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Part 95: Chapter 4 Daily Life, Part 11

: Time for some breakfast.


: Huh!?

Was that someone screaming!? I think it came from the dining hall!

: Ah, Makoto! We got a big problem, man!
: Wh-What's wrong!?
: L-Look!

Hiro's finger shook as he pointed...

: H-Hina!?
: Nn...ghh...
: Are you okay!? What happened?
: Sh-She killed her... Genocide Jill killed Hina!

: No no no no no! She's not dead! Open your eyes! No way she's dead!
: Wh-Why...? What happened?
: Well, Toko and Hina... Just all of a sudden, they were yelling, and then they knocked the pepper off the table.
: And that led to a sneeze...?
: Her giant balloons are a little too perfect, aren't they!? I might be flat, but at least mine are real!
: And look at my shapely collarbone! Doesn't it just totally set you on fire!?

: Anyway, you totally non-adorable boys just get her outta my sight, okay? Or else...
: I'll start cutting. And cutting, and cutting, and indulging myself for who knows how long...
: O-Okay then, let's get Hina to the nurse's office. C'mon, Hiro. Help me!
: S-Sure thing!
: Weeeoooo, weeeoooo!
: Kyeeehahahaha!

Genocide Jack's abrasive laughter chased us out of the room as we carried Hina away.

By the time I finished taking care of Hina's injury in the nurse's office she seemed to have finally regained her composure.

: Th-Thank you...
: Are you sure you're feeling better?
: really was just a scratch.

: But still, that was super close! If I hadn't yelled out, you'd be dead right now! It's all thanks to me, ya know!
: Yes, well, a thousand thanks to you, sir.
: So sarcastic! That just makes you sound even MORE hostile!
: Hey, Hina...what the heck happened?
: Oh, um...we just got into a [fight]. And I lost my temper, and flew off the handle...

> fight

: Let me guess...the fight was because of Sakura?

: At first, I tried to just ignore it. If you let jerk buttholes get to you all the time, you'll never have time left to live your life. But she just wouldn't let it go. So I just...
: Without thinking about it, I felt like I wanted to punch her a dozen times!
: A dozen punches isn't really "without thinking"...
: And when things got out of hand, Genocide Jack got let loose. Right?
: It's my own fault. But I just...couldn't take it anymore. Because... Because...!

: Because she was saying all these terrible things about my friend, ya know!?

Before I knew it, Hina's eyes started welling up with tears. And just as the tears were on the brink of spilling over...

Music cuts out.

...the door to the nurse's office burst open. I thought the door was gonna fly off its hinges. And there she stood before us...

: ...Hina?
: Sakura!
: You're hurt... What happened?
: Oh! N-Nothing, it's not a big deal...!
: Makoto! Hiro! What's the meaning of this!?

: I-It wasn't me! It was Genocide Jill! It's all that demented murderous fiend's fault!
: Grrrnnnnhhhh!!! To hurt Hina... Damn you...! To leave me alone, but hurt her... What is this...?

: What issss thiiiiiissss!?
: Hyaaaaaahh!
: I-I'm okay, really! It's just a scratch...!
: Grrrnnnnhhhh!!! Unforgivable...
: I can't forgive them!

: Hiro...if you want to hate someone, hate me. If you want to hurt someone, hurt ME!
: I-I-I don't... *hate* you, exactly...
: S-S-S-S-S-S--!
: Somebody save meeeeeee! *runs away*

Hiro nearly tripped over himself as he ran screaming out of the nurse's office. But just a second later...

???: What's going on?

: What's all this noise about?

Kyoko stood in the doorway of the nurse's office, taking Hiro's spot in the room.

: I gather that something happened?
: K-Kyoko! Please, you have to stop Sakura!
: You don't need to stop me... I'm okay. I'm not going to do anything. I just...

: I'm drawing a line, right here and now.

Drawing a line...?

: ...Goodbye. *leaves*
: W-Wait! Sakura! *leaves*

Hina sprang into action, leaving the nurse's office to chase after Sakura. The only ones left were...

: ...
: ...U-Umm...Kyoko...?

: ...
: Are you...still mad?
: ...
: Yeah, I figured.
: It's...fine.
: Huh...?

: About [that issue] we discussed earlier... It doesn't matter anymore.

> that issue

: you forgive me for not being able to talk about it...?
: You could have told me about Sakura and Monokuma fighting, but you stayed quiet. You were only thinking of Sakura, and that's why you didn't tell me, right? You didn't want to confuse everyone until you could talk to her and be sure of what you saw. That's what you were thinking, and that's why you didn't tell me. Right?
: Y-Yeah...
: To think like that...

: I wouldn't have expected such arrogance from you.
: What!?
: Because ultimately, that means you don't trust me.
: N-No, that's not it... But if that's how you feel, I can't really change your mind. I'm sorry...
: It's fine. I've already forgotten about it. Besides...

: I may have...overreacted.
: Huh...?
: Anyway, it's over and done with. Like I said, let's just forget about it.
: O-Okay. Thank you...

: I want to talk to you about [something else].

> something else

: What is it you wanted to talk to me about?
: Actually... I'd like you to come somewhere with me. I have business there...
: Where...? Just come with me, and you'll find out.

I-I guess, but...

: Well then, shall we get going? *leaves*

With her typical indifference, Kyoko turned and walked away, setting a brisk pace.

: Ah! Kyoko...!

I hurried to catch up to her.