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Part 72: Chapter 3 Deadly Life, Part 5

: ...
: Kyoko! And...!

: Phew! Man, I have have had the WORST day!
: ... Hiro...?
: I found Hiro. He was jammed into the pool room locker. It looked like he was fast asleep, so I kicked him and woke him up.
: I still can't believe you kicked me! You coulda been a little more gentle about it. Like, I dunno, caress my face or somethin'!

: ...That's creepy.
: Anyway... Kyoko, where have you been all this time? You just disappeared all of a sudden, without a trace...
: There was something I had to check up on.
: What do you mean...?
: Never mind.
: I *can't* never mind...!

: Never. Mind. More importantly...

She says that, but...does she have any idea? Does she know people think she might be spying for the mastermind?

: First of all...Hiro, you need to explain to us why you're dressed like that.

: Oh, uh, well...I mean... I have no idea. One second I was asleep, don't even know how that happened, then I woke up, and then I was here...
: I don't care. Do something about that costume. It pains me just to look at you.
: Well, um... I dunno what's up with this thing, but I can't actually get it off...! A little help?
: Why would you make something that you can't take off by yourself?
: I didn't make the stupid friggin' thing!
: There's a clasp on the back that's keeping you from getting it off.

: It looks pretty sturdy. I don't think you can get it off on your own. We don't really have a choice. Let's help him.

it took everyone's help, but slowly we were able to get Hiro out of the suit. It took a few minutes, but eventually we got all the pieces off.

: Whew! Free at last!
: Isn't it kinda weird how perfectly the suit fits Hiro...?
: More to the point, nobody but Hiro would be able to wear that costume.
: Wait, what? H-Hold on a sec!
: Don't bother trying to act innocent. The blueprints were in your room, as well.
: In other words, it is obvious to everyone that you made this costume.

: That's true. I saw the blueprints myself.
: too...
: Then it's obvious... The one who put this costume on and went around attacking everyone was Hiro!
: Shall we tie him up and gag him?
: Good idea! We wouldn't want him killing anyone else...

: T-Tie me up!?
: H-Hold on, guys. I think that's going a little far...
: He may be a suspect, but he deserves fair treatment.
: Yeah! I mean...attacking? Blueprints? I have no idea what you guys are talking about!
: You can't talk your way out of this. It's been decided... You killed them!

: What? Killed who!? I have no idea what you're talking about! There must be a fake Hiro running around!
: You're the only one who can wear this costume. So who else could possibly be the costumed attacker!?
: How do you know I'm the only one!? Maybe you should try it on yourself before you convict me!
: Fine! If you're gonna be a jerk about it, I will!

Without missing a beat, Hina started putting on the Robo Justice costume.

: Ahh! See, look! See how loose it is? I mean, come on... I'm blind as a bat in here! Can't see my feet at all. I'm surprised you got anywhere in this thing!
: I'm telling you, it wasn't me!
: And not to mention--! You totally can't bend at the waist! Seems like a pretty obvious oversight...
: That's not a very nice thing to say!
: ...Hmm?
: Er, I mean--it's not like I made it! I just got caught up in the moment...
: Well, either we know for sure, right? I mean, it seems pretty clear that nobody but Hiro coulda fit into this dumb costume!

In a huff, Hina took the suit back off again.

: Well? Now you're all out of excuses.
: N-No,'s cuz you're a girl! If it was another guy, then...
: Makoto, go ahead.
: O-Okay...

Against my will, I picked up the pieces off the floor and tried putting them on.

: It's no good... The arms are too long. There's no way I can wear this...
: See!? I told you it was impossible!

: You are absolutely right. It seems this costume was made to fit Hiro's body exactly.
: Th-Then...there's another costume! They must have one that looks the same, but...but fits them!
: If you insist on this line of defense, then show us some evidence.
: Evidence...?

: You claim there is another suit, yes? Then you must find it and show it to us.
: Wh-What the heck!?
: Who cares!? Hiro's the only one without an alibi during this whole thing anyway! Which is how we know it was him!
: I that really true? I have no idea what's been happening... Could someone, like...tell me?

: U-Umm...if you don't tell me what's going on, how am I supposed to understand? I think I've figured out that...someone's been killed, right? Hey, Makoto...who was it?
: W-Well... Two people were killed. Taka and Hifumi...
: What!? TWO people!?
: Why are you freaking out? You did it.
: I did not!

: Wait, hold on... If those two are the ones that were killed...
: That's it! I know who did it!
: You may as well tell us, then.
: Taka and Hifumi were fighting over Alter Ego, right?
: Which means! Alter Ego and/or Chihiro must have done it!
: I love Hiro's accusation right there because the voice clip that plays during it says "I'm at least 30% right!" Oh, Hiro...

: I see... That's unfortunate.
: Huh? Unfortunate...?
: Stop trying to trick us! Just admit that you did it, okay!?
: I-I'm telling you, you got it all wrong!

: Ah, I know! That note!
: Note...?
: Last night, someone slipped a weird note under my door. And here's what it said... "I found a hole maybe we can use to escape. Monokuma can't find out, so don't tell anyone else for now. Let's meet in the rec room at 1 a.m."
: But the last thing I remember is going to the rec room, then for some reason I fell asleep... The real killer probably drugged me or something!
: ...Not a chance.
: No, hold on. He could be onto something. The nurse's office did have chemicals that could do that...
: Wh...Really?

: I told you. Someone's trying to set me up... A secret passage--a chance to escape... Someone wrote all that to trick me!
: Even if that's true, you must be one dumb fish to bit every piece of bait that floats in front of you.
: Well after being trapped here so long, even if you know it's a lie, you gotta check, right?
: Gyaho! They preyed on my desire to get out of here! They deceived me!
: I still don't buy it...
: Well you SHOULD buy it!
: Okay...then show us that note!
: With pleasure! I have it right here in, pocket... ...

: Looks like I lost it...
: Yeah, sure...
: P-P-Please, ya gotta believe me! I wouldn't hurt a fly!
: As I said before, if you want us to believe you, you must produce evidence. Can you show us the note? I have no particular issue with what you claim, but if you want us to believe you, give us a reason.
: Wh-What the heck!? For serious!

: Now then, shall we resume our investigation? There's no time to waste before the class trial begins.
: Why do we need to keep investigating? We already know who did it...
: Why...? Why did you kill them? Tell us, Hiro...!
: No... It's like I said...!

: Was it really to get the money Monokuma offered us? Yeah, that must be it... You must be totally broke and that's why...!
: W-Wait! That's a false accusation! Someone, help me!
: Just be thankful we haven't bound and gagged you!
: If you have time to yell and carry on, you have time to search for your evidence. Right?
: Ah! You're right! I need to look for the second suit and that note! Feet don't fail me now! *leaves, running*

: I guess I'd better get back to guard duty... I was gonna ask Toko--er, Genocide Jack to switch with me... But if she and Sakura got into a fight, we'd have a catastrophe on our hands. Well, bye... *leaves*

One by one, everyone peeled away.

: Makoto, do you have a second?
: Huh?
: I want you to help me with the investigation.
: It looks like I got a late start on this one, so I need to make up some ground.
: ...Sure, I don't mind helping. But can you promise me something? Later, when we have time...will you tell me why you disappeared?

: No.

To reject me so simply...

: Anyway, I need your help. You don't mind, do you?
: ...O-Okay.

: Thanks. Now then, shall we...?