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Part 59: Chapter 3 Daily Life, Part 5

: We have a Free Time to spend today. Once again, I spent some time at the School Store trying to get more presents. I still didn't manage to get the special present that triggers another small bonus scene. I have a feeling it's set to be a very, very rare present that isn't dependent on the actual Repeat % counter in the minigame. I've yet to see it show up for me on any playthrough I've done so far.
: As for who we're seeing today, he might be The Biggest Asshole but let's try and figure out what makes Byakuya tick. Plus, I wanted to do his events in Chapter 2 but he was too busy reading books for the entirety of it to do Free Times with. In case you've forgotten what his first event was, we did his first one in Chapter 1 Daily Life, Part 6.

: I can't help but wonder who will commit the next murder...
: What do you think, Makoto? Who is going to kill whom?

> Spend some time with Byakuya

: It pains me to watch you. Do you really desire my affection so much? Hmph. You're free to do what you will.

I ignored the insults, and spent some time with Byakuya. Byakuya and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Civet Coffee: Made from an extremely rare and expensive coffee bean collected from the dung of the Asian palm civet. It has a unique fragrance...

: bastard! How did you get your hands on this!? Even the collective force of the entire Togami Corporation wouldn't be enough to obtain this gem!
: I...I'm going to hold on to this!

Seeing Byakuya so pleased with something I gave him makes me happy!

: I love this goofy reaction. Stuff like this makes you realize that despite how he presents himself he's still human in some ways.

: Just to be clear, being the Ultimate Affluent Progeny is only one of my many talents. Some people think I rely on the care and protection of the Togami name.

Huh? Is this a monologue or something...?

: But I don't rely on my family. Rather, I am my family's savior. The Togami Corporation reaches across the world, true, but I will take us to even greater heights. It is expected of me, naturally. After all, even my own family has recognized my ultimate superiority.
: In other words, even among the Togami family, I am the chosen among the chosen.
: So much confidence...

: And that confidence is justified, I assure you. It comes from the battles I've fought and won.
: Battles...?
: I am personally worth over 4 billion dollars, separate from my Togami family assets.
: H-How the heck did you make that much money!?

: The stock market. I buy and sell shares and assets, based on market trends, all within a single day.
: Surely even someone as simple-minded as you has heard of this technique.

So he buys and sells stuff on the stock market, doing everything in a single day. I think that's called...

> Day trading

: You're talking about day trading, right? And you were able to make 4 billion dollars doing that?

: Well, I first started doing it just to keep myself occupied, and before I knew it...there it was. It's really not a big deal.

I'd say it's a SUPER big deal!

: Wait, but are high schoolers even allowed to buy stocks and stuff?
: ...I'm Byakuya Togami.

Is that...meant to be an explanation?

: 4 billion dollars is nothing to the Togami Corporation, but for personal use, it's not bad. So now you understand, right? I'm not merely the child of modern-day nobility.
: You know, Byakuya... Maybe we should start calling you the Ultimate Day Trader!
: Oh, I don't do that anymore. It was too simple, so I got bored of it pretty quickly.

Jeez, do you realize how insulting that sounds to the rest of us...?

: Of course, that's how I feel about anything I do. Frankly, life is too easy. It's only natural for me to do whatever I want in this world.

Man, he really is confident. We're like worlds apart... *Galaxies* apart...

: Well, I only said he act human in *some* ways. Anyway, this FTE gives us another Skill Point.

Still reeling from Byakuya's story, I went back to my room.

I've still got some time. What should I do...?

*Ding dong*

: Huh? Sounds like someone's here.

: ...
: T-Taka!
: ... ... ...Is it true? Can I really...see Chihiro?
: Huh? You mean Alter Ego?
: He's...still alive?
: N-No...not quite...
: Let me see... I want to him...
: T-Taka...

The way he is now, there's no way I can explain what's going on to him... Kyoko said we're not allowed to use Alter Ego. But...even so...

: ...

I can't just leave him here like this.

: Okay, why don't we get going...?
: ...

: Kyoko's out in the hall.
: Where are you going?
: Huh?
: It's probably best if you don't drag him around with you too much, given his current condition.

Kyoko looked at Taka, standing behind me.

: Y-Yeah, I know that... But I was getting kinda hungry. I thought we could head to the dining hall or warehouse or something...
: Well then, I guess that's okay. *leaves*

I thought I saw a brief flicker of doubt. But maybe it was just my imagination...

