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Part 77: Trial 3, Part 4

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: Well here's one thing we do know... The first time we found Hifumi's body was in the nurse's office. And then, while me and Celeste were in the bathroom his body disappeared!
: And the next time we saw his body it was in the repository.
: But when you compare his body before being moved, and his body after being moved... Other than the change in how it was positioned, there was no notable difference.
: Then...was he really still alive?
: Of course not, it is impossible. This is ridiculous...

The reason I can say Hifumi was still alive... If I can just find the contradiction in these statements, I'm sure it'll become clear...

: Early in the investigation we discovered that Hifumi's glasses had been wiped clean. Why would that be?

> Shoot "was no notable difference" with "Hifumi's Glasses"

: In fact, there was one clear difference between Hifumi in the nurse's office and the repository...
: His glasses. That fact alone proves that he was only playing dead in the beginning.
: ...Perhaps you'd like to fill the rest of us in?

: When we found Hifumi in the nurse's office, his glasses were covered with blood.

: But when we found him again later in the repository they were spotless.

: And! I found the item he used to wipe them clean in the nurse's office trash can!

The evidence I found in the trash can in the nurse's office was...

> Present "Glasses Cleaning Cloth"

: It was a glasses cleaning cloth featuring a certain cartoon mascot! One look at the bloodstain on the cloth should make things clear. This piece of cloth was used to wipe Hifumi's glasses clean.

: And the mascot on the cloth is the same one that's on the digital camera, right?
: And whose digital camera was it? Hifumi's, of course...
: The character was...Princess Piggles, from "Demon Angel☆Pretty Pudgy Princess" I think...
: I highly doubt anyone but Hifumi would have brought something like this to school...
: I see your point. And the only people here who wear glasses are...

: I wouldn't be caught dead using a tacky piece of garbage like that.
: A few tissues is all I need to keep my glasses clean!
: Then there's no question--it belonged to Hifumi.

: Mm, mm... So what you're saying is...what exactly?
: What I'm saying is, the blood on his glasses was wiped away using his own glasses cleaning cloth.
: Even if that is true, it does not mean he wiped the blood off himself.
: But who would benefit from a clean pair of glasses, other than the glasses' owner?

: That's a good point...
: Then it must've been him...right?
: So let's assume that Hifumi was still alive in the nurse's office. He pretends to be dead, then when he's alone, he wipes his glasses clean so he can see... Then he stands up and walks out on his own two feet.
: And with that, the impossible task of moving his copious corpse...becomes possible, wouldn't you say?
: But then, if he was just pretending to be dead...

: ...what was with all that blood? Was it paint or somethin'?

: The fridge in the nurse's office contains packs of blood for emergencies. He probably used one of those.
: He figured if he was gonna play dead, he should go all-out! So he just dumped it everywhere!
: But he got crazy with it, and had to wipe his glasses off when he was done! God, what an idiot!
: And if Hifumi was still alive at that point, the disappearance of Taka's body is easily explained.
: It should be perfectly obvious who must have moved Taka's corpse...

The one who moved Taka's body was...

> Hifumi

: It could only have been Hifumi.

: While we were all gathered in the nurse's office, he went to the equipment room and took Taka's body...
: That also explains how the door to the repository got locked.
: The door was locked?
: Well, after the bodies disappeared, we all went looking for them, right? So me and Sakura headed for the repository. But when we got there, the door was locked!
: And the repository door can only be locked from the inside. Which means, when Hina and Sakura got to the repository, someone was already inside.
: And it could only have been Hifumi, who'd just finished stashing Taka's body there.

: He convinced us all he was dead, and when he saw his chance, he dragged Taka's body to the repository. So, Hifumi wasn't just another victim in this case--he was one of the assailants.
: B-But...that means he took part in the murders...!
: I...I just can't believe it...

: If you're having trouble, would you like me to show you one more piece of evidence?
: Th-There's more!?
: Oh, absolutely. The single biggest fact pointing to his involvement has yet to be revealed. You know what I'm talking about, right Makoto? The item he took off Taka's lifeless body?

The thing that Hidumi stole from Taka... Could it be...!?

> Present "The Note Hifumi Had"

: You're talking about the note Hifumi had hidden away, aren't you?
: A...hidden note?
: That's right. We found it stuffed in his pants.
: What!? In his...
: ...pants!?
: Hrm. Yes. His pants...
: Okay, well, forget about the pants for now. Take a look at what the note says...

"I found a hole maybe we can use to escape. Monokuma can't find ouot, so don't tell anyone else for now. Let's meet in the equipment room at 6 a.m."

: Ah! That's the note I was telling you about! The one that told me where to go!
: ...Huh? Wait, this one's a little different. In my note, it said... "Monokuma can't find out, so don't tell anyone else for now. Let's meet in the rec room at 1 a.m."
: I see... Then this note isn't the same one Hiro got.
: It's...not the same?
: In other words, the killer got in touch with another person besides Hiro. And that person could only have been...

> Taka

: That's right! Taka! The killer used this note to draw out Taka and murder him!

: Hello! Over here! Objection! Objection! I don't really understand what's going on, but...Hifumi had that letter, right?
: So whoever wrote it wasn't drawing out Tick Tock! They were drawing out Huffy!
: Ummm...just to be clear, Tick Tock is Taka and Huffy is Hifumi...right?
: Ugh, yes! Why must you ruin it EVERY TIME!?

Man, Genocide Jack is seriously scary! But still...I can't let her get to me!