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Part 74: Trial 3, Part 1

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: Let's begin with a basic explanation of the class trial! So, your votes will determine the results. If you can figure out "whodunnit" then only they will receive punishment. But if you pick the wrong one... Then I'll punish everyone *besides* the blackened, and the one that deceived everyone else will graduate!
: Now then, to begin with...

: We already know who did it!
: Wuzzat...?
: It was Hiro. He does not have an alibi for when the murders took place, and we found him in that suit.
: Don't try and deny it! You killed them!

: I didn't! Someone knocked me out! I was asleep the whole time! I don't know anything about it!
: Shut your murdering mouth, murderer!
: Who are YOU calling a murderer!?
: I am sorry to say, Hiro, but we do have evidence...

: Blueprints for the suit...

: Parts we assume were used to build it... And all of it was found in your room. You have to admit, the evidence is quite compelling. It points to you as having created the suit and wearing it while committing crime after crime...
: How many times do I have to tell you!? I...I...!
: I don't know, I don't know, I don't KNOW!

Is Hiro really the killer? Or... Before anything else, we have to make that clear!

: Everything we found in your room... The blueprints, the suit parts, they are all proof enough that you are the culprit.
: I-I-I don't know anything about that stuff! It's not true! It's a conspiracy!
: Hiro, why...? Why did you kill them?
: No! Just hold on a second!

Compelling evidence that Hiro is the killer... Is that really true?

: Wait a second, there was something strange about those blueprints when compared to the message Hiro wrote us...

> Shoot "blueprints" with "Yasuhiro's Message"

: Are we sure Hiro really made those blueprints?
: What do you mean...?
: Well, take a look at this...

: It's the note that Hiro wrote asking everyone to meet up after Alter Ego disappeared. The handwriting's obviously different, wouldn't you say?

: When you compare it to the blueprints...
: ...there's no way you could think the same person made both of them.
: Unless that person made it a point to disguise their handwriting...
: No, the differences are bigger than that, I think.
: Come on, I'm not smart enough to think of trying to change my handwriting anyway!

: So Makoto, are you saying you don't think Hiro's the culprit?
: And he's not the only one. I think Hiro is innocent, as well.
: What...?

: Then who was in that Robo Justice suit!? Is it like Hiro said? Was there really someone running around in a second suit?
: The suspicious individual hidden within the suit... Go ahead, Makoto. Tell them who it was.

...And of course he passes it off to me.

: So? Who was in the Robo Justice suit?

The suspicious individual in question, the one that must have been in the suit...

> Hiro

: Other than Hiro...I can't think of anyone else it could have been. Obviously he was the one in that particular suit, and we never found any kind of second suit...
: Then there can be no doubt--Hiro is the prime suspect.
: That doesn't make any sense! You JUST said Hiro didn't do it!
: It makes perfect sense. Hiro was the suspicious individual in the suit, but he's not the culprit.
: So what you're saying is...

: That's right. The culprit in this case has nothing to do with being in the Robo Justice suit.
: What!?
: Now that's a bold assumption!

: And what reason do you have to make such a statement? You do have a reason, yes?
: Of course. But before we get to that...
: There's something else we need to clarify first. So let's get that out of the way.
: Hey, stop trying to boss us around!
: All things have a proper order.

: So, what is it? What needs to be clarified?
: We must clarify the method of transportation for Taka's lifeless body. It would seem that his corpse was moved using certain particular items. Makoto? Can you tell us what they were?

The things that were used to move Taka's body... They must have been...

> Present "Blue Tarp"

> Present "Repository Dolly"

: They were...a dolly and a tarp, right?
: ...Tch.

What's with the attitude?

: So, let's see if I can explain...

: Taka's body disappeared from the equipment room, and then we rediscovered it in the repository... And when we found it for the second time, it was wrapped in a blue tarp, right?

: It was the same tarp that up until then was stored in the equipment room.

: So the killer must have seen it there and decided to use it when they moved Taka's body. That way, they wouldn't leave any bloodstains while they were moving it.
: Okay, that explains the tarp. And the dolly?
: Same thing...