: Funny enough, Jill's also out here.

: Is that...Toko?
: Hmmm? What are you two up to?
: Ahhhhh~! Don't tell me you're gonna--you're gonna--!?
: Having lost his new "brother," Taka is ripe for the taking. So Makoto swoops in to steal him away...!
: Am I on fire...? Kyeeehahahaha!

I severely regretted talking to Genocide Jack, even if by accident.

: But that doesn't matter right now! Have you seen Byakuya!?
: Huh? N-No, I haven't...
: Ahh, good heavens! My love is being pushed to the limit! Kyeehahaha! *leaves*

I almost feel bad for him...

No Music.

: ...

: Okay, so...there's a laptop inside the locker, understand? And on the laptop there's a program called Alter Ego.
: How do to him?
: O-Oh, um... Well, you just tell me what you want to say, and I'll type it in for you.
: ...

: Do you...hate Mondo? And since I couldn't stop you hate me?

It was clear he was forcing himself to get the words out. From his mouth, to the bottom of his heart...he forced his weakened voice to make the sounds.

: ...Please.
: O-Okay...

I typed the questions exactly as Taka had asked them. And then...

: ...Do you hold yourself responsible...?
: If Master could talk now, I think this is what he would say... Please, live your life for the both of us. It's impossible for me now, but you can still survive and escape--all of you.
: ...
: Hey, Taka...

I was about to say more, but quickly closed my mouth...

: The one asking those questions is...Taka, right? Analyzing all available data, that's the only conclusion I can come to. Master told me how close Taka and Mondo had become. So that must be why he fells responsible...

The screen suddenly went dark. And what appeared next was...

: You're not letting yourself get crushed under the weight of that responsibility, are you!?
: Gh--!
: A man's only worth as much as the load he can carry! You get it, right bro? Hell, what am I saying? Of course ya do!
: ...
: Th-That's...!

: I'm sorry if I startled you... That was my attempt at a simulation, using the data about Mondo that Master had given me. I figured if Taka was depressed, that's the kind of thing Mondo would have said to him...
: So you're just gonna stand there, huh? Just wait for things to get better? Just take your time and get all depressed... Take the time to indulge your regrets... You might even start walking again without realizing it. Sure, that kind of mediocre thinking might work for some people.
: ...What if I said it with that kind of condescending tone!?

Music fades out.

: ... Hehe... Hahaha...
: Taka...?

: ... It's starting to sink in... The way a bucketful of water sinks into a bone-dry sponge...
: Huh...?
: Those words... Deep within my heart...! They're inside of me!

: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
: T-Taka!?

: Who the fudge is Taka!?
: Y-Your eyes...
: Hey, don't worry about it! Guess I caused kind of a scene, huh? Shoot, man...
: And your voice...
: I'm...a new me...

: Hraaah! I'm totally stuffed with fighting spirit now! Ya dumbbutt!
: O-Okay, Taka... Just calm down.
: I AM calm! And don't call me Taka! That's...that's not my name anymore...
: I'! I! Am! Meeeeeee! *leaves*

Taka let out a bone-chilling howl and ran out of the room.

: H-Hey! Taka, hold on!

And I took off after him... But someone stood in my way.

Music fades out.

As if tagging Taka out, she walked briskly into the dressing room.

: What do you think you're doing?
: K-Kyoko! Oh,, see...this is just--
: Don't go around doing whatever you feel like. It causes problems. And not just for me. For everyone.
: S-Sorry...
: If you're really sorry, you'll get out of here. Now.
: ... O-Okay...

Finally, I headed back to my room, embarrassed and sullen.

But still...what was with Taka's sudden freakout? I'm seriously worried about him...

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the doors to the dining hall will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

It's nighttime already. I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to figure out Taka's whole...thing. For now, time for sleep...

: You wanna know why I hate video games? You might not believe this, but I had a best friend once. Actually, he was my *only* friend. But unlike me, he had all kinds of friends. So me and him were at his house one day, when a big group of guys showed up to hang out. They'd just bought the latest big-budget video game. They sat there lost in the game, passing the controller back and forth, for hours. But not me... I just sat there watching. That's right, I just watched! What's wrong with that!? I didn't care! Just by watching, I was able to nail down all the best strategies! Even though I never actually played it! And I don't plan on ever playing it in the future, either!