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Part 90: Chapter 4 Daily Life, Part 6

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!

: First things first, I need to head to the dining hall...

: Like most mornings, there are a few people outside in the halls. Hiro is down near the storage room.

: Whoa! Makoto!
: H-Huh? Why do you sound so surprised?
: S-Sorry about that. It's just... If you'd gotten here even a minute earlier, it would've cost me a few more minutes off my life!
: What? Why?

: Cuz Kyoko, like, JUST left!
: Kyoko?
: Ya know, Makoto... When a guy and girl go at it, it shortens the lives of the people who have to watch it happen, too.

: And since it's me saying it, you know it's true!
: So like, hurry up and make it better. Anyway, see ya at breakfast! *leaves*

That's easy for him to say. But what am I supposed to do?

: Byakuya's near the exit to the 1st floor halls.

: ...What do you want?
: Um, well...the breakfast meeting...
: You honestly expect me to go?

Right... Oh, as long as I'm here, I should ask Byakuya what he made of the stuff Alter Ego told us. Actually no, I'd better not. The surveillance camera would catch us, for sure.

: ...So?
: Oh, um...well...
: Hmph... *leaves*

He's gone...

: Lastly, Hina's near the dining hall entrance.

: Good morning, Hina.
: Mornin'!
: Hey, were kinda cool!
: Huh? What do you mean?
: You know, when you said Alter Ego was your friend!

: I was thinking the same thing. But when stuff like that happens, I never know how to say what I'm thinking...
: So I'm really glad you said it for me! So...thanks! Ehehe...
: Y-You're welcome...
: You're usually like, totally normal. But when the time comes, BAM! You bust out your special power.

: I mean, even before yesterday, when stuff comes up, it's always do something about it.

Even before yesterday...? Are you talking about the class trials and stuff?

: I mean, that stuff is just kinda took care of itself, ya know?
: It totally didn't!
: With your power, and Sakura's, and everyone else...I'm sure we'll get outta here...
: Yeah, I think you're right.

: I am, right!? Alright! Now that we've got that fighting spirit, let's go eat some grub! *leaves*

She's right... Even if the road is long... If we don't keep on moving forward, we'll never reach our goal!

As I entered the dining hall, the first thing I saw was...her.

: What are you s-staring at...?
: Oh, Toko...?
: What, you think y-your eyes will rot just by l-looking at me?
: Fine, then DON'T l-look at me!

: I think he's just surprised to see you at the breakfast meeting, is all...
: Indeed. It's been quite a while since you joined us.
: Yeah, what made you change your mind?

: Byakuya said he...l-likes girls to have some meat o-on her bones, so...
: I'm g-gonna start eating! I'm gonna force it d-down into my stomach! I'm gonna eat till I d-drop!
: I refuse to l-lose!
: I wouldn't do that if I were you...
: Well, other than looks like Kyoko isn't here.

: Oh, she said she'd come by later.
: Later...?
: Yeah. After you leave.

She's not even trying to hide it anymore...

: I know I said she wanted you to show some backbone, but you didn't need to show her THAT much!
: (Can I just pop in real fast to say that this next conversation is really weird coming from Hina after she was so nice to us in the hallway? It's really weirdly juxtaposed. It's like the devs forgot the two conversations were placed next to one another.)

: You're dirty, Makoto! Dirty! President Dirty of Dirtlandia!
: You don't understand...!
: You're the type who takes the stairs of love three steps at a time, aren't you!?
: I'm telling you, it's not like that!

: J-Just shut up already, Hina...! You've been running your f-filthy mouth like that all m-morning...
: Filthy? ME!?
: Don't m-make me repeat m-myself...

: I'm not filthy!
: It's n-no use denying it. We can all s-see how disgusting you are...
: Sh-Shut up...!

: You and that lusty body of yours... Night after n-night, you go out for your illicit c-club meetings...
: H-Hey, knock it off. I can't deal with dirty stuff like that...
: Your m-midnight sextracurricular activities only put us in e-even more danger...!
: S-Stop it...
: You'd like me to s-stop, wouldn't you? Your sweaty h-hands gripping the big, fat chalk t-tight...

: Going for all that e-extra credit... Your screams are like the s-screech of a violated blackboard! And...! And! Ah! It's a-amazing! Indecent ideas are c-coming to me one after another!

: So, would you rather have your black eye on the left or the right?
: Hyeeeh! S-Sorry sorry sorry!
: Let's leave Toko alone. She's gone a little...funny from all her pent-up frustration.

: Anyway, you and Kyoko need to make up already, ya know?

I mean, of course I want things to get better as soon as possible. But with everything that's been going on, I haven't had a chance to talk to her about what I saw... Before anything, I need to talk to Sakura about it.

: Now, I usually skip the non-essential character lines in these situations where you have to talk to one specific character to continue but there were some funny ones that happen right now I didn't want to pass up. Talking to Sakura will continue the story but let's talk to Hiro and Toko first...

: Cheer up, man! It's not a big deal if a girl doesn't like ya!
: It's better than having one sue ya! ...Like I did.

Jeez, Hiro. You've lived a pretty brutal life...

: Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Don't hit me don't hit me don't hit me don't hit me!
: If you w-wanna hit someone, hit Master. Please h-hit him. Oh, please *please* let me w-watch you hit him!

I think it's best if I stay far, *far* away from her...

: My indulgences finished, let's talk to Sakura.

: U-Um...Sakura?
: What is it?
: Can you make some time later? I was hoping I could talk to you.
: Ah! Now that Kyoko's dumped him, Makoto's trying to win Sakura's heart!
: Are you in h-heat, Makoto? Don't care who they a-are as long as they've g-got the right equipment?
: Watch out, Sakura! Makoto's transformed into a wild beast! Prime Minister Wild Beast of Beastopia!
: Why is this happening to me...?

: Can our talk wait till tomorrow? I'd like to get some rest today...
: For some reason, I've been feeling worn down these last few days.
: Huh? Are you sick? Did you get hurt?
: No, nothing serious. I've just had some minor aches and pains...

Huh? Is that...?

It must be because of that battle...

: But it must be pretty bad if you have to go rest. Are you sure you're okay?
: I'm sure a protein shake and some sleep will get me back on my feet.
: That's true, protein is good for all kinds of stuff!
: You guys, like, worship protein. It's like your god or something...

: Makoto! I dunno what it is you wanna talk to Sakura about, but save it till tomorrow! She's in pain!
: Y-Yeah, I got it...
: Sorry...

: Well...for now, let's eat!
: E-Eat? I'm kinda n-nervous...
: Huh? How come?
: Cuz...I don't usually...e-eat in front of other p-people.

: Ever since I w-was a kid, I' b-by myself.
: What about your family?
: Oh, well-y-yeah. I used to live with my d-dad, my mom, and my m-mom.
: You had...two moms?
: What? That's just how th-things were...
: That's, like, a serious issue!

: Just let it go. You're asking for trouble getting involved with her more than you have to.
: How d-dare you speak to me with that d-disgusting mouth of yours...
: S-Stop saying stuff like that!
: A-Anyway...I'm gonna go ahead and eat. If I don't, Kyoko will never show up.

: Pretty miserable situation, man.
: H-Hehe...

I scarfed down breakfast as fast as I could and immediately headed back to my room.

I'll have to wait till tomorrow to confront Sakura about what I saw. But in a way...I'm kinda relieved. It takes a lot of courage to stand face-to-face with Sakura and accuse her of something...