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Part 11: Episode 7: Subduing Inanimate Objects

Episode 7: Subduing Inanimate Objects

We're almost done with this game. Just need to get past these guys and their roadblock. First, let's use the obvious:

Now you would think that with the plank destroyed, you can just stroll on down the road. How foolish and naïve of you. The rock and bone will stop you... somehow... so we have to crush them. BoneHead is up first. As we all know, there is only one thing that a femur is weak to:

A sack of mucus. With him paralyzed by the tree snot, trapped in the worst hell imaginable, we can move on to the rock. CementHead's mouth animation changes every couple of seconds. When the animation shows his mouth open, you have to dump stuff inside it.

The beer wasn't enough, oh no, we had to use the beer and a sleeping bean to keep the rock from moving. We just roofied a fucking ROCK. To keep it from getting up and holding us back. It's a rock. Even in cartoon dreamland, it doesn't have any limbs, keeping it down to just sitting there, like a rock.

I really hate you, teenage CliffyB.

Anyway! We should move on to the end of the game.

Beyond the gate you seem to hear the sounds of pain, screaming and howling, which sends chills relentlessly up and down your spine. Rocks are scattered around the gate. You attempt to enter the mouth, but the eyes mesmerize you whenever you get close.

One final, final puzzle to solve. We have to turn off the eyes to go into the mouth. If you do some pixel hunting, you can see the left nostril is clickable... But we can't reach it. God damn it, I knew we weren't getting out of this game that easy.

Luckily, we don't have to backtrack far. Just up in the corner above BoneHead.

You can make out the Hellmouth over the vista. From here, we can use our Stick Mk. V on a convenient rock.

And we have ourselves a footstool. We didn't have to drug it or bribe it or cover it in snot. Just a crowbar and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Basically what I'm saying is fuck rocks.

Now that we have a rock to stand on, let's use our not-at-all-indian-disney-giftshop unicorn key on the nostril.

Tyler enters the Hellmouth.

And we're done with Chapter 2! Next time, things get gothy.