: I'm sure the dolly was in the equipment room when we first found Taka's body there.

: But when the body disappeared, so did the dolly. Later, when Taka's body reappeared in the repository...

: did the dolly.

: In other words, you think they used the dolly to move the body, am I right?
: But are you sure you are not mistaken?
: Huh...?

: Are you absolutely positive the dolly was in the equipment room when we found Taka's body? That dolly was made specifically for moving large objects between the repository and the art room.
: It would be very strange indeed to discover it had made its way to the equipment room. Is it not possible that it was in the repository all along, and you simply didn't realize it?
: She's raised an objection. How do you respond?
: There is no shame in being wrong. Nobody expects much from you, anyway.
: We have all accepted the fact that you rarely understand what is going on around you.

Wow...I've never had anyone sound so nice while being so mean. But maybe I can change her mind if I can just explain to them why the dolly must have been moved from the equipment room to the repository!

: Let's talk about reloading. Starting with this next Bullet Time Battle, we're gonna add one more ingredient to the recipe. On the bottom of the screen, underneath the Tempo Marker, you'll see your ammo count. Up until now, there hasn't really been a limit on how you destroy your opponent's statements. But from now on, just locking on and pressing the Triangle button won't be enough to handle them. Now it will cost you one bullet to destroy a single remark. Once you run out of bullets, you can't destroy any more statements, no matter how locked on you are. However, you can reload by pressing the Square button. Just like locking on, you'll have to press the Square button in time with the Tempo Marker. Basically, just remember that the Square button now has a function along with the X and Triangle buttons. You will automatically reload at the start of Fever Time and your ammo will not decrease. Well then...good luck, and have fun!
: Oof... Reloading makes BTBs a lot more challenging and if you watch the video you'll see I did not do great at balancing bullets in my counter.

: So there's the ammo counter. You get 6 bullets. One bullet depletes for every statement you shoot. Reloading will restore back one bullet. Because of the Handiwork skill that I have equipped, I will reload two bullets per reload.

: The biggest problem I encountered was generally forgetting to reload enough bullets to shoot all of the statements I was trying to lock on to. Since you do more damage to your opponent if you destroy more statements at one time, obviously you want to string together a large number of them.

: The problem is that at the same time you're timing your button presses you also have to be aware of how many bullets are in your counter. If you run out of bullets you can't break a statement. If that happens, you might start panicking as I did in the video when I realized I was out, and some statements might break through and damage your Influence Gauge.
: The smart thing to do is to just reload bullets as soon as you use them like I did in my second recording (the run where these images come from). At least activating Fever Time is basically a free pass to the end of the BTB because it gives you a never-depleting ammo counter for its duration. Regardless, I appreciate that reloading mixes up an otherwise kind of boring minigame but it can mess you up if you're not paying close attention.

: Are you absolutely positive the dolly was in the equipment room when we found Taka's body?

> Fire "Equipment Room Bloodstain"

: If you're asking for proof that the dolly moved, I have it right here... When I found the dolly in the repository, one of the wheels had a bloodstain on it.

: There was a pool of blood in the equipment room with a tire mark in it that matched the dolly wheel's tread. The killer probably rolled the dolly through the blood on accident as they wheeled the body out of the room. And as the blood dried on the tire, they moved the body into the repository.

: So there's my proof that the dolly was used to move Taka's body!
: Tch--!

Jeez, does Celeste really hate me that much...?

: Well, anyway. That was just something we had to get out of the way. Let's get back to the main subject...
: Yeah! The subject of how Robo Justice didn't do it! Cuz if it's not a killer robot, then...
: ...what kind of robot is it!?
: I'm not sure that really matters...
: I'd be happy to explain why the occupant of the suit couldn't possibly be the killer. If you look back on how the body was transported, it will become immediately obvious.

If I look at how the body was moved, it'll be clear why the person in the suit couldn't have done it... What does he mean by that...?