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Part 76: Trial 3, Part 3

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: I've got it! Taka's wristwatch! See? Look. It broke with the hands pointing just past 6 o'clock.
: It must have gotten broken when he was attacked by the killer. Because as of last night...

: Hey! You! How long were you gonna keep us waiting!?

Taka's irritated voice pierced the air as he stared pointedly at his wristwatch.

: It's almost 10 o'clock, you know that!? Bedtime for all the little boys and girls!

: So if it wasn't broken after 6 last night, then he must have been attacked around 6 this morning.
: And that would be his official time of death.
: But if that's true, then he was killed well before Hifumi...
: And before Celeste was attacked this morning, which happened around 7.
: That's right. Taka was killed before any of the other incidents took place.
: That simple fact slipped past all of us. We made the wrong assumption about the order of events all because of those Justice Hammers.
: That's exactly why the culprit wrote the numbers on each hammer, and had them increase in size. That way, when we saw how they were used in each incident, we'd easily make that wrong assumption.

: Now, if Taka *was* killed around 6, then everyone's alibis for his murder go out the window. Because when he was killed, we hadn't met up in the dining hall yet.
: That may be true in the case of Taka's murder, but all of our alibis still hold true for Hifumi's death.
: That's right... With him at least, we're all safe...

???: Ungyaaaaaahhh!!!

: Huh!?
: Wh-What was that!?
: That came from downstairs! It must have been...
: Hifumi! He's in the nurse's office! This is bad! Come on, we have to go back!

: When we heard Hifumi screaming, we were all together. Except for Hiro and Kyoko...

: Then we all ran down to the nurse's office, and that's where we found his body...

: That's totally true! We're all in the clear!
: Oh, I know! They must've recorded him screaming on a tape or something, then played it later on!
: If that's true, where's the tape?
: I dunno.
: Don't just go makin' stuff up!

: Anyway, we all have rock-solid alibis for when we heard Hifumi scream. Since all of us were there together, clearly none of us could have killed him.
:And it does not stop there. There was also the moment when we discovered the body had disappeared... When his body vanished from the nurse's office Hina and I were in the bathroom together, while everyone else was in the equipment room, correct?
: And then there's the disappearance of Taka's body from the equipment room... At that time, we were all gathered together in the nurse's office because of Hifumi going missing.
: Well, don't forget, I was passed out in the equipment room the whole time!

: Wait, then what if Genocide Jill did it!? She could've dragged Taka's body out of there right then!
: Even if she could pull that off, there's no way she could have done the same with Hifumi's body. Because, as we just established, she was passed out in the equipment room when his body disappeared.
: Besides, I didn't do either of 'em anyway!

: In other words, it is impossible that any of us could have killed Hifumi, or moved either of their bodies. On the other hand, Hiro and Kyoko had disappeared. So they most certainly could have done those things.
: Hmm... So what now, Kyoko?
: For now, we can't get fixated on who did it, or we'll just keep going around in circles.
: So instead of "who" I propose we start talking about "how"... In particular, I think we need to figure out how Hifumi's body got moved.
: That's true. We searched everywhere, but we couldn't figure out how to explain his body disappearing. And according to what Celeste said...

: We could not have been gone for more than a minute or two, though.
: So then, the killer was able to get in and move Hifumi's body in that short amount of time?
: It would seem so...

: His body apparently disappeared in the one minute her and Hina took their eyes off it. But to carry that much weight from the 1st floor up to the 3rd, in that short amount of time...
: ...Oh man, yeah! There's no way! It'd be impossible!

Music fades out.

: Well, what if I told you there was a way to make the impossible possible?
: What? How!?

: If the dead body...were to move itself.
: Huh...?
: Th-The dead body m-moved on its own!?
: N-N-N-No! Not another gh-gh-gh-ghooooossst!

: I don't think it has anything to do with the occult. I think what she's implying is we thought Hifumi was dead, but perhaps in reality he was still alive.
: He was...alive!?
: Are you saying Hifumi wasn't carried out of the nurse's office, but simply walked out on his own?
: But I mean...we found his body! He was dead!
: Perhaps he was simple *playing* dead.
: That... It isn't possible...!

The idea that Hifumi was still alive... Is it really possible?

: Are you saying that when we first found Hifumi in the nurse's office...there's a chance he was actually still alive?
: is impossible. Hifumi was dead, without a doubt.
: And you know that how?
: Surely you heard the body discovery announcement along with the rest of us...
: Hifumi's dead body had been found...and that is why the announcement was made.
: Are we really so sure about that? Maybe the announcement was intended to signal someone else's discovery...

But the body discovery announcement was only made once, that much I'm sure of...

: We only heard the body discovery announcement once when both bodies were first discovered and then again once they were rediscovered in the repository.

: It stands to reason that maybe the announcement wasn't meant for Hifumi's body after all...

> Shoot "dead body had been found" with "someone else's discovery"

: Was the body discovery announcement that was made really intended for Hifumi?
: Of course it was. The announcement played right after we discovered his body.
: Maybe, but that was also the same time that Taka's body was found.
: That's right. It wasn't long after finding his body that we heard the announcement.
: So there's a good chance we've made a mistake in there somewhere. I think we've confused whether the announcement was for Hifumi or Taka.

: First of all, if two bodies had been found, there really should have been two announcements.
: Maybe Monokuma simply got lazy and rolled them together into one...
: What do you say, Monokuma? Any comment?

: Well, it's a very sensitive issue, so I can't go into too much detail...
: But what I *can* say about the body discovery announcement is that...
:'s only broadcast when three or more people find a dead body for the first time!
: That didn't answer our question, man! We're asking if you're a lazy bum!
: No, actually, that was plenty.
: Huh?

: He said it's only broadcast when a body is discovered "for the first time." Which means even if we find the same body again later, he won't make the announcement again.
: If that's true, then why was the announcement made again later on?
: Huh? Later on!?
: Exactly. We heard the body discovery announcement twice.

The second body discovery announcement... The first time it played was when we found each body in the nurse's office and the equipment room... And the second time was when...

> When both bodies were rediscovered

: We heard it a second time in the repository when we rediscovered the two bodies.

*Ding dong, ding dong*

: A body has been discovered! After a certain amount of time, which you may use however you like, the class trial will begin!

: It didn't seem weird at the time...but it contradicts what Monokuma just told us, doesn't it?
: Exactly. If we were actually "re"discovering both bodies, the announcement shouldn't have played.
: Then in reality, when the two dead bodies were rediscovered, one of them was actually...
: ...being discovered for the first time!

: So when we found Hifumi the first time in the nurse's office, he wasn't actually dead yet... Meaning he wasn't actually found dead until we came upon him in the repository.
: And that's just part of it... There's one other thing that leads me to believe he was still alive in the nurse's office...
: Oh! Oh! I know! I know!
: Because he was super good at playing dead! Badda-bing badda-boom!

: That is the worst logic I have ever heard... But honestly, I do not think there's anything that can prove he was still alive.
: Okay then, let's take another look at the events surrounding the discovery of his body. Then it should become clear whether he was really alive or not.
: This whole thing is pointless...

There has to be proof that shows Hifumi was still alive. I have to find it and show it to everyone!