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Part 19: Muska Lacka and Sun & Moon Temple Part 1

Now that we've got the Moon Orb, let's go back to Brownboo Village and GO TO THE FUCKING MOON! WOOOOOOO!

What a fucking cocktease. Now something's wrong at the Sun & Moon Temple, so we STILL can't go to the moon.

The moon guys are freaking out over what to do. Goro finally butts in and it all "Stop your bitching. Toan, we're going to check it out unless you clearly say not to." And Toan's all "..." so we HAVE to go. Theo is appointed to tag along.

Arriving at the temple, we come across Ungaga, a lone survivor of the nearby village of Muska Lacka (or Racka, depending on who was translating that day).

Ungaga whines about being too weak and worthless, and he won't help us. Theo decides to stay and talk to him while we go into the temple. And what proceeds makes for a shitty LP, let me tell you.

The temple is.. well, a temple. Like an inside of a pyramid. The King's Slate lets us advance floors, the Stone Key lets us open locked doors, and the Secret Path Key lets us go to backfloors.

I ran through 5 floors without stopping (the last of which turned out to be a Goro-only floor), desperately looking for some decent Atla, but was royally shafted. I was also shafted on the enemy front.

Mummies are almost exactly like Skelton Soldiers and Corceas, minus swords and plus a whole lot of bandages. They also tend to fake their death, only to spring back up for a second round.

Phantoms are pretty much exactly like Hornets. Boring and stupid.

Bomber Heads are actually unique enough. They hop around and punch you. When you kill them, they explode, making it not too smart to use melee attacks on them. With a little luck and timing though, you can melee them and run out of the blast range in time.

And then there's Golems. Big, powerful, slow as shit Golems. Toan's weapon makes them into such a joke. Hell, even Goro has no trouble with them.

Between Floors 3 and 4, we get a cutscene with Theo and Ungaga. Theo's trying to make Ungaga stop being such a pussy, but Ungaga's really enjoying being a major whiny pain in the ass right now.

So what do we get from 4 floors' worth of Atla and some LiveJournal bullshit?

A bunch of shit, that's what. However, we did get the Oasis, which is excellent. So let's have a look at Muska Racka/Lacka.

This is the blankest slate we've had since Norune. Off in the distance is what I assume is Ungaga's hut. There's some large animal bones around, but it's mostly just sand. But now there's an oasis!

Here, you can fish for Mardan Garayans with a bit more success, as there's really no "out of reach" areas like at Matataki's waterfall. You can also find the other legendary fish here.

Just get a Potato Cake for bait and look for a fish that looks like it could eat Toan. As you reel it in, cross your fingers that you actually caught...

The Baron Garayan! These guys give you a ton of fishing points, though they're rarer and harder to get than Mardans. Potato Cakes will catch other types of fish as well, so you have to be careful.