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Dare to Dream

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Part 3: Episode 3: Heroic Vandalism

Episode 3: Heroic Vandalism

In a massive act of bullshit, we can't kill Bouf. I need to vent some rage.

Where fish fail me, rat skulls shall succeed.

Thank you SquidtamerDA

You toss the skull at the window and it shatters it!

That made me feel a little better. Of course, we pick up some of the broken glass with Tyler's bare hands and stuff it in his pocket.

The glass is razor sharp and could probably cut most anything. It's from the pane glass window on the front of Vinnie's florist.

I should break some more glass. Maybe I can attack that boat over by the docks...

Oh hey, the porthole is interactable. But I lost my skull in the flower shop. There is one alternative, though...

Let's shoot that son of a bitch!

Shooting at the boat made something pop out of the smoke stack like it was a carnival game. Let's get the prize before it sinks.

God damn it! Now I need to fish the junk out because Tyler once again proves to be a prissy jackass. Maybe Bouf has some crap in his garage I can borrow.

Hey Bouf, how's it hanging?

Cliffy, if you're out there, please let me kill this man for a fishing rod. I have a reason to shoot him now. Please let me just have this moment. Amen.

Well, sometimes you have to use force to get the things you want... Bouf hastily hands you his fishing gear.

Well, it's nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done...

YES! Hell yes! Game of the Year, 1993. Now that we just straight-up murdered a dude for a fishing rod, let's put it to good use.

You fish the object out of the water. It appears to be a small oxygen tank. You keep it.

The tank may be coated with seaweed and the like, but the gauge shows it's completely full of oxygen.

The bullet holes I pumped through the tank let more air in. It's dream science. Having taken pot shots at everything in sight and getting no new prizes, I think it's time we check out more of that field.

A rickety bridge spans the chasm before you. You hear the sound of running water coming from below.

Alright, let's just walk over that bridge and

Before you sits a tiny pond surrounded by stones. The water looks strange, as if it has mystical properties. The pond glows with a life of its own, almost as if there is much more to it...

Almost as if... you could... dive into it, with some sort of... self-contained underwater breathing apparatus... Oh, and we survived the fall, by the way.

Air tank equipped, we take on Crash Man dive into the pond.

The scene before you is certainly a strange one indeed. Fish occasionally swim by, and the seaweed blankets the sandy pond floor. Stepping stones lead norther to an underwater cave.

Touching the hermit crab does nothing. This is not a fish touching game... okay, it's not a live fish touching game. Let's press on into the cave.

A friendly grey shark floats gently in the water.

Do I know you? You look awfully familiar.
Maybe. I'm just another part of your mind, like Bouf or anyone else around here. You're dreaming, kiddo.
How do I wake up???
You need a special key to use on The Gate...
Where is this 'Key'?
I just might know... If you persuaded me with something I'd tell you.

I can't seem to shoot him for the key, so we'll have to resort to bribery.

You feed Prince the jelly. He devours it greedily.

...All right, that didn't actually happen. We'll do it the right way.

You hand Prince the fish and he eats it eagerly. Holding up his end of the bargain he hands you a strange key.

A crazed sense of Deja Vu comes over you when you examine this key. It is a perfectly crafted, flawless ceramic unicorn with a gold key coming out of its legs.

This little Franklin Mint collectable is our, well, our key to getting the hell out of this game. One more detour, and we'll finish off Part One next time.