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Part 69: Chapter 3 Deadly Life, Part 2

: We'll begin our search for the bodies in the Art Room.

: We need to search for the bodies that have disappeared. What happens after that...

: Where could two dead bodies have disappeared to...?

*Rattle rattle*

: Huh...?

The door must be locked...

: Nothing but the first Justice Hammer in the Rec Room.

: Classroom 3-A is similarly empty.

: Makoto...!
: Why are you just standing there? We need to get to the repository.
: Huh? You mean...!?
: ...I found them. Hifumi and Taka's bodies had both been hidden in the repository.
: I've already told Hina and Sakura. We'll go on ahead... *leaves*

Their bodies were in the repository...?

Are the bodies here somewhere...?

Up ahead is...the repository. The doorknob turned...! I guess it's unlocked. Then I have no choice but to go inside...

Music fades out.

So I opened the door. And when I entered...

...I saw...


The two bodies that had disappeared were right there. The smell of blood made me gag... What I saw before my eyes was unquestionable, unavoidable, unwavering reality. And then...I heard the announcement for a second time.

*Ding dong, ding dong*

: A body has been discovered! After a certain amount of time, which you may use however you like, the class trial will begin!

: And so here we are! Without further ado, let me give you all the next Monokuma File!
: I was going to hand them out when you found the bodies the first time, but I thought something might happen. It was really hard to resist, but...turns out I was right!
: Just hand it over already.
: Now, make sure to investigate with all of your mental might and prepare for the class trial! Okay, see ya later! *leaves*

No Music.

: Well then, now that we've found the bodies, all that's left is to uncover the culprit.
: H-Hold on... How can you be calm...? I mean, they're *dead*, ya know!?

: Dead! Gone forever! They're never coming back!

: Awful... This is all just too awful!

Hina suddenly burst into tears. She clutched at Hifumi's lifeless body.

: Wh-Who would do this...? Why...? WHYYY!?

Large, wet tears fell from her eyes. The tears landed on Hifumi's cheeks. If this were some world of make-believe, that might have been when hifumi opened his eyes. But this wasn't a movie.

No Music.

This wasn't...

: Ng...
: He's alive again!?
: I? cold... Is...winter coming?
: H-Hifumi! Wake up!
: ...Huh? Ahh...that's right... I remember now... Hope's Peak...
: Come on! You gotta wake up!
: Before...I'd met you...all... I'd all...
: His memories are all blending together. He has nothing useful to offer us...
: Ahh...the light... It's... reaching me... Like...the tail...of a comet...
: Hey, Hifumi! Who was it? Who attacked you!? Who tried to kill you!?
: Who...killed me...? That's right... I remember...their name...

: ...

His eyes closed. And they never opened again. Death for the second time... Absoulte, undeniable death.

No matter how many more of Hina's tears splashed his face...there was no second miracle. Reality set in again.

: This isn't some stereotypical fantasy world. Tears can't restore a person's vitality.
: You have no tears, do you? No blood in your veins, no calcium in your bones. At least you have your meat...
: You're just angry. Going out of his way to return, just to leave us with those unnecessary dying words. Now this game has become exceedingly boring.

: He said...Yasuhiro, right?
: Yasuhiro Hagakure... That is the only person he could have been referring to.
: And with that, the case is solved.

Assaulting people, and even killing Taka and Hifumi... And then going so far as to hide their bodies... A criminal that hides his face behind a mask, and uses a bunch of giant wooden hammers... Is that what Hiro is...?

: If it's true, I can't forgive him... No way can I ever forgive him! To kill two of our friends...!
: Anyway, it's about time we tracked down the culprit in our little life-or-death game here.
: Although...this time it's not all that life-or-death. The trial will conclude without much trouble.
: Yes, it does look that way.

: ...

It's going to begin again. We have to go through more time. ...I have to accept it... I have no choice but to go through with this. To make sure everyone survives... I just have to do it!