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Part 18: Queens and Shipwreck Part 4

The exit for Floor 17 is a music box, but we have no way to open it. So with our haul, we head back to town and finish things up there.

When you complete Suzy's shop, she re-opens, but questions the name of it. You can give suggestions for new names, and each one determines a different stock of items for sale. From what I've looked up, the default name is the only shop that sells Holy Water, while the other options are all redundant items. No big deal, but I left it as "Suzy's Store."

Completing Basker's store gets you yet another storage place. There's no reason for this, dammit! You can go back to Norune just as easily as Matataki and Queens. I've been getting these storage options so late, I'm at the next town soon after anyway!

So yeah, Basker is next in the trade line. He wants our leaf, and gives us Foundation in exchange. The Foundation is supposed to make anyone beautiful.

Now it's time to go on an orb hunt. First off, we complete Yaya's house.

She'll tell us our fortune, so to speak. Let's see what happens when we ask about the Moon Orb.

Oh... oh God...

We see a horrible, wrinkly, musty vision of Lana holding what might be the Moon Orb. Questioning her about it, she thinks she gave it away, but can't remember anything more.

Well, might as well ask Yaya about the genie.

Ah, good. Nice and vague and pointless.

Next in the chain is to complete the Cathedral.

Phil tells us about La Saia. She fell in love with a commoner, and since she knew her kingdom wouldn't approve, they planned to wed in secret.

However, her mystery lover never showed at the church. Rather than look for him, she decided it'd be best to just kill herself in the ocean. Ever since, anyone who gets married in the church is cursed to separate. Or something.

Phil suggests we talk to Yaya again. I'm convinced Queens is one big elaborate joke to get an old woman to sit on my face.

ANYWAY, we ask her about La Saia's love, and we're shown...

The Amazing RANDO!'S shop?

Returning there, he's nowhere to be found. But we do find a Music Box Key on the counter.

Before we head back to the Shipwreck though, let's organize this town.

Once you get everything placed right, you go see Wilder again. As thanks for your help, he gives you the Macho Sword.


OK, let's go open that music box!

Aaaaand we're at our third boss fight.

La Saia is a pain in the ass, sort of. She fires ice magic that homes in on you and freezes you, which can't be prevented by Anti-Freeze Amulets. She also drops ice boulders, summons tornados, and is protected by a barrier.

You have to close in on her with Toan or Goro and break her shield, then switch to Ruby and blast her. With all the work I did building up weapons, it only takes two hits to kill her.

Just then, RANDO! appears. In case you haven't figured it out, he has the Life Sphere, which has kept him alive for 100 years and caused him to lose La Saia.

AND he had the Moon Orb this whole time. He didn't tell us so we'd lead him here to reunite with his love.

And now both their spirits are at rest. Together. Forever. And never to part.