter but for variety's sake I went with a "Like it" present since mechanically it doesn't really matter.

: Hey Makoto, could you come with me for a second?
: Huh? Where are we going?

: My room. I wanna talk to you.
: In your room...?
: Just come with me...
: O-Okay...

Mondo dragged me to his room.

: ...Listen, can I talk to you about something important?
: Important...?

: It's kind of cheesy, but...there isn't really anyone else here I can talk to about this kinda stuff. I can't show weakness in front of my classmates, and I've never had a friend on the same level as me... you mind?
: Yeah, I mean if you're okay talking to me...

: Listen, do you like being a high school?
: Huh? Sure, it's fun. But why are you asking that out of the blue like this?

: I like it too, ya know. I like screwin' around with my friends and stuff. Whenever I get to go out and run wild with my Crazy Diamond crew, it's such a goddamn rush... I mean sure, there was a shit-ton of pressure to build up the gang and everything, but still... Gettin' to hang with them was the fuckin' best, man.

: But I've been thinking a lot lately... What's gonna happen when I'm done with high school? Everyone in the Crazy Diamonds is gonna graduate. I gave everything to them. What do I do then? And I'm not smart like the rest of you... College? Not a chance. So I gotta get a job, right?

: I feel like...maybe I've already done whatever I'm gonna do in life. Maybe I've maxed out... It's like I'm...empty now. I dunno, I can't figure out how to say it... The point is, that's how big a part of my life the Crazy Diamonds have been. So when I think about not having that around anymore...

: ...I get scared. Maybe that's why I came here in the first place, to run away. To run away from the fear...
: Mondo...

: And maybe this is my punishment for everything up till now. Maybe I'm being punished for just doing whatever I felt like all my life.
: I don't think that's what this is... I think you're lucky to have something you're so passionate about. Being able to get into something that much... I'm sure that'll be useful later on in life.
: ...Shit, Makoto. You want me to put on a suit or some shit?

: But...maybe you're right... Maybe having as much fun as I did, means I'll be able to dedicate myself to working hard from now on.

: You know, when I think about it...maybe it won't be all that bad! Maybe I'm even starting to look forward to the idea of working. Just a little...
: So, what kind of job would you want to get?
: Oh, I wanna be a carpenter for sure! I figure, I've done such a good job of busting shit apart, I'd prolly be good at building it, too!

: Just watch! I'm gonna become the best carpenter you've ever seen!
: Well, it's you, so I'm sure you can do it.

: Course, that means we gotta get outta here first...
: Well, as long as we work hard and don't give up...
: Yeah, you're right.

I'm glad I got to talk to Mondo like this. I feel like I've come to understand Mondo a lot better... I think we've finally become friends in the truest sense of the word.

: This final Free Time gives us Skill Points +1. It also completes Mondo's Report Card and gives us a Playstation trophy called "Rebel Without a High School Degree."

Mondo Owada's Character Art