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Part 4: Episode 4: Symbolism!

Episode 4: Symbolism!

We just got a magical unicorn key for feeding a shark. I want to try using it on Bouf's corpse.

An odd fellow sits on a barstool, half cocked. He looks a mite bit too strange for you to talk to...

This guy. I honestly have no clue what is this guy's deal. Is he a friend of Cliffy? An inside joke? Bouf's alcoholic punk brother? I don't know! I don't think anyone knows, outside of Cliffy. It confounds me. What I do know is that both he and the helium tank beside him only show up after you deal with the shark.

I'm sure you can guess what we do with the helium tank and the party favor.

Clicking the stain above the bar door with the full balloon let's us pull a Mary Poppins, and fly up to the roof. It's not the dumbest thing we've done by a longshot.

The floor on top of the building is spotless. The only exit (other than down) is to the right. The center of the rooftop is as clean as ever. A power generator is to your right, and a door is before you.

Not much to see here. Let's go inside.

This room is a complete mess. Papers lie all over the floor, reading each page revels (sic) it to be sheets from a bible. Someone is not very happy, and you have the awful feeling it's you... An antique oak table rests in the center of the room. Miscellaneous trash rests on it.

You flip to a page that's folded. It reads: Moonlit waters reflecting the times past. Grey clouded skys showing a dismal future. Never wanting to leave the cocoon of security that envolps the bright soul that lives within. Scared of taking flight into the sky of morning brightness. Sheltering the freedom that came from trying hardships. Can you imagine the fear of failure when you learn you cannot love?'

That is some deviantArt shit. But don't put that heavy hand down just yet! There is one page from the Gideon's bird nest on the floor that we can interact with.

You move the paper aside and read it. From Psalm 23, The Book of Psalms. It reads: 'Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.'

And of course, we find a cross under the page.

The cross is finely crafted from the best gold you've ever seen. However, it won't go around your neck...

I'm sure this was all deep as hell when you're a teenager making the game, or a 9 year-old playing it. Now? Now it's just embarrassing. Well, we're done here. At least, I'm done here. You can dig through the bible passages, poetry, and christian icons strewn about all day for all I care. I'm going to the windmill.

There's a flower just to the right of the windmill that we can interact with, but Tyler's girly hands can't pull it. So how do we take it?

With razor-sharp glass and his bare hands. This had better be the best flower of all time.

The flower smells nice and looks even nicer. You feel guilty about stealing it, but then you remember this is YOUR dream...

...Yeah, ok. Feel guilty about taking the flower, but not straight-up murdering a man for his fishing rod. With his priorities in order, Tyler moves inside the windmill.

First off, we gotta take care of that bat. Not with skull, or shotgun, or jagged glass, but with love. Love and flowers.

You hold the flower up to the bat and it turns it to stone!!!

And then we have the sunbeam. The one that leaves a vague, cross-like pattern on the floor. Clearly, we have to shoot it. Shoot it with Jesus.

Oh boy, let's hop in! I hope we meet God next. I'm dying to see how Cliffy would draw the dude.

The field is made up of soft blue grass, now stained by spots of blood. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are impailed on sticks. The entire scene looks like a giant forest from afar. Occasionally you see one twitch or sway in the breeze as if alive...

That... wasn't quite what I was expecting. It's also kind of hard to tell they're bodies with the lack of detail. You'd think they were just scarecrows or some kind of weird-ass tree or something. Let's press on.

Although this scene is very eerie, you feel a sense of peace, almost as if this dream is coming to an end. Terry, your best friend in the whole world, stands knee-deep in the field.

The game won't let us leave without talking to Terry. Well, let's talk to the nerd and get the hell out of here.

Terry! What are you doing here???
Just wandering around. Odd place, is it not??? All these animals, buildings and people...
Is this a dream? It seems awfully real.
I don't know. I think it is, but can I ask you what you're doing in my dream?
Is this MY dream or YOURS?
I thought it was mine! Don't tell me, you're not a figment of my imagination? You're dreaming this too? This is VERY weird. I hope I find a way out of here soon!!! I call you when I wake up, okay?

Well, that was pointless. Anyway, we have one unused item and a spastic animating door. You know what to do.

Um... Wait, let me think about this... Oh, right! The key. The key that's in all the logos and stuff. That one. Right.

Using the key throws you face-first into the ending, with no flavor text.

And that's it for Part 1! The end! No moral. Tune in next time for Part 2, where we do things vaguely relating to this game.