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Part 83: Trial 3, Part 9

It's over... The third over. Celeste's death is over. Celeste killed my friends, so I can't pity her. But... I also can't deny that, at one point, I considered *her* a friend, too. And for him to just come along and--!

: Isn't it just awful? Someone couldn't cut free of their regrets from the outside world, and so more people had to die...
: You guys are still young! You need to place more value on your lives!
: Jeez... And here I thought you guys were gonna pass the torch of hope to the next generation!
: Wh-What do I care about hope!? I'll throw it in the trash if you just let me out of here!

: You're all the embodiment of hope, whether you like it or not. And it's my destiny to knock you down one by one! It's sad, yes it is. But that reality just can't be avoided.
: Don't talk like you're not responsible... How long are you gonna make us keep going through this!? What do you want from us!?
: God, I'm so sick of people asking me that! Give it a rest already!

: So anyway... Kyoko, did I see you get some kind of key-type object from Celeste? So uh...what's the deal with that?
: ...
: Huh? What's the matter?
: I'll answer your question, if you answer mine.

: What did you do? What did to me?
: ...What!?
: Answer me. What did you do to my body?
: Uwaaah! Oh man, oh jeez... Oh man, oh jeez! What do you mean, what did!? I-I have no idea...! I don't know anything about it...!
: ...

U-Um... What was that just now...? The mastermind did something to Kyoko's body... What does that mean...?

: Okay, things are getting kinda awkward. I think it's about time I got out of here... Meanwhile, you guys can go on enjoying your school life. If you get lonely, gimme a shout! Not that I'll do anything about it, of course!
: Puhuhu... See ya! *leaves*

Music fades out.

Monokuma disappeared, leaving us all depressed and in despair... wasn't *all* despair. There small hope.

: Hey, Kyoko. Monokuma already mentioned it, but... What's that key that Celeste gave you?
: Most likely...

: It's the key to one of the dressing room lockers.
: What!? Then that means...!
: Celeste probably hid it in there.
: I suppose sometimes it's easiest to miss what's right beneath your nose. Well then, we'd better go check.
: Good idea.

We left the courtroom and rushed to the dressing room.

As we approached the dressing room, Kyoko looked back at us and said...

: I'm going to go on alone from here. Everyone else head to the dining hall. I'll check in with you later.
: Why, exactly, are you going alone?
: Do you even have to ask?

As she spoke, she glanced quickly at the surveillance camera.

: That's not what I meant. Why *you*? There's still the risk of a spy, you know.
: ...
: Then I'll go too.
: You...?
: Please, let me go!

: ...Standing here arguing is going to draw more attention to us.
: Hmph. Do whatever you want. *leaves*
: Thank you, Byakuya.
: Then it's up to you now. *leaves*
: I'm gonna go to the dining hall, okay? *leaves*

: Huh? So Makoto and Kyoko are gonna go...together?
: Ahh! Does that mean what I think it means!?
: Good luck, Makoto! Girls like her are total pushovers when you show a little backbone! *leaves*

I tried to forget what Hina said. Everyone headed to the dining hall, leaving me and Kyoko there alone.

: Well? Shall we?
: Yeah...

: We need to get into that locker...

Kyoko took the key Celeste had given her and unlocked the locker. And as the locker swung open, we saw...

: Good morning. Ehehe... It's been a while, hasn't it?
: It's safe... Thank goodness...

I'd never heard Kyoko sound so relieved. It was like she was speaking from the bottom of her heart.

: I did just what Celeste asked! I didn't say a word. I stayed quiet the entire time!
: Oh, and... I think I might be able to open the last set of files soon. Maybe as early as tomorrow...
: I'm doing my best, so please wait just a while longer...!

: So, now we can officially say the case is closed.

As far as this incident is concerned, sure. But...

: Can we take a second? Since we have this opportunity, I want you to be honest with me...
: ...
: Kyoko, please tell me... What are you trying to do all on your own here at the school?

: Is that why you wanted to come here with me?
: Regardless, that's not something you need to know right now.
: I don't...need to know? That just makes me even *more* worried!

: Worried...?
: Like what happened during the investigation this time. You disappeared, and we didn't see you again. Without warning, without explanation... When you do that...
:'s only natural that they think I'm the mastermind's spy, right? And you too...
: No! I...I believe in you.
: You me?
: Isn't it obvious? People believe in their friends, right? That's why I want you to tell me! And I want believe in me, too. Because we're friends.
: ...I understand.

: Then...maybe I can believe in you...just a little bit more.
: Then...!
: Fine. I'll tell you. I'll tell you why I've been disappearing, and where I've been going. You see...

No Music.

What I heard from Kyoko then was... Well frankly, it kind of blew my mind. Right after I'd told Kyoko I believe in her, she told me a story that was, well...almost unbelievable. I decided I had to confirm what she'd told me with my own two eyes. So I waited for nighttime to come.

And when it did...I went into action.

: ...

: The boys bathroom on the 2nd floor doesn't have a surveillance camera or monitor in it. And in the storage closet there...way in the back...

: She said it was "way in the back of the boys bathroom storage closet" but...could Kyoko really be right about this?

It's just a normal storage closet as far as I can tell... The secret Kyoko told me about... Could it really be hidden here?

: She said it was way in the back of the storage closet... But I mean, seriously...?

Without thinking, I placed my hand on the back of the storage closet. And suddenly, as if I were being yanked in...

Music cuts out.


At the same time as I heard that sound, I fell through the wall. I had no idea what was going on.


I had fallen through the back of the storage closet.

: Huh...?

It turned out...the back wall was like a revolving door, and I'd made my way to the other side. Just like Kyoko had said...

: In the boys bathroom on the 2nd floor, there's a storage closet. And way in the back of that closet...there's a secret room.

: So this is the secret room... But what's in here?

There's a bunch of files, and what look like volume after volume of yearbooks. They're all covered in dust... Looking at everything, one file at the edge of the bookshelf caught my eye.

: Hope's Peak Academy Student Registry...? This is the only thing in here not covered in dust. Has someone been looking at it recently...?

I slipped the file into my hand. But before I had a chance to take a look at it...

...a slip of paper fell out of the file, and I turned my attention to it.

: What's this...? "You must not leave." That's...kind of weird. I could understand if it said, like, "I can't leave." But "you must not leave"?

Music fades out.

: ...

What is this? My head feels...funny. This strange sensation. It's like déjà vu... Those must not leave... I've seen them...somewhere before...

: But... I can't quite remember...

What do I know? What *don't* I know?

I... I--

A strange sound rang out through my head. It felt like it was shaking my brain back and forth.

And then...darkness.