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Part 67: Chapter 3 Daily Life, Part 12

Everything was covered in red. And in the center of all this red was...

: H-Hifumi...?

: I-It looks like something...very bad has happened...

: I certainly was not expecting this. I did not imagine that Hifumi would be murdered!
: M-Murdered!? You're not serious, are you!? He's not really dead, is he!?

*Ding dong, ding dong*

: A body has been discovered! After a certain amount of time, which you may use however you like, the class trial will begin!

: What the...?
: That was...the body discovery announcement.

The body discovery announcement... When three or more people discover a body after a murder, that's what plays. And since we just heard it, that means...

: It must mean... Hifumi... Someone killed him. One of us...
: One
: And look at that...

When Celeste said that, she pointed to something... Something on the floor... Something that had also been on the floor after the last two surprise attacks...

Another hammer... Justice Hammer 3... And it's even bigger than the other two...!

: Just as I suspected. One strike from that, and you're finished...
: Then the killer...

: There can be no doubt. The suspicious individual, going by what Hifumi called him... the culprit must be Robo Justice. Whoever's hiding in that costume is the one that killed Hifumi!
: But...wait... You saw him on the 3rd floor, right? Running back into the hall... So how did he end up in the nurse's office? You're not saying they, like, teleported or something, right?

: We can figure out that part later. Right now, we have to tell the others.
: Y-You're right.
: Then shall we go?

: ...
: Hina...snap out of it.
: ...Huh?
: Are you okay, Hina?
: S-Sorry...I'm not sure I can move right now... I-I'm feeling kinda...

: This is a problem. We can't just leave Hina here alone.
: Okay, then I'll go get everyone. You stay here with Hina!
: ...
: Very well. I leave it to you, then.
: Okay! I'll be back soon!

I tried to sound confident and upbeat, but...I still hadn't stopped trembling from what I'd just been through.

Everyone else is already on the 3rd floor. I have to hurry...!

This is where everyone was chasing after the suspicious individual. Where was he headed...?

: Celeste! What's wrong!?
: That was a rather...intense scream for someone like you.
: I saw him! The strange costumed man...! He ran off as soon as I screamed... I was blocking the stairs, so he headed further down into the hallway and disappeared...!

He ran off, going further down the hallway... Way into the back...of the hallway?

: The back of the hallway would be...the physics lab.

: ...

As far as I can tell, there's nobody here. But still...I feel some kind of presence... Yeah, I'm sure I can feel someone's presence...! This presence... Is it coming from over the back?

Music fades out.

I leapt through the doorway...

And when I did, I found...

...another nightmare.

The second nightmare of the day was waiting there to greet me.


There, in a pool of his own blood...was Taka. Dead.