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Dark Cloud

by Jamesman

Part 2: Introduction Part 2

When we last left off, Toan was seemingly crushed under a falling structure.


Alright, alright! I'm up, for Christ's sake!

Fairy King, eh? The only Fairy King I know of is Oberon, and sir, you are no Oberon. Unless you mean "Fairy" King, in which case I promise to refrain from any gay jokes.

Well, that's a real kick in the poncho. So does that mean we're dead? If so, kindly point the way to some fine angel titties and shut up already, you big fairy.

Yes, as we've proven by failing to save that girl and possibly dying in the process, we're the right youth for the job of saving the world!

Really, I think what he meant to say is, "I'm old and you're here. You go do stuff now and try not to suck too hard at it."

"If you screw up, I'm denying any involvement."

Oh, now you did it. Toan has Attention Deficit Disorder and you just gave him a shiny thing. World: Fucked.

You thought I was joking. Good luck trying to get him to focus on anything beside that stone now.

By "different places around the world," he means "the nearby corresponding dungeon areas."

You know, I don't think I'd have a lot of faith in a young boy recently tasked with rebuilding half the world having a chance of doing better what centuries' worth of civilizations and cultures have put together. If anything, I expect the game to end with Flag thanking Toan for doing far more damage to the world than the genie ever could.

Dammit, Toan. Focus!

And with YET ANOTHER way to distract Toan from his mission, the Fairy King turns into a shimmering light and floats away.

Oh for fuck... Seriously, this kid can't pay attention to anything for more than two god damned seconds.

"Telling you to kill. Kill. KILL!"

"Help them to KILL!"

And we're finally given more control besides "Press X for more words!" Unfortunately, our newfound freedom is hindered by the fact that there's only one place we can really go at this moment. Apparently the genie mistook the Mayor's house for something he already destroyed, so it's still here. I shall name it Le Chateau de Plot Device.

Let's go inside!

The Mayor laments the destruction of the village, and decides that we must seek the help of Dran, the village guardian.

He gives us a Cave Key to open the way, and sensing new dangers in the cave, a few supplies as well. But before we set out...

The Prickly is one of a handful of different types of fishing bait. We'll be getting into that later in the game, but one can never turn down the chance for a free Prickly. Even Toan's excited about this new acquisition.

Alright, NOW it's time to actually DO something!

Next Time - We get our asses handed to us.