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Part 16: Episode 5: Rated M For Mature

Episode 5: Rated M For Mature

There's going to be some stuff, albeit poorly-drawn stuff, that I wouldn't totally consider safe for work. Just a heads-up.

One last stop before we go to the best part of the game. There's that hill where we saw the blue fire and moved the newspaper a little.

Remember how this fire was burning cold? Yeah...

The water is now frozen inside the bucket.

With that block of ice, we can check out the cave in the middle of this screen.

This is getting spookier the further you go. You do not remember anything here. The huge skull before you seems to be whispering, calling to you. The eye glows in the socket, mesmerizing you like the gate to this world did.

Unlike the gate to this world, I can't just cram unicorns up its nose. How do we turn off the eyes?

It worked for Bugs Bunny.

And now we can... uh... crawl inside the eye socket to progress through the cave.

That red in the background is lava. We can't cross this because the lava is too hot. You know, on account of it being lava.. But we have a secret weapon:

A single ice cube beat off the intense heat that comes from the molten core of the Earth. Dream logic, combined with Tyler never being taught science in school. Now we can move on to...

The remnants of something truly terrible are strewn across the floor. Limbs, organs, and blood are everywhere. The scent alone terrifies you.

JESUS CHRIST CLIFFY! Did you spend all the development time on this room instead of Dare to Dream 2? Were you playing Mortal Kombat and thought you could use some more hooks and organs? I mean... Dang. Well, this is a shitty adventure game, so I bet I need to pick up that severed foot or something.

Or not. I kept clicking for another 5 solid minutes. I really wanted that tiny foot. Anyway, there's more blood room to the right.

A man without skin lays on the floor. Apparently a terrible struggle took place here. Tiny footprints, no bigger than yours, are smeared in blood everywhere.

Tyler misses his dead father, and causes him to lash out inside. Let's talk to the guy, and find out what stupid crap about Christian he'll mention.

...Picture? Wait.

FUCKING DAMMIT! I FORGOT HOW POLAROIDS WORKED! Now I have to develop that photo for this whiny asshole. "Oh boo hoo! I've been flayed yet still live! I can't talk without a heavy-handed metaphor! Wah wah wah!" You selfish jerk.

We'll do that next time. For now, I'm taking his scythe.

The sickle is razor sharp, and although it has been used for sinister purposes it still seems to have a sense of good coming from it.

Yeah, I can definitely see an aura of calm from the sickle covered in human blood. There's a very contrived reason why Cliffy mentioned that the sickle is good. I haven't shown it yet, but feel free to try and guess!