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Part 20: Muska Lacka and Sun & Moon Temple Part 2

Another trip to the temple, and things are coming together a little better this time. During this run, we get another cutscene with Ungaga and Theo.

...OK that's not REALLY what happens. Ungaga talks about losing Mikala and believing her to be dead. Theo reassures him that she's certainly not dead (probably). I'm going to spoil things for you and say Mikala's not showing up any time soon.

Mr. Blare is just the fire version of Sam. Nothing special there.

Crabby Hermit will endlessly circle-strafe you unless you move in, in which case he'll shoot out spines from his shell. He's pretty easy to deal with.

It doesn't seem like much, but we actually have a bit to work with now. First up is Jibubu's Hose. House. Hose House? House of Hose? You know what? "Jibubu" is a funny word to say.

Jibubu starts off what will become a common request with the villagers; Keep the tradition of the Pole Guardians. We don't know what that is yet, though.

Completing his hut causes him to freak out and complain about how everyone thinks Ungaga is more attractive than him. If only we could give him something that would make him man-pretty.

We trade him the Foundation and get a Clay Doll. Fun Fact: If you don't do this before a certain point, you can never give him the Foundation, which means you can't complete the trading event! Oh, game, you so crazy.

Let's go check out the sisters now.

Oldest sister is a bitch, middle sister is just kinda there, and youngest sister is in permanent mode.

Completing their house, Ungaga shows up and is delighted to find Mikara. I guess with Mikala dead, he's decided to move on and- OH! Man, those Japanese really gotta work on their R's and L's.

Of course, Nagita isn't happy about being overlooked.

OK, that's not what it looks like. A year ago, Ungaga was stung by a scorpion and was going to die. Nagita panicked and went to get the doctor. Mikara, however, bravely sucked the poison out of him. And they've been in love ever since.

Now that he knows Mikara is OK, Ungaga decides to join us after all. Theo returns to Brownboo now, but not before letting us know that we need two Signets to enter the final floor of the temple.

Before we head back there, let's go deal with Brooke, the local shopkeeper.

When you complete his store, he reveals that he knows who you are. I mean, aside from a poncho-wearing mute idiot. Turns out he recognizes you as the son of a man who visited their village many years ago, named Aga.

If Toan could speak, I imagine he'd say "What the fuck are you talking about?" Actually, he'd probably say "OH LOOK SAND!" and then run around until he got tired. But there you go.