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Part 57: Free Time Roundup #4

School Mode Free Time Roundup #4: Junko Enoshima

: Today we'll be doing Junko's FTE chain. Her chain is three parts long and so far we haven't begun any of it so this update will include all three parts.

> Spend time together

: Oooh... Are you asking me out on a DATE!?
: Ahaha! You're such a little cutie!

I guess I went on a date with Junko... Junko and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Golden Airplane: A golden sculpture said to represent a place of spaceship. It was found in ruins in Colombia dated to around 1,000 CE, indicating to some that this represents an "OOPArt."

: Admit it, Makoto. You didn't just give me this to be nice, did you...?
: Well, whatever! Works for me!

Seeing Junko so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: Listen, I just wanna make this clear right up front. Don't get the wrong idea about any of this, okay?
: Huh? What do you mean?
: I *mean* I hope you're not expecting anything from me. Gotta keep my virtue safe, ya know?
: ...Huh? Wait, you mean...? N-No, I'm not expecting anything like that.

: I figured. You're not that kinda guy, right? Looking at you, I get a total "omega male" vibe.
: But still, they say even the tamest guy can turn into a wild animal. So I figured I'd say it anyway.

A wild animal...?

: Don't ask me why, but I seem to attract guys like that.

It's probably because she's so, um...flashy...

: They call me up super late at night all like, "Hey, let's hang!" Like I don't know what that means!

"Let's hang." It sounds so simple... But why super late at night? And why's Junko seem annoyed at it...?

> Hang out

: Oh! You just meant hanging out.
: Huh? Did you just come to a decision or something?
: Oh,, forget it.

: Anyway, so we all get together, but the whole group's full of dumbasses! Keeping creepos like that away is like a full-time job, ya know?
: Yeah, it must be tough. I mean, you're a model and all, so you must be really popular.
: Wow, Makoto. You...actually get it.

: You *do* get it, right? You totally get me!
: Listen, maybe I can introduce you to some of my friends sometime! So, what's your type? You're super passive, right? So you need an aggressive girl!
: Yeah, I think that'd be good for you! Someone who'll go after you and not give up!
: N-No, I don't really...
: I'll find the perfect girl for you as soon as we get outta here! Ehehe! I hope you're as excited as I am! *leaves*

Junko seemed really excited as she walked away... I don't really get it, but...I guess she likes hanging out with me?

: This conversation gives us Skill Points +1.

: The next part takes place in the physics lab. I've skipped some text here because it was the same up to when I give her a present.

> Yes, definitely

Overflowing Lunch Box: A lunch box stuffed with rice, ginger, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and more. It's meat-free, so you vegetarians out there are covered, too.

: This is just for me!?
: Heh-heh! Lemme give you a little peck on the cheek to say thanks!

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: God, I am seriously freaking bored...! I'm gonna die... I'm gonna die from being so bored!
: I'm infected! I've got terminal boredom disease!
: I-Is it really that bad...?

: I just hate being bored. Hate it! I never noticed how much I hate it. But once we got trapped in here, it finally hit me!

That's...pretty recent.

: I'd rather be living homeless on the street than stuck in here!
: Homeless...?

: Yeah, you know! Like, the hobo life! I've done it before, ya know.
: You have!?
: Yeah. It's...a long story.
: And now you're a model!?
: Well...that's a long story, too.

How many "long stories" do you have...?

: Seriously, if I had to choose between staying here and being homeless again, gimme the street!
: I...guess I can understand that. I mean, you're probably in more danger here than there...

: Oh, hell no! Homelessness is totally dangerous! You never know when a pack of wild animals might show up.
: Wild animals...?

: Oh, I don't mean literally. I mean people who attack the weak, who want to hurt you. The world's full of animals like that, ya know?
: But I think having to live like that made me way stronger.

Hearing someone with actual experience talk like that really has a lot of weight to it...

: Sorry, that kinda got weird, huh? All I was trying to say is when the hell are we gonna get out of here!?

: Hey, whatever dumb bastard trapped us in here, are you listening!? When are you gonna let us OUT!? Just tell us what we gotta do to get out of here! Hell, you can even just tell me! I know how to keep a secret!
: ...
: Nothin', huh? Pisses me off...
: Well, I mean...there's no way they'd make it that easy.
: ...
: But're not thinking of doing anything...drastic, are you?
: Drastic? Oh, you mean the whole "kill someone" thing?

