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by Mr. Swoon

Part 15: Episode 4: Be A Man, You Goddamn Sissy

Episode 4: Be A Man, You Goddamn Sissy

From here, if you go to the southeast, you can enter the River of Sorrow. There, we will find the saddest thing. Lie Bot, what's the saddest thing?

Swoony, Swoony, Swoony.

The saddest thing is a crying child, drowning in a river forever.

I mean, I guess.

Let's talk to the dead body!

Boy, why do you cry?
I am lost... so lost... please, let me be!
How did you end up in this river?
He did it...He tied this stone to me and threw me in, along with my father... he is down river...
How can I help you?
Free me, please! I want to be with him, I miss him so much... the pain is so terrible, please, stop Christian, Tyler...

Boy, why are your hands in fists? They look like giant hams. I can't understand what you're supposed to represent with those ham fists... Right, so the boy is tied to the bottom of the river, and the rope is too far in for Tyler to reach without having to get a little wet. We'll take care of that wet thing first.

And now we can stab the boy.

While we're here, we can fill up our bucket with river tears.

The bucket is full of the teary water from the River of Sorrow.

So what did freeing the sad boy do? Let's go to the snake skeleton thing to find out!

Remember how there was nothing in the snake's skull, no matter how much I searched?

Emo power made a hunk of wood materialize.

You feel like slaying some vampires when you hold this stake in your hands.

Thank you for the stick, little dead crying boy. Now we can check out a new area! Let's head over to the bunker.

We can set up a bungee jump into the hole now.

Using the flimsy piece of rubber tied to a stick loosely placed in a pile of rocks, Tyler plummets into an unknown hole.

The cold, musty air in here is stifling. Exits are up and east.

A three-eyed skele-snake stands ready to strike in the center of the room. The only exit is west.

Here, snake-thing, have a cockroach.

Okay, fine. Tell me what you do want.

Hello. I'm Tyler.
Greetingsss, tasty little morsssssel...I am Enthiusss, massster of secrets...
What is this place?
Thisss issss merely a bassssement, boy...Nothing to sssee here...
Where did you come from?
I am liessss...I am sssecrets never told...sssneaky, like a ssserpent...
What secrets do you keep?
I know of placcces in your mind you do not know of... I keep thessse to myssself while I ssstarve down here, looking for sssomeone to consssume...

Now let's try the roach.

Yep, Tyler needed a leap of logic to make before we could feed the snake. And yep, using the dead cockroach let us go into a secret room. This had better be worth it...

The pictures on the ground represent various times at your life.

These are mostly photos of Terry, Tyler's mom and Tyler, except for the one that's all black. We can take that one.

You found this picture in the hidden cave near the basement.

And that was all we came down here for. I hope you're ready for some payoff, because next time we'll get it in spades.