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Part 13: Episode 2: Eating the Spooky Peas Before the Spooky Dessert

Episode 2: Eating the Spooky Peas Before the Spooky Dessert

Before we do anything interesting, there are a lot of items we need to pick up in this general area. There are 5 paths around these trees, counting the way back to the Graveyard of deviantArt Poetry. We'll pop into the southeast first.

This small nook of the forest is hidden away from the rest of it. It is difficult to keep your bearings as all the trees look the same. Six large boulders lay in a circle in the clearing. Light shines out from the ground in the middle of the strange structure.

Those perceptive enough will notice a blue dangly thing at the top blue branch of the blue tree in the blue forest. Cliffy was then given a colour wheel for his 19th birthday. The prize we get for clicking the thing that looks like a branch is...

What the hell is a Bungee Cord doing in your mind? Perhaps it has to do with your fear of bridges... The cord looks sturdy, however.

Fear of bridges? Is Tyler part billygoat? Nevermind, we have more things to get. Moving to the northwest...

A small path of stones leads up to the hill to the northwest, and various dead trees lay around your feet.

Oh look, it's the newspaper again. Let's whip out the ol' key and keep this chain running.

You raise the unicorn key (again) and a sudden gust of wind blows it away (again).

Just keep turning that crank, Cliffy. There's also a prize hidden in the grass.

The shaft of the shovel is splintering, however it seems sturdy enough to dig with.

There's nothing else of note here, except for that huge glowing flame at the top of the hill.

A cyan flame burns at the apogee of the hill, yet no heat seems to come from it. In fact, it is quite cold.

Nothing to do here just yet. Let's move on before Tyler catches an ice burn. To the northeast of the scottish trees...

A path lined with night lights leads to an ancient stone structure.

There's an invisible bucket to pick up here. Of course, it's only transparent until we pick it up. Then it turns brown.

The bucket has no handles on it and is empty.

Might we well check out what's inside that building (hint: it's nothing!).

The inside of the structure appears a lot larger on the inside, just like most other structures in these odd dream worlds. A hole in the floor beckons you.

Tyler refuses to jump down the hole without a way out. We could use that bungee cord, but we have nothing to tie it to. I mean, we could use the huge pile of rocks to hold it in place, but Tyler is a fussy prima donna. So we'll come back to this later. There's one more area we can go to from outside the building.

The remains of some alien creature litter the ground. The skull is larger than your entire body. The sign reads: 'HERE LAYETH THE BONES OF CHARON, THE MOST LOYAL AND TERRIBLE OF ALL CHRISTIAN'S PETS.'

I think Christian missed a step in burying his pet... that, or this is where his sewage system ends up after he flushed it. Either way, we can go grave robbing.

I want you to keep this in mind later on. For now, we can only literally rob the grave.

The slab of stone has a skull painstakingly chiseled into it.

Whew. All right, that'll do for today. We can actually do things of value. In the meantime, I'd like you to think about all the ideas you had for videogames (or movies, or some other form of fiction), and how "deep" and "scary" they were. Because we'll be revisiting those exact ideas next time.


When I was 14, I had a film treatment written about giant dogs that were basically velociraptors. It all took place in a graveyard.