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Part 56: Joke Update #1

Joke Update #1

FPzero posted:

A couple interesting things I noticed in the bonus scene:

First, Toko's actually in the background of the picture despite not being with the group as these events unfolded. At the start of the next update she's not with them either and no one mentions her. I'm guessing it was an inconsistency on the game's part. Now why she's flying through the air in the background is another mystery. Maybe she just slipped on the soap. The second thing I noticed is that this is one of the few places in the game you can see Celeste's hair drills are missing. I don't know where it's specifically mentioned ingame (it might only be mentioned in artbooks or maybe in the FTEs I've never done with her) but her drill hair is actually fake. Apparently they are clip-on hairpieces and she just clips them onto her head.

Cyouni posted:

You can see the soap also flying near Toko's foot.

Now I'm imagining a FTE where exactly one of [Celeste's] clip-on drills falls off.

Bonus Free Time Event: Celestia Ludenburg

: ...
: ...
: ...
: ...
: This FTE gives you zero Skill Points.