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Part 17: Episode 6: Where's My Cake, Bedelia?

Episode 6: Where's My Cake, Bedelia?

You may be asking why we're back in the graveyard. There is a very good reason for that:

I forgot that polaroids existed, after living in the 21st century for the last 11 years. If you too forgot, or never heard of polaroid cameras because we live in the future, they're cameras that can take instant photographs without having to get the film developed. Here's the catch, though: The photos need to be exposed to light before you can see the picture. Of course, there's only one source of light that counts, as far as Cliffy's concerned.

The picture is starting to develop.

You get no points for guessing what the photo is of. With this done, there's one more thing we can take care of on the way back to the skinless dude. To the northwest of the graveyard...

A fragile young sapling is planted in the course earth. All around it are its leaves it has shed. A lovely leaf hangs from the branch, as if about to die. It looks like a bit of good has trickled into this evil place.

The leaf is too hard to yank off without harming the tree, and Tyler refuses to harm the tree. The dagger doesn't seem to cut it. The clue here is how Cliffy mentioned that the tree is good, and how evil the dagger is. Only good can cut good. Lucky for us, that one guy was flayed with a sickle that contains an aura of good for some contrived reason!

The leaf feels silky and delicate. It glows softly in the darkness.

I can also click on that hill in the background for some reason...

Let's go back to the metaphor for Tyler's rage.

Now that the photo is partially developed, skinless man will talk to us. You'd think he wouldn't be so uptight about what you need before he talks to you, but whatever. If it were me, I'd be pretty much just screaming non-stop.

My god, who are you?
I am Solomon... I was an artist... Forgive me, I can hardly speak because of the pain...
What happened to you?
Christian skinned me when he saw me using my imagination... He hates imagination with a brutal passion...
How can I ease your pain?
Please, put me out of my misery... Touch me, and if you feel no fear my soul will be released... I know you fear me, Tyler. My sight disgusts you, but you must overcome that to help me!

You sure I couldn't just take a shotgun and go all Old Yeller on you? No? Heavy-handed metaphors that make no sense in context only? Well, alright, I guess I'll have to use the leaf.

The picture is of your father.

Just making sure you get the idea Cliffy's trying to convey with this series. Anyway! We have one last bit of backtracking to do before we can finish this game... The only area that we haven't done anything to yet.

The glowy circle of stones. And what do we have left to use? Why, the photo of Tyler's dead father, who he misses and doesn't know what to do with his grief!

Cliffy ran out of steam after the last puzzle.

The crystal is icy cold in your hands, you have to juggle it to use it.

There we go. With our magic crystal bouncing between hands, we can press on to the end of the game. There's a room to the right of where the skinless man was turned into Eternity, the physical incarnation of time.

Oh boy... We'll take the plunge next time, and finish off the series once and for all! Be prepared.