: Haha! Don't worry, I could never kill someone!
: What, do I look like I would? Do I seriously look like a killer!?
: N-No, that's not what I meant. Really, you don't...
: Right? I don't, right!? But anyway, are you saying you were worried about me? Gotta say, Makoto...that's kinda cute. You almost killed me with cuteness there!
: ...Huh?
: C'mon, I'm just screwing with you! You didn't take it serious, did you!? But ya know...there's something about you. I don't get sick of talking to you, like I do most people. Let's hang out again sometime, 'kay? Ehehe! *leaves*

There was something playful about the way Junko walked away.

: I...still don't get her.

Am I getting played somehow...?

: This unlocks the skill Trance. Apparently it makes it easier to get up to a higher tempo in Bullet Time Battles by reducing how large a combo you need to speed up. I have no clue how useful it actually is because I've never used it before but it doesn't sound particularly helpful.
: For the third part, School Mode put the conversation into a room we haven't seen yet so I'm just going to reuse the pictures from the physics lab.

: I don't mind hanging out. But you better keep me entertained!

I spent some time with Junko. Junko and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Rose In Vitro: A small rose stored inside a test tube. It's good for both hellos and farewells. In the language of flowers, a red rose means passionate love.

: Admit it, Makoto. You didn't just give me this to be nice, did you...?
: Well, whatever! Works for me!

Seeing Junko so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: Hey, Makoto? Can I tell you something? I mean, you and you alone...
: Just me? What is it...?
: My true intentions.
: Huh...?
: To be honest, I'm kinda fed up with all this. We're all ultimates, right? So we get carried away and rush face-first into stuff... Even I have to wonder if it's okay to live like that...
: Are you thinking of quitting modeling or something?

: ...Dreams are meant to change as you grow up, right? Depending on where you're at--kindergarden, elementary school, junior high, high school...
: But I've had the same dream since I was a little kid, and I've been rushing toward it ever since. So I've never really had to think all that hard about my dreams.
: But what's wrong with that? It just means you still feel the same way about it, right?
: That's what I used to think. But if it doesn't change, your possibilities can't grow, right? That's how new opportunities are born.
: And up until now, I never did that. I never let my dreams grow... All I saw was that one dream. I put everything I had into that one narrow little world... I feel like there's so much more I could be doing that I'm not, and I don't like that feeling... So I think I'm going to start looking for it... Is it childish of me to think like that? Am I just being a baby?
: No, not at all... I'm the same way. I'm still trying to figure out what it is I want to do. And sometimes I feel like I'll never find it... I feel like maybe I'll spend the rest of my life looking for it... But I'm not sure it's even about finding it or not finding it. Maybe the important thing is that you're *looking* for it.

: Makoto, you... You actually sounded kinda cool just now!
: N-No, that's not what I was trying to--
: But you could be right.
: Getting lost can be a good thing! As long as you're looking for it, maybe that's enough to be happy...

: Yeah. I'm gonna remember what you said. Thanks, Makoto...
: S-Sure...

: In return, I promise that if I do decide to kill someone, it won't be you!
: D-Don't say scary stuff like that!
: Ehehe!

I'm glad I was able to talk to Junko like this. I think I understand her a lot better now... I feel like maybe we've finally become friends in the truest sense of the word.

: But before I can do what you said, I gotta get out of here first! So I'm definitely gonna find out how to get out...!

Maybe if she stopped yelling at nobody about how to get out, she'd find a way... Well, I guess it's okay. She can do things however she wants. After such a nice conversation with Junko, I went back to my room.

: This unlocks the skill Charisma. If you've taken damage during a trial, this skill will replenish more of your Influence Gauge than you usually get back from answering questions correctly. It's a useful skill if you're playing through the first time, except that to get it you basically have to know Junko has it from the start. You have to devote all three of the Free Times in Chapter 1 to her, which I doubt most newcomers would do. Good skill, badly hidden.
: Finishing Junko's FTEs gives you a star on her Report Card and a Playstation bronze trophy titled Memoirs of a Fashionista.

Junko Enoshima's Character Art